It takes a certain combination of patience and skill to curate a home that you love living in. Enter designer, mom and Brambletonian, Joy.

Posted June 3, 2021

Despite the fact that we spend so much time in our homes these days, designing the space in which we live can be a struggle for many. It takes a certain combination of patience and skill to curate a home that you love living in, and that usually means getting a bit of help. Enter designer, mom and Brambletonian Joy. Joy has made it her mission to help homeowners enjoy their space to its fullest, whether they want to just switch up some decor or they’re hoping to start from the ground up (in a new or existing home).

Photo by Christy Kosnic Photography

Although she and her family moved to Virginia from the north in 2010, it was not until 2016 when their oldest daughter was starting school that the family decided Brambleton was the place to be. Between the high-quality schools, walkable location and the fact that the family already frequented the Town Center, the choice was a no-brainer. Their new home was an instant hit with Joy since it reminded her of her childhood in Upstate New York, but it had a more functional and modern floor plan as well. When asked about her current favorite room in the home, Joy had this to say:

“I love to cook and gather with family while doing so, so my favorite room is the kitchen. When we renovated, we made some changes to the layout and it makes all the difference for how we use the space. My daughters are budding little chefs and I often put them to work in the kitchen! For us it is true, the kitchen is the heart of the home.”

Photo by Christy Kosnic Photography

In 2018, Joy decided to combine her love of all things home with her experience in fashion and consumer marketing, and Home Joy Designs was born. Joy infuses each space she works on with a signature fresh and bright feel without ever becoming stuffy. Organic patterns in natural colors make homes feel clean and modern, but grounded neutrals keep things from feeling cold.

Photo by Christy Kosnic Photography

Joy’s attitude of making spaces enjoyable extends to the rest of her life, and the lives of her children. She loves bringing her daughters to their favorite spots in Brambleton like the library and Go Bananas Toy Store. Joy is also the leader of their Girl Scout Troop and loves spending time with them in the makerspace as they work toward various badges. Joy even keeps things exciting for the family pup, Bruno, and makes sure to always bring him on her weekly trip to the Farmers’ Market each Sunday.

Joy really does take to her name in all aspects of her life, and it is apparent in her enthusiasm for everything Brambleton offers.

“What I like best about Brambleton is the homey, community feeling. It is a large community, yet it feels small. The Brambleton HOA does a great job planning activities and keeping residents engaged. We enjoy everything from the egg hunts to the concerts and food trucks. The pools and bike trails are very well kept and offer open ended fun for families.”

Her joy for life makes her a perfect representation of what each Brambleton resident hopes to find when they move here, and what so many do. Her family, clients and Girl Scout Troop are all lucky to have her influence, and it’s available to the public too. You can see the work she does in her professional life through @homejoydesigns on Instagram or Home Joy Designs on Facebook, and many of the spaces in her portfolio give a sneak peak into Brambleton homes!

Photos by Christy Kosnic Photography