Resident Spotlight: Jessica Monte – Editor in Chief of Loudoun County Magazine

Posted May 1, 2019

Jessica Monte NVSL Magazine Loudoun CountyMeet Jessica Monte, a resident of Brambleton for 7 years AND Editor-in-Chief of Loudoun County Magazine – A magazine that celebrates the good life, tastes and trends within Loudoun County. We flipped the script on Jessica and this time it was her turn to be interviewed versus her asking the questions for the magazine! 

Asked WHY Brambleton, Jessica is quick to tell anyone that she and her husband wanted a home within a community where they could raise their kids and enjoy the nearby agricultural setting of Western Loudoun County yet still have easy access to Washington, D.C. Says Monte, “Our friends Sara and Eli had lived in Brambleton for many years so we’d had the pleasure of visiting long before we were official residents.”

What’s your favorite space within your home?
“My favorite space is our open kitchen and family room, as well as our piano room which overlooks a nature preserve.” 

How do you describe life and living in Brambleton?
“Brambleton neighbors are families who care about getting to spend time with each other.  Our HOA does an incredible job at organizing concerts, fairs, farmers markets, summer movies and creates a small town feel, even though we live in the busy Washington, D.C. metro area.  Having grown up in a small town, I appreciate that I can see my neighbors when I pop in to shop at the local Harris Teeter or the local toy store, Go Bananas.”

Brambleton Family Walking around neighborhoodDo you have any Brambleton events that are not to be missed or to-do’s that you look forward to each year?
“I absolutely love Brambleton’s new BRAM bus! Last year my daughter Annabelle and I had a blast at the Taylor Swift concert. We had a ride to and from Capital One Arena with a bunch of our neighbors and friends. Our family also loves the summer concert series.  It’s another great way that Brambleton helps nurture its residents by providing opportunities for us to hang out and spend time together.  The food trucks are also awesome!   

Dog in front of Brambleton Sign in Loudoun

Any favorite moments that reminded you that you had made the right decision to buy and build in Brambleton?
“The very first day that we officially owned the home, my husband thought that we should update the lock on the front door because keys were missing.  So, I went to Home Depot to pick up a lock and returned to install it.  I struggled with the lock installation for about an hour when my new next door neighbors Karen and Bob Quinker asked if they could help me?  Of course, I gladly accepted their help and we’ve had a really reliable front door lock for almost 7 years now thanks to my neighbors help on day one!”

Who do you live in your home with? And what does your day-to-day look like during the week?
“I live with my husband Matt, my two children Annabelle and Levi, and my dogs Phinn and Phoebe.

I also telecommute from my lovely home office in Brambleton, which was decorated by the fabulous Jodi Cali of Voila.  I also drive all over Loudoun County to capture stories for my publication  Loudoun County Magazine.   On a typical day, I drop my kids off at school, walk my dogs or take a yoga class.  Then, I either work from my home office creating NVSL media content: we have a podcast, a website, a video channel, and active social media outlets.  If I’m not at my desk, I am interacting with clients. In between my work schedule, I pick up kids from school and ferry them to their extracurricular activities.  At night, we try to sit down and eat dinner together although we do grab food to go on busy evenings.  After kids’ activities, I will usually watch a sitcom or read, and then I’m off to bed.”

Kids in Brambleton First Day of School

Favorite Town Center restaurant and why?
I love Blue Ridge Grill!  It’s very laid back and I love their salads.  I also love AhSo and am a big fan of Chef Jason who is bringing incredible, locally sourced food to a clientele who can appreciate good food and wine.

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