Humans of Brambleton: The McCutcheon’s, Movin’ On Up!

Posted September 23, 2015
Interview with Brambletonian, Deborah McCutcheon

Humans of Brambleton: Deborah McCutcheon, Movin' on Up!

Like many before them, Deborah and Carmelo McCutcheon are products of “The Brambleton Effect!”  What’s that, you ask?  It’s the 4-step process to calling Brambleton “home.”  First, you decide it’s time to make a move – most often it’s from a suburb east of Loudoun County!  Second, you convince yourself RENTING is the best option – that way you have a fallback if things don’t work out!  Third, you can’t help but fall in love with Brambleton once you’re here, so you spend countless weekends model home shopping and riding out your lease agreement, waiting to purchase and settle into your new Brambleton home.  And finally, once the urge strikes to move AGAIN, you wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else but here!

Learn more about the McCutcheon’s move-up process to finding their Brambleton nest.

When did you move to Brambleton, and at that time, what other communities had you considered before you settled on Brambleton?

We moved here 5 years ago from the Reston/Herndon area.  I was hesitant to move here because at the time I had no children, and when we came to check it out everyone had 3 kids and 2 dogs!  My husband had some coworkers who lived in the Broadlands area and told him about Brambleton and how great it was.  We decided to take a chance and put our condo in Herndon on the market and within 1 day it sold.  So, the rest is history!

What were you looking for in a community? 

We moved out here and rented for 2 years to test the waters, and now today you couldn’t pull me away from this neighborhood!  After renting, we first purchased a Miller & Smith townhome.  Then when we started looking at single-families 3 years ago, my husband took me to Leesburg and I told him I’d rather live in anything in Brambleton than to move out of this community!

When did you decide you wanted to move up within Brambleton?

We recently sold our awesome contemporary Miller and Smith townhome and bought a single-family home.

Tell us about your new home, what were the best selling features for you?

Our new home sits right on the walking/running trail.  It’s great to be able to look out my window and see all the families so active out on our trails… walking, running, roller blading, skateboarding, riding their scooters.  I also love that we are just a few houses down from the new kids’ splash pool.  It’s like being on vacation every day in the summer.  We always have something to do with our 3.5 year old.

What are your favorite activities/events to do in Brambleton?

I have so many favorite activities in Brambleton including the Fall Festival, the Bunny Trail, visits with Santa, the charity runs, the summertime concerts, and the list goes on and on!

What makes you happy in Brambleton?

What makes me so happy about living here is that this community has everything right here!  You don’t have to go far for anything you need.  I love Brambleton’s Sport & Health which is less than 1 mile from my house.  I am so fortunate to teach group fitness classes right here in my own community and to be able to do something I absolutely love!

What would you tell someone who is looking to move to Brambleton?

I tell everyone I meet about our awesome community.  I couldn’t imagine being happier anywhere else and I’m sure we are going to be here a long time.  It’s like no other community I’ve ever lived in.  We are blessed to live here!

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