Meet Amie Otto – A Picture of Contentment in Brambleton

Posted August 6, 2020

Since 2003, Amie Otto has called Brambleton home and says it’s been a picture perfect place to live. She loves her Stanley Martin home with its wraparound front porch and enjoys it almost every day of the year.

Stanley Martin houses in Brambleton

Just a short walk from the Town Center, Amie and her kids love the movie theater, Sweet Frog and My Thai Place. Go Bananas and the library are also favorite spots. They’re looking forward to getting back to those routines as Northern Virginia’s reopening unfolds.

Town center plaza

The real story of how much Amie and her kids love Brambleton, though, comes through her career. Amie is a professional photographer, and several months ago when the COVID-19 pandemic changed life in America, Amie decided to change how Brambletonians – and the entire National Capital area – could realize that a new style of everyday living can actually be fun and fulfilling. She started the Brambleton Front Steps Project as a way to support community spirit and local businesses.

Hawk family
Campolattaro family

“Families signed up to be photographed on their front steps,” Amie explains. “I took their portraits, and in return, the families made a donation to a local small business fund.” It was a friendly boost to Brambleton businesses that were scrambling in the early days of the pandemic shutdown to stay afloat in a suddenly-changed American economy. But as impressive and creative as that idea is, it’s not the only way that Amie has found to give back to her town and the surrounding area.

“I have also been making masks and scrub caps for the community,” she says. “I’ve sold some for a nominal fee in order to finance the ones I have donated through Loudoun PPE Makers and to individuals who work in healthcare and service industries.”

Amie Otto's family

At home, Amie and her kids have been busy gardening, making art, distance learning, and as Amie puts it, “Lots and lots of baking!” With just one look at Amie and her kids, it’s easy to see a picture of happiness and Brambleton pride.