Live – Work – Play. It’s Just Another Great Day in Brambleton.

Posted August 19, 2020

Janelle Arrighi understands the benefits of Brambleton’s live, work & play concept better than most! She and her husband, Chase, and their infant son, Kyle, live here. With the Town Center so close to home – not to mention the trails, parks and pools – they play here. And, lucky for Janelle, she works here, too. It’s a winning trifecta that pays off quite well for the Arrighi family.

Janelle and Chase Arrighi

Janelle and Chase moved to Brambleton in 2017. They were familiar with the community since Janelle grew up nearby in Ashburn Village, and she and her husband both worked a few minutes away in Reston at the time. Since becoming Brambletonians, though, the Arrighis’ life has taken on many dimensions, ranging from the convenient to the downright fun.

“I certainly feel like I spend most of my time in the Town Center, and I love how there is really everything I need in one place,” Janelle says. “We just had our first baby in February, so having Fairfax Pediatric Associates right down the road has been immensely helpful for all those new baby visits. I also am a huge coffee lover, so I frequent the Starbucks and Peet’s here, too. Prior to COVID and our baby, my husband and I would spend every Saturday morning at OneLife Fitness and then treat ourselves to a post-workout Starbucks. We are both really hopeful and excited to get back to this weekend tradition someday soon!”

NVO Employees

Janelle enjoys more time to live and play in Brambleton because she works here. She’s the Marketing Director at Northern Virginia Orthodontics, which has offices in Brambleton and locations in Reston, Tysons Corner and the Dulles area. She loves the fact that her workplace is so involved in the community spirit that is a defining feature of Brambleton. For example, in 2019, Northern Virginia Orthodontics donated $60,000 to the INOVA Schar Cancer Institute for pediatric cancer research.

With her easy commute, Janelle has much more free time to spend with Chase, baby Kyle and their dogs, Murphy and Walter. Long morning walks around the lake at Birchwood, date night dinners at AhSo, and weekend days enjoying the pool and parks are just a few of the highlights of their lives here in Brambleton. Janelle’s pride and enthusiasm about being a Brambletonian are hard to miss.

Chase Arrighi on Brambleton trail with dogs

“Brambleton is an amazing community for so many reasons,” she says. “The people are friendly, the neighborhoods are beautiful, the amenities are wonderful and the Town Center really has everything you need. I feel very spoiled to say that I not only love living here in Brambleton, but getting to work in Brambleton too!”

Kyle Arrighi with family dogs

The Arrighi family’s life in Brambleton is just another example of how a thoughtfully-planned hometown – especially one as popular and nationally-recognized as Brambleton, Virginia – can make life a joy every single day.