Posted November 20, 2016

Happy November! As the air gets cooler, we can’t help getting inspired by the beautiful fall colors and all the ways our community is getting into the seasonal spirit! Here are a few things we can’t get enough of this autumn.

Plaid + Pups = Paradise


What better way to ring in the season than by busting out your favorite plaid and taking your dog to explore Brambleton’s fall colors? We’ve had so many gorgeous fall days this year, and they’ve been perfect for sitting outside in the sun and enjoying a hot beverage (like a pumpkin latte at Peet’s) or a cold one like Lost Rhino’s newly released beer, Hop Shove-It Wet Hop Ale. Judging by the grins on the faces above, we’ll take it these Brambletonians are enjoying the sunshine too. Photo from Instagram user sweetrerenity.

Rainbows of Produce!


This year’s Fall Fest was ripe (see what we did there?) with lovely fresh fruits and veggies, and November is the perfect time to settle in and start making autumnal mealtime magic. Imagine the soups, pies and cobblers that can be whipped up with all this mouth-watering amazingness. Don’t feel like cooking? Make it a pasta night by dining out at Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill, where Brambleton residents can take advantage of some exclusive specials! Photo by Instagram user arlene.borg

Morning Jog? Or Daily Adventure?


Brambleton's trails are beautiful year round.We can’t think of a better way to start the morning than by taking a trek through Brambleton’s jawdropping nature. There always seems to be a new trail to explore and a new sight to take your breath away. And if you’re lucky (like the photo above), you might even make a new running buddy!

For days when it’s too cold (or busy) to sweat it out in nature, consider taking a look at our local Sport & Health, which is offering Brambletonians a coupon for free VIP membership — for a limited time. Photo by Instagram user ttlopez1

Eye on the Sky

Did we mention that our nature is incredible? This last one is just an excuse to post a couple photos of Brambleton at sunrise.


why we love autumn in brambleton

Photos by Instagram users _nameer and njburgart

Want to see more photos of your favorite Brambleton fall moments? Take a look through our Brambleton View Instagram page, or shout them out on your own social media! We love seeing how you guys are enjoying this fantastic season.