The Belgrave at Brambleton’s Garden District – A Townhome Like No Other

Posted July 24, 2020

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Experience is everything. And nobody can tell a story better than someone who actually lives it. Meet Melissa. She loves and lives in the Belgrave at Brambleton’s Garden District. From the uniquely defined spaces to a single-family-esque design. Perfectly suited for a large, blended family and perfectly disguised in the convenience of a townhome. And for this family a quiet, sacred spot that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. But don’t take our word for it.

Read on for more from this happy homeowner.

What Sold You On The Belgrave?

It really is a townhouse like no other. I see other homes every single day in my career and this floorplan and the layout – there is no other townhouse in this area that replicates that. We really fell in love with the layout. We love how each room is a defined space, but yet it flows so freely throughout the house. It really does feel like single-family living within a townhouse.

How Long Had You Been Looking For A New Home?

Honestly, we had no intention of moving. I work in the real estate industry, so I’m always looking at homes, touring homes, going through pictures of homes. We weren’t even looking to make a purchase. I just came across this model and was so intrigued that it immediately piqued our interest enough to start looking to maybe make a move. The home we just sold, we had only been in for two years.

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Did you tour other models?

I loved the neighborhood. I love the set-up and the energy of the neighborhood. We toured other models, but we just kept coming back to the Belgrave.

What is your favorite room in your home?

We love all of the spaces because each one is so beautiful. But my husband and I were talking about this while we were sitting on our front balcony and we both agree that is our sacred spot. We both absolutely love the front balcony because we are right at the front of the neighborhood. And we have the most beautiful overlook of the gardens and we always sit out there.

Your advice to potential future Belgrave homeowners?

I loved this home from the moment we first saw it. But it wasn’t until we first moved in that we REALLY appreciated the space. Once you’re in the space, the energy is so good in the house and it flows so freely and it’s so lovely and the finishes are so beautiful. I guess my best piece of advice would be to just go for it. Because you won’t be disappointed.

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