The Newman Family Knows That Brambleton Helps Life Grow Beautifully

Posted July 22, 2020

Growth is essential, and while growth must be nurtured, it can take you right to the top. That’s metaphoric and literal – just ask Andrea Newman when she waves to you from the spectacular rooftop garden of the four-level Downtown Brambleton townhome that she and her husband purchased in 2018. Mr. and Mrs. Newman and their two sons, now 16 and 13, enjoy a truly lush outlook on life.

Newman family outdoor rooftop terrace

Andrea has more than just a green thumb – you could call her the “Plant Whisperer.” She has created a rooftop garden space (as well as a backyard garden area) that is like a photographic spread in Better Homes and Gardens or Architectural Digest. It includes flowers, evergreens, fresh herbs and vegetables, all surrounding cozy seating areas and a fire pit that’s a welcoming center of attention year-round. Lovely as all of that is, there are even more features that you might not expect in such a space. Apples, mangoes, avocados, blueberries, olives and lemons! Yes, you read all of that right. Andrea has proven that when you really embrace the potential that a Brambleton townhome’s rooftop garden offers, the sky’s the limit. 

Newman family fruit tree

For current or prospective Brambleton homeowners who are keen to garden on their rooftops or in their yards, Andrea offers some fruitful words of advice:

  • Choose plants depending on how much sun you are likely to get. Not every plant thrives in full sun or mostly shade.
  • Figure out how much time you have. Some plants, especially vegetable gardens, require daily maintenance, as much as 45 minutes to an hour every day.
  • Select plants that can thrive in pots. Not every plant likes to be in a pot. Some prefer to be in the ground.
  • Make sure you have access to water, preferably a hose, and a place to store your gardening tools.
  • Be conscious of having to bring dirt, plants, pots and tools up and down multiple flights of stairs. “Our elevator was a huge help,” she adds!
Newman family rooftop garden terrace

For all of her rooftop garden’s glory, though, Andrea is the first to admit that what she and her family have enjoyed growing the most are the friendships they’ve made in just a couple of years living in Brambleton.

“Our neighbors have become like family,” Andrea says. “For people who don’t have family near, it’s a blessing to be surrounded by great friends. We celebrate all holidays together, look out for each other, help each other with projects, exercise together, and travel together. It has been amazing!”

The Newman family, and their truly inspiring rooftop garden space, prove that Brambleton really is a place where everyone can grow and thrive.

flowers in the Newman's rooftop terrace garden