We just recently moved into our  townhome. The best part thus far is being able to create new memories in a new town and designing our home from the inside out. Plus how can we not love living so close to the Town Center? We have everything we need.

We just moved here and couldn’t have chosen a better neighborhood! We love the home we built and love having all the outdoor space and a backyard. 15 years in our house in IL and we know our neighbors better here already.

I could spend most of my time enjoying what Brambleton has to offer without leaving. Everyone I meet is friendly and I’ve been fortunate to form a number of lasting friendships here. As it grows with new neighborhoods, schools and amenities, Brambleton gets better every year.

Brambleton Town Center is a great date night spot, for you and your loved one. You can catch the latest movie releases (some even in 4DX), and enjoy a delicious dinner at a variety of restaurants. I also love the friendly neighborhood vibe and community feel of Brambleton. It’s definitely the best local one stop shop, to enjoy food & fun, with your friends & family!

Brambleton sets itself apart from other communities. It always places an emphasis on family, community, and connection.

I would have to say my favorite spot in Brambleton is AhSo Restaurant. I’m so impressed by their presentation and food. However, if my kids were asked this question, they would 100% say Blue Ridge Grill, which is another family favorite. Of course, we also love Go Bananas since it’s been our ‘go to’ for kids gifts all year round.

We honestly don’t think our family could agree on one favorite Brambleton activity. Some of our favorites through the years have been the bike races and 5ks. Our older kids say the opening of the Brambleton Library was epic. In fact one of our kids still touts a piece of ribbon from the library ribbon cutting. By attending Brambleton events, our kids have made many connections with multiple organizations that have helped encourage them to be the next generation of volunteers.

If you are looking to live in a well-planned community, Brambleton is by far the best. The overall layout, and small yet important things like its partnership with Verizon FiOS, the 18 miles of trails and pathways…it all still takes my breath away each time I drive in.

In my opinion, Brambleton is the top neighborhood in Loudoun County. Clean, safe, and civilized. Maybe within all of NoVa!

Being home and business owners here has been life-changing for our whole family. We love seeing our neighbors and friends come in and enjoy our froyo. It’s always a good feeling when you can put smiles on the faces of people we know.