Noel Cabrera – A New Kind of Naturalist

Posted February 11, 2021

Recent transplants to Brambleton, Noel Cabrera and his family were excited by the opportunity his wife’s new job in D.C. provided. Noel runs his own business and works from home and he was sold when he saw that he had the opportunity to take gorgeous sunrise photos straight from his window. As a passionate photographer, this was a major bonus.

Their current home, which they have been in since March, is a convenient distance to Brambleton’s Town Center where they have everything they need close-by. His favorite room, however, is the living room, which has windows that help Noel feel connected to everything around him and provide a beautiful view. The nature that fills and surrounds the community makes it even better for Noel, whose photography hobby focuses on natural scenes. He has even taken several photos from the very living room windows he loves so much.

“My love for photography is something that I’ve had since I was 12 years old and my father gave me a camera as a present. I realized that my focus was nature and animals. I love to take pictures of sunrises and sunsets, and panoramic views too. I like to show the beauty of nature and I think that we need to reconnect more with Mother Nature and socialize more in a natural way. We need, as a humankind, to be more creative and capable.”

This attitude of acceptance and awe of nature is something he applies to his work as well. Noel is an Organizational Psychologist and Transformational Coach, an occupation that focuses on work-life balance and the importance of taking time outdoors. “My principal approach is stress management, work environment and organizational culture, in addition to work-life balance, work motivation, and all aspects of positive psychology.”

Noel practices what he preaches too, as one of his favorite rituals is a run at dawn to both energize and relax him for the day ahead. It gives him a chance to view Brambleton at a time of day that few do, and it helps him scope out new locations for photos. Later, he can take his wife and daughter around to each new location so they can enjoy the beauty of Brambleton’s neighborhoods together. Noel has even said that the trails, ponds and even the lake at Birchwood have proven to be excellent subjects for his sunset photography and as contributing factors to his “fulfilling experience living in this community.”

As their daughter continues to grow (she just turned 2!), the Cabreras are considering moving into a single-family home within Brambleton so they can stay within the bounds of a community known for its amenities and natural experiences. “It is the right place for building a family in a great community with amazing outdoor opportunities and a safe place where people are kind and gentle. Plus, I can’t wait for my son to visit more – post Pandemic – with more halls (and trails!) to roam. Brambleton will be both a vacation and a second home to him!” Noel’s excursions might be something that he feels most benefit him, but we are grateful that we can enjoy them through his lens too.