Our Brambleton Farmers’ Market offers incredible offerings: Take Pat and the Bar Therapy team for example. Try the Queen Bee!

Posted September 8, 2021

Every Sunday Brambleton comes to life with extra excitement as locals from Brambleton’s neighborhoods and the surrounding communities congregate for the weekly Farmers’ Market from 9 AM to 1 PM near Legacy Park. With an average of between 35 and 40 vendors each week, the market is a staple Sunday stop for Western Loudoun County residents. Each vendor brings something special to the market that helps make it great, and many of these vendors focus on providing for the community through tireless care. One such vendor is Bar Therapy.

Bar Therapy at Farmers' Market

Initially founded as a hospitality service, founder Pat Haaland transitioned to beverage creation in late 2019 with the mission to “Change the World One Drink at a Time.” He was inspired by his grandfather who dedicated himself to improving the lives of others through his work; now Pat is doing the same with his own business. While the company’s name suggests ties to alcohol, Bar Therapy is focused on providing MOCKtails that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Bar Therapy

“The beverage sector of Bar Therapy was created to provide people of all walks of life an experience. We found that revolutionizing hospitality was far more than the service. We wanted to create a product that not only was a game changer in the beverage industry but a culture that brings people together,” says Pat.

Partnering with other local businesses for most if not all of their goods, Pat and his team focus on freshness, local sustainability and craft to ensure that their products are not only delicious but making a positive impact on the community throughout the process, which falls perfectly in line with the values of the Brambleton Farmers’ Market. Pat has also lived in Northern Virginia since 1995, so Bar Therapy as a vendor at the market only made sense. 

Bar Therapy

Our Farmers’ Market in particular is one that is significant to Pat and the Bar Therapy team for the receptiveness of the customers. “Everyone is friendly and open to learning about Bar Therapy,” said Pat. “We treat the Farmers’ Market as a neighborhood bar. We love meeting new friends and growing our hospitality family.” This characteristic is one that sets apart both the vendors and customers at the Sunday Farmers’ Market, and one that makes it a fantastic place to go for all of your local needs. 

Bar Therapy

Bar Therapy in particular is becoming famous for options that are continuously evolving (keep your eyes out for coffee sometime soon), but also fan favorites like the Skinny Margarita mixes, the Sicilian for Ginger lovers, and our top pick, the Queen Bee, which “might be the best Apple Cider recipe on the planet.” If you’re more interested in including their offerings at your next event, Bar Therapy also partners with several businesses in the area to aid in hospitality for party planning and weddings. 

To get more information about Bar Therapy, go to where you can find out more about how they connect the community as well as links to their social media, or come out to the Farmers’ Market each Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM to chat with the team yourself. Cheers!