Loudoun County Ranks The Fifth Best Place In The Country To Work From Home. Add Distance Learning To That And We’ve Got A Community That Is Made For This!

Posted September 7, 2020

Yes, these days are unique. But the great thing about every person on planet Earth is that we are an adaptable bunch. Focus that down to one particular place on Earth – Brambleton, Virginia – and you’ll see just how adaptable people can be. Working and schooling kids from home have become new norms in American life, but where you live can make all of that easier. Brambleton is exactly that kind of place. From the bonus community amenity that Verizon FIOS high-speed Internet and TV entertainment services are included in the HOA home owners package, to the fact that every daily need or take-a-break diversion is walking distance from home. Plus, trails and open natural spaces that make getting some fresh air a literal breeze. Living here lets the whole family still maintain a full, productive life.

Brambleton is an awarding winning planned community in the Northern VA landscape and it’s the pinnacle of Loudoun County, Virginia. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, Loudoun County ranked fifth in the nation as a best place to work, and school your kids, from home. The survey examined 3,142 counties that are able to support a strong remote working environment. There were two key factors that allowed them to determine the score: the percentage of workers currently working from home and infrastructure elements that support that daily option. Brambleton’s tech connectivity, walkability, and the education level of its residents put it high on the list. All of Brambleton’s homebuilders – Knutson, Miller & Smith, Van Metre and Winchester – offer a wide range of homes that make this new and evolving lifestyle easy.

The Loudoun County public school system has made a commitment to distance-based class schedules for at least the first half of the academic year and an investment in technology to help families adjust. Brambleton just adds to these benefits through its technological strength.  Extra credit, our state-of-the-art Brambleton Library in the Town Center!

Social scientists, elected officials and community leaders across the country are predicting that once our COVID days are history, the working from home trend will have gained permanent traction in everyday American life. Sure, there are challenges, with juggling the whole household’s schedules and all that, but the benefits of this trend are just as obvious. There’s less time commuting, more bonding time with family and loved ones, and even more opportunities for outdoor exercise or home improvement projects. Hey, who’d have guessed? But since its inception, Brambleton has been built for this trend. Now, its time has truly come home.