Humans of Brambleton: Rum Ngo – TheViewAboveVA

Posted April 7, 2015

It’s time for us to introduce you to another very talented Brambletonian!  Rum Ngo, the entrepreneur behind TheViewAboveVA, tells us about his experience living and working in the Brambleton community.  TheViewAboveVA is a digital aerial cinematography; they use leading-edge technology to showcase luxury properties with cinematic video by aerial drone.Brambleton has numerous sports courts including tennis, basketball, volleyball and more!

As an artist and a professional, what drew you to Brambleton?  Does living in Brambleton inspire your work in any way?
We love living in Brambleton because of the sense of community, the tranquility, the diversity and the myriad of things it has to offer.  It has events throughout the year such as the 5K-Run, bicycle race, neighborhood yard sales, the farmer’s market, summer music festivals and so much more.  The shops, markets, and restaurants are all so close that it’s a short drive, if not in walking distance. It’s lush with flowers in the spring and summer along with the peace and quiet throughout the area.  Yet, we are not too far from the city if we need a little noise.  All of the beauty of Brambleton is definitely an inspiration to my work.

Have you ever flown over the Brambleton community?  How did the community look from above in terms of the landscape, neighborhoods, and Town Center?
Yes, I have and the view from above is spectacular!  I know the community and the lay out are beautiful on the ground but definitely a breathtaking view from above.

What do you enjoy most about living in Brambleton?
The peacefulness, the community camaraderie, and the easy access to everything like the selections of restaurants, markets, Fox Movie Theater, the toll road, the Greenway and so on.

Can you tell us about how you found your career and started your own business?  Why in Brambleton?
I’ve always loved airplanes and everything that relates to them.  I thought what better way to pursue a passion than to go into a business that enables me to fly.  Plus I am not getting any younger so I thought I’d take a chance to do something that makes me happy.  I don’t want to look back and regret the road not taken. Brambleton is a perfect place to pursue this goal.  The community is so accepting of small businesses and I am a living proof along with many others.

What are some essential tricks of the trade or fun stories you’d pass along to other Brambletonians interested in extreme videography?
Be patient and practice, practice, practice.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience living and working in the Brambleton community?
Dogs jumping into the pool near Brambleton's Ashburn, VA homes for saleI think I’ve pretty much covered what I love about Brambleton and what it has to offer but one last thing; the homes maintain their value, which is a great investment. I recommend folks to come out and drive around our community and experience first-hand what I am talking about.