Newlyweds Christopher & Danielle Enjoy Telling Loved Ones Up North Their Life In Brambleton Is “Resort-Like.” We Get It!

Posted April 5, 2021

After living in Brambleton for a while (say, more than five minutes), it’s hard to believe that anyone would have chosen to live here without the enthusiasm that all of its current residents have. However, that was the case for Danielle and Christopher, two New York transplants who were living in nearby Reston and not even considering buying their first home until they saw the beautiful homes being built by Miller and Smith at Brambleton. Now, the pair couldn’t be happier about their choice of residence and have made a point of embracing life in Brambleton and turning their house into a home.

The newlyweds now say that one of their favorite pastimes of late has been explaining to loved ones up north that their life in Brambleton is “resort-like.” “We love our downstairs living space. We always say it reminds us of a museum. We had our friend from Miami, who’s an artist, fly in to paint a mural on our wall.” The pair also made a sign once they were settled (right about the time COVID hit) that says “You are loved” which they keep outside to remind their neighbors and other passersby that they matter, no matter what.

Their love for those around them has shaped their experience in Brambleton as well. Especially since most of their time in the community has been spent in their home, the memories they’ve made with friends and family in the space has been their favorite part of life in the community so far. That’s not to say that they don’t enjoy other parts of the neighborhood as well though. From the beautiful trails, to the tennis courts to time at our incredible farmer’s market, Christopher and Danielle have been making the most of the outdoor amenities Brambleton offers.

The pair take the community feeling to their home with them though, as they love to have their friends over to enjoy their kitchen space together, whether that be by making some of their favorite food themselves or getting something from their favorite spot, AhSo. Then on warmer days, they can take everything out to the patio to enjoy the beauty around them. If they decide to go out for their meal, they might even take a walk to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert!

While Christopher and Danielle’s Brambleton experience may have been a little different than they were planning so far, the two are more than happy with their choice of home. They’ve been able to settle into their home better this way and even have an after work routine of cooking dinner, doing yoga and watching their favorite shows by the fireplace. Even with social distancing in place, the duo have shown others they are loved, and from everyone at Brambleton, we’d like to say “you are loved” too.