Think You’re Closed Off at Home These Days? Not When You Have A Creative Workspace In Brambleton.

Posted April 9, 2020
downtown brambleton office space

Just when you feel that you’re suddenly out of contact with the world, especially when you still have work obligations to fulfill, buck up, buttercups. You are not alone. In fact, you’re in the good company of billions of people around the world, because we’re all in this together.

sidewalk art during school closings of COVID-19

Like many of our fellow Earthlings, you’re most likely in this at home. On top of work to-do’s, the dishes need to be done, the kids want to play, or the dog and cat can’t stay out of your lap while you’re at your computer. Yes, these can certainly be distractions when you’re trying to maintain a sensible life – and a productive daily plan that sustains your livelihood. But here are a few simple steps to keep your office space creative and motivating.

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Step 1: Make a space for yourself in your home that is dedicated to you and your work, but with a little bit of leeway. You need to focus, but you also need balance. The good news is that work time and flex time can be interchangeable, and any room in your Brambleton home can be a creative workspace for you and every member of the family. The kitchen island can be where you sit down with a cup of coffee to go through work emails in the morning, but also where you teach the kids to make a healthy stir-fry for dinner in the evening. The family room can double as a conference room for Zoom meetings with your now-at-home colleagues, as well as a classroom later for your now-at-home college kids. When you keep things flexible and fun, connectedness and productivity will naturally follow.

Knutson Homes' open floorplan lends itself to shared office space within the family!

Step 2: Create a daily pattern for yourself just as if you were going to work every day outside of your home. Set the alarm every morning, do your typical morning routine, and get dressed. Please note, leggings and casual wear are 100% acceptable. A daily, structured schedule is key. Be “on the job” by 9 AM, take a lunch break each day, and if you can, sign off by 5:30. It’s just another workday, no matter where you’re working. Take a break for some fresh air and a chat with neighbors in the afternoon if you have a few free minutes – from a respectable, safe distance, of course.

Step 3: If your current home doesn’t “work” for you, find a new one. Yes, you can still interact with Realtors® and sales representatives, with a courteous call ahead first. All of Brambleton’s builders are available by phone, email, video chats and even private appointments. Mortgage rates are also at the most favorable they’ve been in years, and because many people have chosen to take themselves out of the new home buying market, you have more choices and leverage.

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Step 4: Choose a new home wisely. Brambleton, Virginia has always been a wise choice. Just ask any homeowner here. The community’s builders offer flexible floorplans with the space and design options that make work time, family time and relaxation time all dovetail together like the soft-closing cabinet drawers in a new gourmet kitchen. From home office spaces upstairs to quiet spaces downstairs, to blue-sky decks on your new rooftop, comfort and productivity go hand in hand.

This will all blow over. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to watch it blow over while you sit out on your open-air deck enjoying a delicious latte from a quick walk away at Brambleton Town Center?

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