Why does anyone really live out here? Fast Forward: I live here and LOVE it.

Posted April 24, 2018

I used to tell friends or family that I’d catch a flight to come visit them in Loudoun County, from my snug townhome inside the beltway and 6 minutes to DC. I’d drive out to see my in-laws and my husband and I would cringe “why does anyone really live out here?” I’d have a meeting in Loudoun County and curse the drive. I now live in Brambleton and have never looked back.

They say it’s important to love where you live and do we ever. Our daughter was born in 2013 and we needed more space, my in-laws lived in Brambleton (built in babysitters who want nothing more than to be around our little girl). We found ourselves heading to Brambleton for concerts, events and lunch on the weekends with said in-laws. We found ourselves walking into model homes and being inspired. We started to realize the Farmer’s market was more tranquil and less chaotic than the ones smack in the middle of the District. We realized we had a lot of friends from college who lived in and around Brambleton. We visited more models.

Young Brambleton resident enjoying nearby recreation in Loudoun County.All of the sudden we were working from home (both of us!) without commutes, with a daughter under 2 years old at home…and toys/baby stuff as far as the eye could see. We visited more models. Wait! 2,400 square feet in Arlington was more expensive than a home over 4,000 square feet in Brambleton? Our daughter will go to one of the best schools sytems in the nation? Tree lined streets where parking was easy and not circling the block(s) for an hour? Kid-friendly events? A Town Center that offered all of our day-to-day needs in one place? Wineries? Breweries?

We visited more models. And we bought our new home in Brambleton. The grandparents are down the street, Kindergarten is around the corner. The pools? Such fun! We are surrounded by like-minded, hard working, incredible parents that are now our friends. We are Loudoun County residents who want nothing more than to offer their children the best that Northern Virginia can allow. We are Brambletonians and we love where we live.

– 2017 Brambleton Single-Family Homebuyer