Posted September 13, 2016

construction-in-brambletonBack when Y2K concerns were top of mind and “internet startup” were investment buzzwords, Brambleton was just a concept on paper.  Today, those ambitious plans have evolved into an admired and widely coveted community.  What once was vacant land in south Loudoun County has been transformed into an award-winning neighborhood for thousands of individuals and families who share our vision.

The 15-year journey from a blank slate to a collection of thriving neighborhoods stems from careful design and thoughtful execution.  Building a residential area from the ground up allowed developers to incorporate the most sought-after community features directly into the framework of residents’ lives.  Walking trails, swimming pools and convenient shopping form the backbone of public spaces.  A collaboration with local government to instill top notch schools was a number one priority then and still remains today.  The highest caliber builders were enlisted to construct the homes.  At each step along the way, well-considered actions shaped the environment into the Brambleton that residents now enjoy.

“We’ve created a community that reaches into our residents’ hearts and becomes part of their personal identity,” explains Kim Adams, Director of Marketing at Brambleton.  “It’s a one-of-a-kind development that provides a sense of inclusion and fosters a healthy work/life balance.  This ‘Brambleton lifestyle’ is a self-fulfilling prophecy because the people who choose to make their homes here value community, family, education and our environmentally and pedestrian-friendly choices.”

A Complete Vision

With so much success since its inception, Brambleton continues to grow.  The master plan is now reaching its final phases of completion and encapsulates a vibrant mix of housing, landscape, social, entertainment and retail components.  Importantly, it’s all conveniently located within minutes of Loudoun County’s future Metrorail Silver Line.

Residents value the charm of small town living with the nearby convenience of major metropolitan employment centers.  The ability to “live, work and play” near home is no longer a luxury, but rather a lifestyle choice.  “I’ve lived in Brambleton since 2006.  I have gotten engaged here, my wife and I bought our first home here, and our daughter has lived her entire life here.  This is the place I want to raise my kids,” commented Otho, a 10-year resident!

“Brambleton is in the home stretch,” reports Adams.  “In a decade and a half, we’ve accomplished so much, but we’re not done yet!  More good things are on the horizon.  Right now, work crews are laying the infrastructure for the completion of its design.  With each piece of construction, the finish line comes more into focus.”

Last winter, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors gave approval for the final pieces of the “puzzle.”  Brambleton will house an additional elementary school, plus a middle school and a high school located on an innovative, shared 91-acre campus.  In the heart of the Brambleton Town Center, Loudoun County’s newest public library is scheduled to open in 2018.  Additionally, on the former site of a 1950s dairy barn, the Brambleton Performing Arts Center will soon provide a venue for community meetings, live performances, art and cultural gatherings.

A Vision for Allneighborhood campout at legacy park in brambleton

From youngsters riding bikes to boomers on our generous walking trails, part of Brambleton’s long-lasting appeal is the ability to find the perfect residential arrangement for a wide variety of circumstances.  “Brambleton is the perfect place as a young couple to start a family and develop with the community,” said Kim and Brandon Gauthier who have already made the move from a condo to a villa-style home within Brambleton over the past 10 years.  The wide array of housing choices offers appropriate options for each stage of life – from apartments and townhomes, to single family residences and active adult villas. Residents can transition as needed by lifestyle demands, yet still maintain connections with friends, school and activities even after upsizing or downsizing.  Resident Rob Chen summed it up nicely by saying “We’re very, very happy here.  I think if we were ever to move, it would be within Brambleton!”

“Brambleton has eliminated the need to uproot and start over. Our master planned design allows for continuity of those relationships, patterns and traditions,” comments Adams.

Supporting the Vision

This year our growth comes by way of new neighborhoods. These developments mark the entry into the final stages of residential sales.  To graciously support the expanding number of people who want to share the Brambleton lifestyle, the framework for road expansion and traffic calming initiatives have been planned.   Significant funds have been committed to a series of major, regional road improvements.  Additionally, new strategically placed underpasses will provide better traffic flow as our busy residents travel out and around.

Through vision, commitment, planning and patience, Brambleton has gone from concept to reality.  As we look back to celebrate the past 15 years we know the future of this great community will be shaped by the heart and soul of the many residents who call Brambleton home.