Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park: One Year New

Posted May 26, 2023

Some things come into our lives and fit so naturally, you can’t imagine them not being there. Sometimes it’s people, sometimes platforms (hello, Instagram) and sometimes places. One such place is Hanson Park, which believe it or not, will be celebrating its one-year anniversary in September. This park has quickly become integrated into the very fabric of Loudoun County, and we here at Brambleton certainly feel lucky to have it in our backyard.

Hanson Park splash pad

The 257 acres we now call Hanson Park were explicitly designated on the wish of Haldore ‘Hal’ Hanson and his wife Berni that the Hanson Family Partnership only sell the land on the condition that it be used as parkland. Now, those acres are open dawn till dusk – and sometimes later for lighted fields – every day of the year other than Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Recreational features include 10 multi-purpose soccer fields, four baseball/softball fields, a cricket pitch, four courts for tennis and pickleball, two artificial turf fields, an outdoor basketball court, two playgrounds with rubberized surfaces, batting cages, a splash pad and playground with inclusive features, a skate plaza and a disc golf course, all within a few minutes of Brambleton. Not a bad addition to the several parks and 18 miles of trails in our community.

The park’s Nature Center, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 4, provides everything you could want to truly engage what the parkland is about. Interactive exhibits abound with Ambassador Animals, a Demonstration Garden, a 3D Printer and more to get the kiddos in your life extra excited about the great outdoors.

Hanson Park Nature Center

 It is the perfect place to come indoors to learn about the outdoors. The Hanson Nature Center is designed to inspire lasting empathy toward nature through education that encourages curiosity, exploration, and action. We have exhibits and programs introducing local environments and the impacts humans can have on the world around them.

Hanson Park Lodge

Another fabulous feature of Hanson Park? The Lodge, a gorgeous venue for any and every occasion. Over 3,800 feet of beautiful rustic architecture offers exposed beams, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace and massive folding glass doors that open onto the stunning park, full of native flora and fauna, seasonal gardens and multiple pergolas to offer a backdrop for whatever event you desire. Everything from corporate cocktail parties to weddings will fit perfectly in this local locale.

Hanson Park aerial

Top all of this off with picnic pavilions, fishing piers and even an off-leash area for dogs, and it seems like Hanson Park can scratch anybody’s outdoorsy itch (mosquitos not included). The only thing that makes this incredible park better is that it’s so easily reachable from Brambleton, and knowing our residents, you’ll certainly be able to find a neighbor who is excited to go with you! The more you think about it, the more you realize that life in Brambleton only ever gets sweeter. Thanks to the Hanson Family, Brambleton has been able to flourish even more, earning one of several spots as a top location for residents of Virginia.