When Family Is Your Everything, You Make Sure To Give Them The Best

Posted April 22, 2021

This sentiment could not be truer for family coach, Cameron “Dr. Cam” Caswell. Dr. Cam has been working with families for the past 15 years to help teens and parents develop the tools they need to grow together, so she knows what’s what when it comes to creating a safe and fun environment for her own family. In 2018 when Dr. Cam and her teenage daughter began the moving process, the choice of location for their new home was clear. Dr. Cam was ready to be in a townhome that would allow her and her daughter to walk to the Town Center without a fuss.

Shortly after their arrival in November, it was confirmed for the pair that they had made the right choice when they walked into the Town Center after its transformation into “a winter wonderland with live music, sleigh rides, even Santa. It was magical.” Dr. Cam admits she loves that she is within walking distance to her needs at all times, whether that be a trip to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment or the now-famous farmer’s market. Though all of this isn’t to say that location is the only thing that matters when house hunting.

Dr. Cam was able to find a home that was both convenient and stylish for herself and her teenager, and even the cats love it! Everyone has their own favorite space: for Dr. Cam, it’s a tie between the open concept on the main floor and the rooftop terrace on warm days; for her daughter, the overall size and setup make everything perfect (and the accessibility too!); the cats are more particular though and prefer to spend time in the sunlight as it streams in each day from their large windows.

The ease of access to the Brambleton community has also helped Dr. Cam and her daughter to find ample opportunities to engage with fellow residents. The pair are now attending Terraforma Church, an organization that focuses on community and service. Rather convenient, each Sunday they come together right in the heart of Brambleton at the Regal Fox Theater.

All I can say is that the community plays a big part in our lives. They make us feel supported, encouraged, and inspired. I love how easy and fun they make it for us to volunteer and serve others in the community. Terraforma has also taught me how to find more joy through my faith.”

The church even offers “Scatter & Serve” a program that encourages members to use specific Sunday mornings as a time to volunteer at local events or with organizations around them. An added plus is that these days are additional times for members to bond with one another and for parents like Dr. Cam to help instill in their children the value of regularly serving those around them, even saying, “My teenager enjoys it so much, she’s usually the one asking to sign up for another opportunity.”

Between the larger Brambleton community and the smaller group at Terraforma, it’s safe to say the Caswells are doing well since they have come to Brambleton. A strategic move from Dr. Cam has afforded the pair a life full of everything they need within walking distance and a crowd full of friendly faces that make them feel safe and connected. Whether it be a Sunday morning working with a local nonprofit or a walk in Legacy Park, Dr. Cam and her daughter are always happy to be out in a community that makes their lives so much better.