Humans of Brambleton: Matt Partlow – World Police & Fire Games

Posted June 26, 2015

This month’s Human of Brambleton is Matt Partlow. You may have seen Matt at the Sport&Health at Brambleton Town Center or as a neighbor lending a helping hand. Matt originally moved to Brambleton in search of more space for his family (and a basement to muffle his son’s drum set) and came to love the sense of community here. We chatted with Matt about being neighborly, golfing, and his participation in the upcoming World Police and Fire Games.

What do you particularly like about living in Brambleton?Matt from Brambleton's Sport & Health WPFG participant

We love the community, the atmosphere, the Town Center. Most of all we love our neighbors. We have a lot of neighbors with kids around us and we love watching them play. I try to make as many of their baseball games as I can. It’s a really nice community and we like it.

What keeps you busy? What do you do day-to-day?

I work two part time jobs. One at the Sport & Health at the front desk a couple of days a week. And then I work part time for the county of Loudoun. I retired back in 2011 from Loudoun County and was recently offered a part time position with them to come back and do some work, so I work a couple of days a week there as well. And then the golf course keeps me busy the rest of the time (laughs). It’s the only reason I work those other two jobs.

What course do you golf at the most?

Brambleton. I like putting some exercise to it. I’m an advocate of nine holes because you can finish in an hour and a half or two hours. It doesn’t take up half the day. So a lot of times I try to get out there a little after three o’clock. The price is reasonable and I’m home in time for dinner.

Do you have any advice or tips for anyone looking to live at Brambleton?

Be ready for lots of activities and things to do to get involved. [In] other places you might see people in the community and they get home from work and just go home and stay inside, come out the next morning and go straight to work. I think Brambleton tries to change that, whether it’s to be active on a trail, enjoy a concert at the Town Center, head to the local gym, going to a roving dinner, whatever. They try to get people to be neighborly. I think sometimes we lose sight of that. For instance, I have no young kids, but I was storing a bike for someone the other day because their son’s birthday was today. I think we lose that. Sometimes people don’t know what their neighbor’s names are…Brambleton tries to change that, to bring people together.

That’s a great insight. Speaking of things to do, is it true you’re competing in this year’s World Police and Fire Games?

I am. I have a friend that I used to work with at Loudoun Fire and Rescue who got me involved. I never even thought about the games hosting a golfing competition, but my friend asked me if I wanted to play. I think it sounds awesome.

What are you most looking forward to at the WP&F Games?

I get the opportunity to play golf a lot, but I don’t always get to play with a firefighter from Spain or a policeman from South Korea. I think that will be the neat part – meeting people from other countries who are coming to the place that I’ve lived all my life and they’ll be really excited to be here.

Last question: have you ever hit a hole-in-one?

I’ve been about six inches away but I’ve never hit a hole-in-one. I’m not sure if it feels worse to get up there and see it six inches away or six feet away, you know?

Well, maybe at the Games!

(Laughs) You know, it’s funny, some people can play for years and never get one, others play for two years and get their first hole-in-one. Closest I’ve been was a par 5 that I chipped in for an Eagle. That was a pretty good feeling.

The World Police and Fire Games is a biennial competition for current and retired law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel. Athletes compete in over 65 sporting events, including basketball, CrossFit, decathlon, soccer, mountain biking, tug of war, pistol action, golf and more. Brambleton Town Center is a sponsor of this year’s World Police and Fire Games taking place in Fairfax County, Virginia from June 26-July 5. Spectators are welcome at each sporting event, and you can find more details at