Let There Be LIGHTS!

Posted December 23, 2020

Oh what fun! Clark, Ellen, Audrey and Rusty Griswold cannot hold a CANDLE to Todd, Allison, Maddy and Lexi Jurkowski. Step aside, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and get ready for the brilliant story of The Jurkowskis’ Brambleton Christmas Extravaganza. Because you can probably see this enthusiastic, fun-loving family’s holiday lights display from the International Space Station. Talk about an annual feel good to-do. You’ve got to see these lights! Trust us.

The Jurkowski family moved to Brambleton in 2008, and then moved up to their current home here in 2011. They live directly across from Acorn Park, and at this time of the year, you can’t miss their house.

The entire family is all about cozy, shared, festive times…movie nights at home, card games and board games, days spent at home for work and school throughout the past year that they truly enjoy, and silly home decorating ideas that someone will offer up at the breakfast table, and everyone looks at each other and says, “Sure, why not?” If you’re a fellow Brambletonian who knows the Jurkowskis, you know that this is one fun family.

That fun is brightly apparent every year during the winter holidays, and 2020 has not cast its gloom over their house by any means. Their home is an energetic-illuminated beacon of fun and joy that everyone can take comfort in.

Their family fun facts go beyond lighting a path into the New Year:


“We really live in and love our family room!  At any given time one of us will grab a blanket and settle on the couch to watch Netflix – sometimes even turning down the lights for “movie theater mode.”  Popcorn required.  Even before COVID, and more so now, we watch movies together or sit around the table and play board games or card games.  Who doesn’t like a hotly contested game of Trouble?  How about Uno Attack, Five Crowns, or Pay Me?  We have mastered them all over quarantine…any challengers out there?”


“2020 has been a crazy year!  We are lucky to have great neighbors; the lockdown has definitely seen a few socially distant happy hours, front yard get-togethers, and even a few virtual happy hours!  We did the standard COVID things like baking and taking (many) walks, including the Bram walking trail Easter egg hunt, but the girls also found their creative side.  They must have painted or did art daily for the first three months!  Our oldest created and hosted a family “Quarantine Olympics.”  It goes without saying that she was less than thrilled when her little sister took home all the gold!” 


“We moved to Brambleton in 2008, and into our current home in 2011.  Our home search centered around proximity to the town center and being able to walk there! Cindy at Good Dog Rocky is amazing; our dog Lucky is always happy to see her! Us too.”

To help you spot all holiday light displays in the community, The Brambleton Community Association has put together this handy map. The Jurkowski’s festive home is the first address listed on the map and their lights will be turned on through New Years Day!

The community is “lucky” to have you. Happy Holidays from everyone at Brambleton!