Resident Spotlight: Amateur Photographer, Syrus Wazir

Posted April 15, 2019

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, Syrus Wazir’s photos will more than likely leave you speechless!  We first noticed this amateur photographer and Brambleton resident’s gorgeous photos popping up on our Brambleton Facebook page, and quickly reached out to encourage him to create the B_Beautiful group on Facebook.  It has taken off with more and more residents adding their own photos of this beautiful community – we hope you will participate too!

Continue reading the resident spotlight interview with Syrus and learn more about what attracted him and his family to Brambleton.


Interview with Syrus Wazir, Van Metre Berkshire Homeowner

 When did you move to Brambleton? Why did you decide on Brambleton?

“We moved to Brambleton in August of 2017. As first-time homeowners, we decided to go with Brambleton because of its exceptional school ratings, diversity of culture, its openness and uniqueness of landscape. We specifically chose Brambleton as the list of amenities it offers to its residents is very attractive. We have beautiful bike/running trails, family-friendly and easily accessible pools in every corner, Public parks that are equipped with tennis/beach-volleyball/basketball courts, plus catch-and-release fishing ponds close by.”

Mr. Wazir was also quick to point out how the Town Center caters to their every need as well. We agree! “From grocery shopping to restaurants, movie theatre, gym with indoor pool and a basketball court, pet groomer, bike shop, and the newly opened Brambleton Public Library.”

Van Metre Berkshire Townhomes in Brambleton - photo by Syrus Wazir

Please tell us what model/floorplan/builder you purchased and one or two of your favorite rooms/spaces and why?

“We chose Van Metre’s Berkshire model townhome because Van Metre is one of the top-ranked builders in the area. The house has four levels and a few of the houses on our block even have elevators. We liked this townhome model because of its open plan living – it offers 4,000 sq ft of covered space. The entrance has a grand foyer and it really captured our attention from our first visit. The main attraction of the house and our main reason to buy this house is its outdoor terrace on the fourth floor. We love to hang out there in summer – we even make s’mores sometimes on our fire pit table. Also, I love waking up early to capture the sunrise.”

Take note! Syrus is a local celebrity when it comes to his sunrise to sunset photos. Throughout our Brambleton social media channels, residents continue to be wowed by the images he captures. Stunning is an understatement. His photography visually communicates Brambleton’s incredible landscape.

Brambleton Sunset reflection Photo by Syrus Wazir

Brambleton Sunrise Photo by Syrus Wazir

If you could describe life in Brambleton to a friend in a few words, what would you say?

“I could probably come up with 100 reasons to choose to live in Brambleton. It offers everything that fits the modern lifestyle living. Brambleton is clean, safe, open, environmentally-friendly and well balanced with properly-designated outdoor areas with green spaces, trails, and parks surrounding each housing development. I love its wide and smooth roads.”

Also, with Dulles International Airport nearby, domestic or international travel is so convenient, and for people commuting to Washington, D.C. for work, there are so many options available like the Toll Road, Park & Ride Bus stops, bus ride to Metro train in Reston, and in the near future we will have our own Metro Station” (i.e., the Ashburn Station).

Brambleton Snow Photo by Syrus Wazir

Any Brambleton events that you make sure are not to be missed by you?

“Brambleton HOA organizes family-friendly events throughout the year. Every event is unique in its own way. I try to volunteer in those events to get the full community experience. We try not to miss the annual Fall Festival as our son gets to enjoy different rides, and we get to taste different foods. Summer concerts are another of the must-attend events in Brambleton!”

Syrus, his wife and their 4-year old son find that the modern living lifestyle has defined all that they were looking for and then some. Clean, open, environment-friendly, well balanced, and a strategically designed community that is constantly growing with new developments and is catering to the needs of more and more people moving in. “I love its abundance of trees, unique species of birds, and wildlife.”

Brambleton Sunset Photo by Syrus Wazir

Surrounded by career-oriented, like-minded individuals, Mr. Wazir was also quick to point out the opportunity for IT related jobs in the DC Metro area and within Loudoun County. The Dulles Technology Corridor is, in fact, known as “The Silicon Valley of the East.” From defense and technology companies to Data Centers for IT giants (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon), the area carries more than half of all traffic on the Internet. The region is home to more telecom and satellite companies than any other place on earth. Says Wazir, “there is a huge opportunity for IT related jobs in this area, and a lot of people living in Brambleton are IT professionals.”

Come see for yourself how phenomenal life can be at Brambleton, a master planned community providing access, walkability and connectivity.

Brambleton Virginia Sunset Photo by Syrus Wazir