For This Healthcare Worker, Strength of Peers & Inspiration from Family Keep Her Persevering!

Posted February 23, 2021

StoneSprings Hospital opened a little over 5 years ago and its impact has been astronomical for the surrounding areas. From its renown as the top choice for expectant families in the area to the way the organization has handled the stresses of COVID, StoneSprings is definitely an asset to the community.

Any place of work is highly influenced by its employees though, and StoneSprings certainly benefits from its Director of Rehabilitation Medicine and PBX, Amber Frew, a resident of Brambleton. StoneSprings has also provided Amber with the opportunity to grow personally by offering tuition reimbursement as she pursues her Master of Healthcare Administration with Utica College. Being so driven, it makes sense that Amber would want the best for herself and her family outside of her working life as well. That’s why she chose Brambleton. In 2010, she and her husband realized there were new homes being built by Van Metre as they were ending their lease, so they decided to make a purchase, and they haven’t looked back.

At StoneSprings, her work includes administration, handling emergency codes, directly supervising staff as well as leading staff meetings and collaborating with other leaders in the hospital. The relationship is not one sided though – while Amber has been working with HCA for almost a decade and a half, her work at StoneSprings has allowed her to blossom professionally.

“Before working at StoneSprings, I was in a mid-level management position at Reston Hospital Center, which is also an HCA facility. Because the position I am in now was a vertical advancement professionally, and StoneSprings’ location was less than ten minutes from my home, I applied. Fortunately, the Administration team hired me, and I transitioned seamlessly into my new roles. June will mark fourteen years with the organization!”

This has come in handy as the pandemic continues – Amber and her family have taken solace in the fact that their home is their safe space, and Brambleton at large offers them safe ways to get out of the house.

“During the Pandemic, we discovered the MANY walking trails in Brambleton. We had used them in the past, but long walks helped us burn off energy, relieve stress, and enjoy the outdoors…There are multiple outdoor pools, parks, and other activities to enjoy without feeling overcrowded. Brambleton has made the community pedestrian and bike friendly via trails all around. Moreover, there are underground tunnels to avoid crossing streets, and the landscaping is pristine. We also just recently took advantage of an area of large hills for sledding in the snow.”

All of this is the perfect way for Amber to stay close to what and who matter most during such a tough time for healthcare workers – her family and colleagues. Seeing the perseverance of those she works alongside has given her strength professionally, and her daughters and husband have inspired her to continue both her giving and gratitude. It’s safe to say that her girls, and the communities at Brambleton and StoneSprings, are all the better for having her around.