The Schools are Excellent, But it’s the memories-in-the-making that made this family fall in Love with Brambleton.

Posted September 22, 2023

How are the schools?” That’s the refrain you hear again and again when parents are house hunting, and Sayanti and Areejit, along with their toddler, Raya, had this criteria top of mind as they were looking for a new home.

Sayanti and Areejit Tri Pointe buyers

That practical decision maker is what led them to Brambleton, but what made them fall in love was the community and the feeling that this is the place they could see themselves making memories for years to come.

When they spotted their corner lot with a sprawling side yard and a view of a picturesque tree preservation area, they knew they’d found the one. “We could already imagine ourselves sitting on the loft with a steamy cup of spiced Indian chai, watching the fall colors in the tree conservation area in front of the home,” recalls Areejit.

The couple immediately got stars in their eyes, imagining the potential of the side yard and the extra storage of their detached garage. Currently, they’re kicking around plans to fence it in, create a patio, decorate with flowers during the spring and summer, and put up Christmas decorations in the winter. Areejit says, “The side yard is where we will create memories with friends while we grill food, make s’mores, and build campfires.”

Sayanti and Areejit Tri Pointe buyers

Areejit is an avid guitar player, so it’s easy to imagine him strumming along with friends and family gathered around, while Sayanti, an amateur painter, finds inspiration watching the changing of the trees right out their front door.

But enjoying and entertaining at their own house isn’t the only reason they’re enjoying their new Tri Pointe home. Its proximity to the vibrant Town Center is something they’ve already taken advantage of. Raya loves going to the park or to the library to exchange books, which is, of course, followed by a frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog and a trip to Go Bananas, the local, family-owned toy store. On the weekends, the family has a Friday night tradition of stopping by Cold Stone Creamery, and, on Sundays, they go to the farmers market to pick up produce and fresh bread. It’s these everyday traditions that are what make a community feel like home — and it’s why Sayanti and Areejit are confident they made the best decision in choosing to move to Brambleton.

Sayanti and Areejit Tri Pointe buyers

“Brambleton is the best place in the DMV area to provide comfort, security and quality education to your children. If you work from home, there could not be a better place,” adds Areejit, who runs to Peet’s Coffee between meetings or grabs a quick lunch at one of the many restaurants nearby. Whenever he needs a midday reset, he takes advantage of the walking trails in Brambleton. “Just a walk in the many miles of walking trails could lift your spirit up and let you give your best at work.”

Sayanti and Areejit Tri Pointe buyers

And, with loved ones who are eager to visit, the proximity to an airport as well as the spacious floor plans offered by Tri Pointe were key. Both sets of grandparents visit often, and, in their new home, not only do Sayanti and Areejit  have room to host their parents, but there’s so much to do in the area that the group always has something exciting to explore. When Areejit’s sister Swagata and her daughter Rania make the trip to Virginia from Colorado, Brambleton provides the perfect backdrop for Rania and Raya to spend carefree days playing and forming a best friendship that will last a lifetime.

Sayanti and Areejit Tri Pointe buyers

As they continue to settle into their new home, Sayanti and Areejit are excited to make more friends in the community. Areejit, a big tennis and soccer fan, plans on utilizing the Brambleton Middle School tennis courts and the Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park’s soccer fields, while Sayanti hopes to meet others in the area who love cooking. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to start the inaugural Brambleton Soccer and Supper Clubs!