Humans of Brambleton: Gabe Muller

Posted July 27, 2016

Check your fear of flying at the door when you talk to Gabe Muller. The Brambletonian alum, Chief Operating Officer of Glassman Wealth Services and private pilot loves going up in the sky to gain perspective, and he then uses that newfound viewpoint to discover business world solutions.

“By getting in the air and seeing the world from an angle most people don’t,” Gabe explains, “you begin to see life from a different perspective as well.  Whether it is a hobby, such as flying, the business world or simply life, you can begin to apply many of the lessons learned while in the air to just about anything and everything that it is you do – including embracing fear and adapting to change.”

Gabe knew right away that business and piloting had more in common than met the eye. When he started his career in business operations in 2009, he’d often visit airports in his spare time, watching planes take off and land, and asking himself key questions about their own operations, like “What kind of lessons can I learn there that I can apply to my work I do every day?” and “How are airports and pilots adapting to the challenges that get thrown their way?”

He must have learned something useful, because in the span of a few short years, Gabe went from Ball State graduate to Chief Operating Officer at Glassman Wealth Services, and that warp-speed career progress took him from Indiana to Florida to Brambleton.

“When I first moved to this area, I visited the South Ashburn and Brambleton area, and it seemed so comfortable, relaxed and family-oriented,” Gabe says, “I loved that. When I walked into the new home, I knew that it was the right place to be.”

But what surprised Gabe most about Brambleton was its community. “The people here are very friendly, active and neighborly. You really don’t realize that when you first arrive. But in fact, days after I moved in, an enormous crowd of 50 Christmas carolers showed up on the doorstep. I’d never seen anything like it. I thought, this is so cool.”

Did Gabe’s love of flying find its way into his friendships at Brambleton? Short answer: yes. “Every time I had a cookout or a party, it seemed to find its way into many conversations,” Gabe says. “People would ask about joining me on a flight and I would absolutely have them join.”

“One of my neighbors, for instance, who had served in the Navy, began pursuing his passion of flying, and then stopped. So, we began talking a lot about flying, how to get back into it, and what he needed to do.” And the result? “After another ‘first’ flight, he signed up to begin taking flying lessons again to obtain his private pilot license!”

Although Gabe recently relocated to Reston, he remains a connected part of the Brambletonian family. “When you leave Brambleton,” he says, “after a certain amount of time passes, you start to get that nostalgic, ‘I want to go back home’ feeling. And you feel very fortunate that you can be part of such an exclusive community.” You’re always welcome home with us, Gabe!

If you are interested in following the aviation adventures over the skies of Northern Virginia, you can follow Gabe at or on Twitter @GabeMuller_.

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