Humans of Brambleton: Stacey Rusch

Posted June 30, 2016

Everyone’s Newest Neighbor Makes Friends Fast

by Sonya Farrell, Brambleton Community Association’s Communications Coordinator

By now, you’ve likely seen a couple new videos highlighting our events in Brambleton. The Brew Fest video alone has been viewed more than 18,000 times, so chances are that you and most of your neighbors saw it.  And people are wondering:  “Who  is  that?”  That’s new Brambleton resident, Stacey Rusch!  And in case she looks familiar to some of you home shoppers, it’s likely because you’ve seen her on QVC.  Yes, THE QVC.  I recently had the chance to chat with Stacey about her background, how and why she ended up in Brambleton, and what she’s looking forward to.

resident stacey rusch reflects on the brambleton area

Since 2014, Stacey has been QVC’s Global Brand Developer for Susan Graver, their best selling fashion designer for the last 25 years.  Prior to that, she worked in TV and radio, and taught health and wellness courses for the White House Athletic Center and NASA.  When she and her husband found out last year that they were expecting their first child, they were living in DC and decided that they needed a little more space and a little less stress.  They ventured out one day to Brambleton to have a look, and they put a contract on a house that same day.  “It was meant to be!” she said.  They moved in to their house in November and welcomed their daughter, Arabella, the following month, just a couple weeks shy of Christmas.

When I asked Stacey what was so appealing about Brambleton, she was quick to point out the vast diversity of the community and the immediate sense of connection, not only that she felt but that she noticed others seemed to feel with their neighbors and environment as well.  After spending a little while checking out the park and meeting some other parents, “we knew this would be a great place to raise our daughter.”


While watching Bram TV (FiOS channel 42) shortly after settling in, Stacey got the idea to reach out to the BCA team about putting together some short, informative videos to highlight some of the pretty extraordinary things about Brambleton.  She thought the videos could be especially helpful for other newer residents like her who might be looking for ways to meet their neighbors.  “It can be hard to make friends and connect with people when you’re new to an area.  It’s good to know there are events and opportunities to meet other people.”  And so far, these videos, as part of the “Brambleton Life” series, have been a hit.  BCA has already released two videos, promoting our Race Brambleton Series and Brew Fest.  And a third video, which will feature our very own Bram Bus, is currently in production and will be released in the next couple of weeks [Update: Bram Bus Video].

When she’s not traveling to West Chester, PA to film a segment for QVC, Stacey can be found here at the pools and parks meeting other parents and enjoying time with her daughter.  “We know these are friendships we’ll have for a long while, and we’re looking forward to everything that Brambleton can give us.”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Stacey.  We’ll be seeing you soon!

Humans of Brambleton is our blog feature that focuses on one of the many interesting personalities who calls Brambleton home. If you’re interested in being a future Human of Brambleton, email us at