Town Center Spotlight: Bella Ballerina Dance Studio — Highlight on Camps!

Posted February 12, 2019

Bella Ballerina Dance Studio in Brambleton, VirginiaThis month’s Town Center Spotlight is Bella Ballerina, a national children’s dance studio that has its roots right here in Brambleton! Founder and CEO Natalie Perkins opened the first Bella Ballerina in Brambleton Town Center in 2011 and following its success has since expanded to multiple locations across the country. Natalie has over 13 years experience building businesses of many kinds and is proud of what the Bella Ballerina family of brands has accomplished.

Remaining connected to our residents’ every day needs, Brambleton knows that wherever we can, we must enhance the vitality of what is already a strong community of movers and shakers. And dancers too! Bella Ballerina is one of our most popular town center relationships and we absolutely love the joy they bring to our Brambleton residents and fans.

Bella Ballerina Dance Camp

You can expect nothing less than the most fun experience for your young ballerinas. Bella Ballerina is the real deal! Tiny toes are their passion and it’s always fun to hear about the confident giggles the children are provided. So successful with their kid-friendly initiatives, watch your child blossom in a handful of camp themes. From life in the dream house or magical mermaids to hip-hop, sparkle and shine, little pony and little to the core; the choices are broad AND such fun! Each camp includes a daily themed dance class, arts and crafts, story time, mini manicures, LIVE character visits and so much more! At the end of each week, parents or guardians are welcomed in with open arms for the ultimate dancer performance!

Watch your family VIP bloom and thrive over the course of the week as they make adorable friendships and many, many memories. Bella Ballerina is a spot to cherish within our community and welcomes ages 3-9.

If it’s in, it’s at Brambleton. Learn more about our connected community and hear from those that love to share their Brambleton experience beyond just our words. Want to have more than have your little one dance to their heart’s content? Let’s become neighbors — move in now!