Take a look at what the neighbors have to say about living in Brambleton.
We couldn’t agree more!

My husband and I fell in love with Brambleton…It’s so much fun going to all the events that Brambleton holds for the community and I love going to the farmer’s market on Sundays.

Maria H.

I love the people in Brambleton! I’ve had the honor of walking with the Step Sisters for the last 2 years. The team was welcoming, warm and caring.

Michelle R.

This neighborhood is grounded in good neighbors, fantastic friendships and having a town center within walking distance is absolutely amazing! We are so lucky to have everything at our fingertips!

Nikki F.

I’ve lived in Brambleton since 2006. I have gotten engaged here, my wife and I bought our first home here, and our daughter has lived her entire life here. This is the place I want to raise my kids.

Otho B.

I love living in Brambleton. We have great neighbors and I love the connectedness of the community and the special events. Brambleton Rocks!

Janet T.

Everyone that lives in Brambleton is friendly and kind. I’m proud to call Brambleton my home.

Savannah C.

I love living in Brambleton, I love the Town Center and I love the summer concerts.

Whitney K.

I love the different shops and movies that are within walking distance from my condo. Everyone in Brambleton is so nice and willing to help one another.

Kelly F.

Brambleton is family-oriented, dog friendly and has almost everything we need within walking distance so we rarely drive our car. Schools are outstanding and there is a good mix of nature, residential, and commercial.

Andrea N.

I could probably come up with 100 reasons to choose to live in Brambleton. It offers everything that fits the modern lifestyle living. Brambleton is clean, safe, open, environmentally-friendly and well balanced with properly-designated outdoor areas with green spaces, trails, and parks surrounding each housing development.

Syrus W.

We chose Brambleton because we liked Legacy Park and the Brambleton Town Center and it seemed to be a safe and peaceful neighborhood.

Grace L.

From the exceptional schools to life-long friendships, Brambleton has been a fantastic place to call home.

Teresa Y.

There is always something fun to do in Brambleton I especially love to go to half priced movie night (Tuesdays) at the huge Fox Movie Theater. On Sundays, we have a wonderful Farmers Market. I love to ride my bike around Brambleton. There are a lot of trails in and around our upbeat community. We have a new modern Library.  There are many shops and restaurants to enjoy here. This is a great place to live!

Connie B.

So much here to do and see. The neighbors are so awesome and the amenities and trails are just plain great!

Susan S.

Brambleton offers a modern, walkable neighborhood replete with the very best of events and amenities. And I love these conveniences. But the sense of community fostered in Brambleton is truly its greatest asset.

Lauri V.

The festivals in Brambleton will be one of things I’ll remember for a long time, specifically the Fourth of July ones. The entire community gathers to talk, eat, and celebrate with each other. I always feel a connection with my community when we all sit down together and watch the fireworks.

Hannah A.

“Whether you have a large family, are looking to start a family or are empty nesters looking to downsize, there are events for everyone to enjoy!”

Traci T.

We don’t STAY here in Brambleton, we LIVE here. You can find us eating at the Town Center at least once a week and shopping at Harris Teeter too. Birthday gifts are from Go Bananas and no celebration is complete without a trip to Sweet Frog.

Allison J.

Being home and business owners here has been life-changing for our whole family. We love seeing our neighbors and friends come in and enjoy our froyo. It’s always a good feeling when you can put smiles on the faces of people we know.

Arash Y.

In my opinion, Brambleton is the top neighborhood in Loudoun County. Clean, safe, and civilized. Maybe within all of NoVa!

John D.

If you are looking to live in a well-planned community, Brambleton is by far the best. The overall layout, and small yet important things like its partnership with Verizon FiOS, the 18 miles of trails and pathways…it all still takes my breath away each time I drive in.

Wendy M.

We honestly don’t think our family could agree on one favorite Brambleton activity. Some of our favorites through the years have been the bike races and 5ks. Our older kids say the opening of the Brambleton Library was epic. In fact one of our kids still touts a piece of ribbon from the library ribbon cutting. By attending Brambleton events, our kids have made many connections with multiple organizations that have helped encourage them to be the next generation of volunteers.

Monica G.

I would have to say my favorite spot in Brambleton is AhSo Restaurant. I’m so impressed by their presentation and food. However, if my kids were asked this question, they would 100% say Blue Ridge Grill, which is another family favorite. Of course, we also love Go Bananas since it’s been our ‘go to’ for kids gifts all year round.

Tammy K.

Brambleton sets itself apart from other communities. It always places an emphasis on family, community, and connection.

Caryn P.

Brambleton Town Center is a great date night spot, for you and your loved one. You can catch the latest movie releases (some even in 4DX), and enjoy a delicious dinner at a variety of restaurants. I also love the friendly neighborhood vibe and community feel of Brambleton. It’s definitely the best local one stop shop, to enjoy food & fun, with your friends & family!

Lisa M.

I could spend most of my time enjoying what Brambleton has to offer without leaving. Everyone I meet is friendly and I’ve been fortunate to form a number of lasting friendships here. As it grows with new neighborhoods, schools and amenities, Brambleton gets better every year.

Sara B.

We just moved here and couldn’t have chosen a better neighborhood! We love the home we built and love having all the outdoor space and a backyard. 15 years in our house in IL and we know our neighbors better here already.

Maya M.

We just recently moved into our  townhome. The best part thus far is being able to create new memories in a new town and designing our home from the inside out. Plus how can we not love living so close to the Town Center? We have everything we need.

Danielle K.

A Resident’s Perspective – Love Where You Live

By Pamela Keegan

What I continue to appreciate most about Brambleton is the very thing that captured my attention the first time I visited here over 10 years ago: its serene landscape and plentiful and varied vegetation that not only attracts wildlife in the appropriate places, but places boundaries from the hustle and bustle of vehicular traffic. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t consciously marvel over the beauty of my surroundings or watch animals like our resident Blue Heron in flight, and that brings me joy. Residents pride themselves on making their mark with exquisite new additions, remodeling, and “master gardener” like retreats, echoing the foundations of our developer’s vision to make Brambleton more than just a place, but a home to so many. Brambleton is quiet, safe, and clean, which gives us that “small town in a big city” feel my family adores. The creation of a mini city is no small feat; Brambleton is still considered a relatively new neighborhood, with so many families who are transplants from other cities, states, and countries, which often makes it easier for an “outsider” to move in and acclimate. Within 10 minutes in several directions are a wide variety of shopping and entertainment, sports and outdoor recreation. Being near the outskirts of Washington DC also puts us within easy driving range of both larger and smaller towns alike that have their own unique character. Brambleton has become more centralized, thus enabling closeness to all of these exciting places. For this seven-year resident Brambletonian, the future looks bright. The cohesiveness of our community continues to strengthen and grow, fostering a closeness among neighbors where help and care are our signature strengths and are evident to all who live and visit here. Love where you live… Brambleton!

Brambleton is quiet, safe, and clean, which gives us that “small town in a big city” feel my family adores.