From Beginners to Advanced Performers, There is Someone to Nurture You or Your Child’s Interest in Instruments at A&A Music in the Brambleton Town Center

Posted June 17, 2022

Music is an essential part of life for most people. While we don’t physically need it the way we need air, water or food, music can become a part of us and nourish us in a similar way. It gives us space to access our feelings and share them with others, colors our lives and brings emotion to the more mundane parts of our lives. Andy Nguyen, owner of Brambleton Town Center’s A&A Music, understands this more than most, and is thrilled to have been sharing his love of music with the Brambleton community for 15 years.

A&A Music Carnegie Hall

Andy began his relationship with music early during his childhood in Vietnam, learning to play piano at 6 years old and going to conservatory to study it at only 9. Andy carried his love into higher education, majoring in piano performance and music composition before graduating with distinction from George Mason University. He has also studied at several other prestigious universities and has arranged for performances on multiple continents, but his true love is teaching others, which he has been doing since his initial move to Loudoun County in 1994. “This is not a job to me. This is fun! Everyone should pick up an instrument in their lives and just try! Not the right instrument? Try again!”

A&A Music

This attitude is especially helpful with younger students. From 7-year-old drummers to 5-year-old pianists, Andy and his team at A&A get excited to meet each student wherever they may be in their musical journey and work with them to achieve their goals – and they always impress. “All of my students are so well spoken, with great educations by way of Loudoun County, and it shows.” From beginners to advanced performers, there is someone on staff to help with any instrument a person could want to play at whatever level, and they love the support of the Brambleton Town Center’s management who are always excited about what their tenants are up to. An extra bonus? A&A’s location is close by to Andy’s favorite restaurant, AhSo!

A&A Music in BTC

Students themselves love the options available at A&A – group sessions, one on one time, and more. There are even multiple summer camps for those students who want to take their skills to the next level. Instructors also make a point to prioritize conversations about music history and composition so students can have access to every aspect of music and how it has evolved over time. This holistic approach makes it easier for everyone to excel in their instrument, no matter their goal or age. A&A is even getting some retirees interested in picking music up again now that they have more time; in Andy’s shop, 75 is just as good an age as 5 to start playing.

A&A Music recital

After years of creating a new “normal”, Andy is excited to be incorporating some past traditions as the store moves forward. 2022 marks the return of not only A&A’s summer camps, but holiday performances as well! To learn more about music lessons for yourself or a loved one, stop by the store at 22895 Brambleton Plaza #107 Monday – Thursday from 11am -7:30pm, Friday 11am-7:00pm, Saturday 10 am-5:00pm and Sunday Noon-5:00pm. Or visit them online at 

Voted best music store by Ashburn Magazine in both 2020 and 2022, Andy and his team look forward to helping you and your loved ones grow your love of music!