Looking for some summer to-dos for your kids, close to home? Camp helps children connect to the joy of life beyond the screen and Brambleton has lots of choices!

Posted March 29, 2022

As the summer quickly approaches, many are looking for exciting activities to keep the kiddos engaged through their break. Luckily, the merchants of the Brambleton Town Center are just as ready for summer as everyone else, and many have put together camps that will thrill any child – and their parents!

Check out some of the amazing camp programs and sign up before it’s too late!

Weekly Dance Camps at Bella Ballerina

Bella Ballerina offers camps with themes for every performer. From puppies to mermaids and everything in between, the week’s theme is the basis of each camp, which includes activities to truly immerse your child in the theme (think playing with live puppies and meeting princesses in person). Crafts, storytime, music, games and more give your child the chance to immerse themselves in what they are learning and have a blast doing it. Each camp also wraps up with an end-of-week performance for the family to come and enjoy so you can see just what your little one has been working on.

Weekly Tae Known Do Camps with Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts

For kids who want an adventurous summer, look no further than camp at Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts. Offering 11 weeks of camps with themes ranging from the senses to robots to origami and more, your child is sure to learn about themselves and the world at these camps. Each week offers field trips to locations like Harper’s Ferry, Adventure Park USA and the Catoctin Zoo to create an immersive experience for the learners. There are also games, arts and crafts, daily study time and of course tae kwon do to make for a well-rounded week. With an emphasis on respect, courtesy, teamwork and cooperation, these camps effortlessly combine excitement and learning for all.

Music Camps with A&A Music

Hoping to encourage a love of music in your child? A&A Music is the spot for you. These classes meet your musician where they are to challenge them and support both their skill and passion. It doesn’t matter if your child wants to learn piano, voice, guitar or a little bit of everything, there is a program that can match their needs and help them grow as a musician. With both theory and practice included in lessons, your child can learn not just how to play music, but how to read it and the reasoning behind the notation. Whether your musician is a beginner or has been playing for a while, A&A offers a personalized approach to make everyone happy.

Keep Your Kids’ Minds Sharp With Best Brains’ Summer Programs

Studies show children who aren’t involved in some type of supplemental education in the summer regress in their education. Arm your children against learning loss with some of the best teachers in the business! School may be out for the summer, but our state-certified teachers are still in our classrooms pushing your children to achieve their best potential. Best Brains provides a supportive, nurturing and safe environment for children, giving them the confidence they need to go after their dreams, ask questions and make their voices heard!

Camps for Every Interest through Brambleton

If you have a kiddo interested in drama, tech or sports, Brambleton has a camp for you. With several sessions available for multiple weeks this summer, Brambleton’s camps can most definitely get your child passionate about their next favorite thing. Each camp takes a lighthearted approach to the material as well, so your child may not even realize how much they’ve grown until the end of the session! Whether they’re Broadway-bound, hoping to perfect their serve, or curious about robotics, the passionate instructors can surely get your child interested and involved in these activity-focused camps.

Each of these camps promotes a community atmosphere that encompasses the four C’s: compassion, contribution, commitment and character. These camps – even if they only take place for a few days – teach in a fun and experiential way. The casual but structured setting also encourages outcomes that create personal competency and respect for the self and others. Not to mention, these camps allow children to connect not only with their usual friend group, but those they may not get a chance to learn and play with in the classroom, fostering friendships through similar interests. Sign up now to give your child the experience of a lifetime – these camps will book fast!