Himalayan Wild Yak is the new talk of the Town

Posted February 9, 2022

Calling all foodies!

Did you know that one of the hottest restaurants in the DC area is in the Brambleton Town Center? You read that right. Brambleton’s new Himalayan Wild Yak was just given the number 2 spot on Eater’s list of “The 18 Hottest New Restaurants Around D.C.,” January 2022, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been interested in this amazing new restaurant, stick around, because we’ve got the inside scoop on what everyone’s been yakking about.

First, some background on yak. Many people think of bison or buffalo when someone mentions yak, but at the end of the day it’s just an extra-large and hairy cousin of American cows. Native to the Himalayan region of Asia, these animals have been a source of food for those in Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and beyond for thousands of years. The Himalayan Wild Yak website provides a lot of background on the yak and how it came to the U.S.

Usually, yak prefers higher elevation and colder climates. However, yak can grow anywhere in the world, so Canada started bringing yak from Tibet and Nepal and then moved to the United States, especially Colorado, Utah, Alaska. Now, they have yak in Pennsylvania and Virginia as well.

This addition of yak farming in North America is just one reason it has been growing in popularity here. Yak meat is richer in Omega-3 than salmon and is much lower in cholesterol than other options, making it not only trendy, but incredibly healthy.

yak stew

Himalayan Wild Yak’s menu proves its hero ingredient is much more than a beloved bovine, showcasing it in just about every imaginable way. Whether you want to try your yak grilled, marinated or in a stew, there is a method for every preference. The Himalayan Wild Yak team even offers yak fried rice and whipped yak butter to go with their traditional tea, giving customers a seemingly endless array of options to try, although other proteins are available as well.

himalayan wild yak team

With this impressive menu, it only makes sense that the team behind it would be even more so. Partners Keshar Jarga and Tuk Gurung have over two decades combined experience in hospitality and the culinary world, from cruise ships to luxury hotels to Michelin star restaurants. A dream project, Keshar and Tuk founded Himalayan Wild Yak as a way to take traditional Nepalese cuisine and elevate it to a whole new level while featuring one of the most important elements of both the diet and culture – yak.

Whether you live in the area or are a foodie on the move, Himalayan Wild Yak is the perfect addition to your list. There will surely be something on the menu to please the palate of anyone, from those who are new to the meat to folks who already love it. While you’re in the Brambleton Town Center, check out everything this amazing community has to offer and see if you have a taste for it, too!