The opportunities in and around Brambleton have helped the Harris family foster both passions and relationships that have been long-lasting and full of joy

Posted July 21, 2021

When choosing a new family home, one of the most important factors is often the kind of life your new setting can provide for your children as they age. The Harris family knew this when they decided to move to Loudoun County for Chuck Sr.’s job, and their choice of Brambleton for their new home has turned out to be excellent for their family as a whole. The opportunities in and around the community have helped the Harris family foster both passions and relationships that have been long-lasting and full of joy. Their son, Chuck Jr., is even playing basketball for Butler University as a result of his playing basketball in Loudoun County growing up, but that is not all the family has as a result of their time in Brambleton.


The Harris family originally moved from Louisiana in 2011 into a Miller and Smith home. They continue to live there 10 years later and still love the way the community feels uniquely urban and suburban. The home has several features that make it work for every member of the family, from the loft area that was perfect when the kids were growing up to the family room that continues to be the center of the home, allowing everyone to spend time together even if someone is cooking in the kitchen. As four busy individuals, time together is always special.


Their home has kept up with the Harris’ changing needs over the years, as have Brambleton and the community at large. For instance, Euvetta like so many is now working from home full time, but has touted the excellent broadband for its ability to keep her moving at the pace to which she is accustomed. This is thanks to Brambleton’s long standing partnership with Verizon FiOS, which is included in the monthly community association dues. Another great perk the Harris family loves? The walking trails throughout Brambleton’s community. With over 18 miles of a paved trail system, well-designed play and exercise areas blend natural hardscapes and landscapes to serve the leisure and recreational needs of residents and the Harris’ are happy to take part.


The easy navigation of Brambleton also lets the Harris family spend plenty of time in the Town Center. While Euvetta and Chuck Sr. prefer the library, or people-watching by the fountain on a warm day, kids Chuck Jr. and Nina like to spend that time socializing with their friends. Whether they want to grab a bite to eat, do their easy errands or just walk around and have a chat, the Town Center provides them a safe and inviting location in which to do it. Early on, Chuck Jr. made friends through the local Leesburg Basketball Club, leading to even more fun in the area. Eventually, that enthusiasm and dedication for the game paid off with opportunities at Butler, all thanks to the space and time afforded him by his family and surrounding community.


Chuck Jr.’s success doesn’t mean the family has plans to move to Indianapolis any time soon though. With everything they have around them, why would they? Inside their home and out, the Harris’ have a life full of connection, excitement and amenities that help them do what makes them happiest, plus Nina is more than happy at her current school. However, if you happen to see a Butler basketball game on, be sure to look out for number three, Harris.