It Is Safe to Say that Brambletonians everywhere are thankful for neighbors like Tim, quick to highlight the beauty of what surrounds us all

Posted June 22, 2021

There is new life abounding in the nature of our parks and 18 miles of trails, both flora and fauna. Beauty surrounds Brambleton and life has started its new cycle, bringing with it many exciting new changes. While it is always beautiful to experience nature in action, there can be times when we have a harder time coexisting with it (anyone allergic to pollen?).


One such situation occurred earlier this spring when a swarm of bees left their hive to make a new one…right along one of our much adored trails. Despite the fact that this situation could seem very stressful initially, our residents were able to keep a cool head, and one of our own stepped up to safely relocate the bee colony to his very own apiary about a mile from Brambleton. This was realtor Tim Groszkowski.

Tim and his family, including wife Jessie, kids Julia and Owen, and their two dogs Lulu and Charlie Brown, have called Brambleton home since 2008. The family are all major advocates for life in Brambleton as they are so thrilled with what they have found here. As Tim works in real estate himself, when he and Jessie were house hunting they knew exactly what they needed.


The family loves spending time both inside and outside their home, which features a beautiful kitchen that everyone enjoys spending time in together and FiOS that keeps them entertained and up to date on goings-on. When they venture into the Town Center, the Groszkowskis prefer food spots as well, with their favorites being Blue Ridge Grill, Nick’s and Cold Stone. When they decided to move to Brambleton, it was features like these that drew them in, as well as outdoor amenities such as the pools and walking trails.


Tim is an advocate for the well-being of our planet, especially bees, and even earned a degree in Sustainability and Energy Resource Studies from George Mason University on top of a beekeeping-specific course a few years ago to help him learn and cultivate his own apiary. This made him the man to go to when his neighbors were experiencing trouble with having new neighbors of their own – an entire colony of bees making their home in the basement. Tim immediately put on his protective gear and set out to mediate the situation between homeowners and unexpected tenants.


He was able to successfully rehome not only his neighbor’s bee colony, but one that was headed to a new home and had stopped to rest on a branch by one of Brambleton’s trails. While Tim is allergic to bees, he is well-versed in how to deal with them in a way that is safe for everyone involved so he doesn’t worry. He even provided some tips for those who may see another colony on their journey.

“The goal is always the same – to get the bees in the new hive as quickly as possible with the least disruption. Remember, if you see a swarm don’t panic.  The bees do not want to attack or hurt you. Do not disturb them and contact someone like me with the knowledge and skills to handle the situation.”


It is safe to say that Brambletonians everywhere are thankful for neighbors like Tim who know what to do in these situations. Two things that the community is often noted for are its beautiful settings and the kind people who truly care about one another, and Tim’s care for his neighbors both large and small is a fantastic example of how to minimize any potential conflicts between the two. Rehoming seems to truly be his specialty, so if you want to work with Tim as a homebuyer or seller, head over to and see how he can fill your needs.