Point “A” to Point “B” – The Easy, Natural Path to a More Rewarding Life for This Brambleton Couple

Posted October 23, 2020

When Terra Saunders and her fiancé Miguel moved from Ashburn to Brambleton in the summer of 2013, it was only a distance of a few short miles. Yet, their move took them to a whole new world, and put Terra on the path to starting her own Brambleton-based business manufacturing organic, all-natural, plant-based, self care products. Today, della Terra Organics is thriving, and so is this couple’s nature-intensive lifestyle.

“Our backyard flows seamlessly into the Hal and Bernie Hanson Regional Park, and the views, privacy and wildlife are absolutely unbeatable!” says Terra. “Miguel loves gardening and was very excited to hear rumors that a community garden is in the works!” Terra continues. “Our German Shepherd, König, is crazy about all the paths for walks, runs and bike rides! We had been wanting to adopt a big dog and we planned for that when choosing this community and our home.”

When asked about her favorite rooms in their Winchester home, Terra notes one that’s indoors and one “room” that’s outdoors – the kitchen and their backyard. “I absolutely love to cook (and eat) creative plant-based meals, but I can’t pass up an evening by our fire pit under the stars, either,” she says.

As for her business, Terra explains that the seed that would one day blossom into an opportunity to dedicate herself to something she was passionate about was first planted in the spring of 2015, after living in Brambleton for nearly two years. Terra had always been an advocate of natural, plant-based solutions, and della Terra Organics started when she formulated an all-natural sunscreen product that avoids the harmful ingredients of most sunscreens on the market, the effects of which many consumers are unaware.

Just a few years later, and Terra was making hair care products, exfoliating scrubs and lip balms. Now, the della Terra Organics product line includes sun protection, insect repellant, deodorant, shampoo and over 50 other self care products, all produced organically from plant-only formulas in partnership with a Chemical Pharmacologist specializing in natural product formulation. The Brambleton Farmer’s Market was one of her first sales venues, but della Terra Organics now has loyal customers across the United States.

“Through all this growth,” says Terra, “we continue to remain committed to providing truly natural products at an accessible price while maintaining the experience consumers expect – that means our deodorant actually works and our shampoo lathers!”

It seems that life in Brambleton has brought Terra, Miguel (and König) not only a healthy life plan, but a healthy business plan as well. To learn more about Terra Saunders and her unique, organic line of self care products, please visit