Humans of Brambleton: Jess Turicchi

Posted January 9, 2017

In honor of the season of giving, we met with Jess Turicchi, a titan of volunteering in and around the Brambleton community, whose efforts include Brambleton Kids Care, a committee dedicated to helping youth become empowered, compassionate citizens dedicated to service. Jess is incredibly active in her efforts to help people, and her positive energy is both inspiring and infectious. We got to hear about some of her favorite volunteer initiatives and memories, as well as what she’s most looking forward to in the year ahead.jess humans of brambleton

1. How did you get involved with Brambleton Kids Care, and how long have you taken part in it?

Three years ago I attended the Brambleton Kids Care introductory meeting and immediately knew this committee was going to do awesome things in the community!  

2. What has been your favorite/most rewarding part of your work here?

Giving back and encouraging the youth in our area has been incredibly rewarding. My two favorite events have been volunteering at the holiday party for local foster children and cheering on Special Olympic athletes. Whether interacting with the kids directly or cheering them on from the stands — it’s an immediate connection.

3. What is your favorite part about life at Brambleton?

I love all of the festivals, events and activities in the community.  Having access to so many events not only makes this a fun community to live in but it also opens the door to volunteer at a wide variety of events.

4. You have an impressive history of volunteering in this community. What inspires you to keep making such a difference at Brambleton?

There are endless opportunities to give back and to help folks in our community. It’s important to lead by example, especially for our children. Volunteering is contagious! Recently Brambleton Presbyterian Church teamed up with Touching Heart to assemble 1,500 snack, cold weather and activity bags for folks in our area.  It was an honor to oversee this multi-faith, kid-led event, and awesome to see so many people come together right here in Brambleton to help others!

Brambleton turkey trot event


5. How have you helped out with MyBramHealth this holiday season? Do people seem energized to get “Healthy for the Holidays?”  How have you helped people stay on track with their health goals, even as we get into a tricky time of year for fitness and eating well?

MyBramHealth is a great community-based wellness initiative.  As the Coach of B_Awesome, I encouraged my team to keep moving and log as many steps as possible in a 30-day period. My goal was to keep it lighthearted and fun.  Our members ran the Brambleton Kids Care inaugural Turkey Trot, ran a 5K dressed in a full Santa Suit and enjoyed long walks with their dogs — anything to get those steps in! 

6. Has anything about life at Brambleton and its community surprised you?

I’m constantly and happily surprised by the way this community comes together to show compassion. One day I received a call from a local homeless shelter with an immediate need for Halloween costumes. I posted the request on social media and in less than 24 hours we had over 50 costumes for the shelter. When a neighbor is sick or facing a hardship, it is not uncommon for this community to rally and jump in to help. The examples are endless. 

Brambleton hosts an annual Sizzlin' Summer Concert Series open to the public.7. What are you looking forward to in 2017 at Brambleton?

Brambleton is always offering fun and innovative ways to meet the needs of the community and keeps things exciting. I’m excited about the new library, Bram’s focus on health and fitness, the summer concerts and the Beer Festival!

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