You Only Have One Life. Live It Where You Find a Healthy Fit.

Posted September 2, 2020

There are countless walks of life. Bob Lewis, his wife Joey and their son Hudson know that very well, because the Lewis family lives, works – and walks – in Brambleton, just adjacent to the Town Center.

Bob is a group instructor at OneLife Fitness in Brambleton Town Center, and even on a snowy day, his commute is a brisk 45-second stroll to work from the family’s four-level, rooftop terrace townhome. Bob and his family have lived in Loudoun County, Virginia for several years, but in August of 2018, they found their true calling:  to become Brambleton residents! It was a great new stepping-off point in life, and they’ve never looked back.

Bob Lewis family with bike crew

“We loved the idea of being able to walk to places like work and the library,” Bob says, “and we picked the house we did because of LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!”

Lewis family wife and child

Whether it’s for shopping, work, dinner out, a movie, a trip to the library with Hudson, or to the homes of neighbors whom they now consider extended family, the Lewis family thoroughly enjoys their unique “walk of life” in Brambleton.

Hudson Lewis in Brambleton Library

What Bob and his family especially enjoy, though, is when they step back into their spectacular, urban-styled townhome.

“My favorite spot is my roof deck. I feel like I am on top of the world and can see for miles. Whether I’m looking at Legacy Park or the fountain in front of the movie theater, it never gets old!” Bob also loves their grand island kitchen, along with the fact that their home’s open layout allows for wide open views of the inside and outside, no matter where you turn.

Lewis family rooftop deck

A healthy lifestyle, healthy workplace connections and friendships, and a healthy outlook for their future keep the Lewis family striding forward every day in Brambleton, and they continue to make great connections along the way.

Bob Lewis at Onelife class

“I truly feel like it’s not only an amazing community,” Bob says. “It’s a family.”

Lewis family holiday gathering