For Students and Parents in the Brambleton Area, Academic Help is on the Way: Best Brains is now open in Brambleton Town Center!

Posted January 11, 2021

For students and parents in Brambleton and across the country (make that the globe), the 2020 school year was … a year. We’ve all faced sweeping changes in the way we access education as the pandemic shifted students from the classroom to virtual learning – a scenario that continues for many students in Loudoun County and elsewhere. If you’re like most parents with school-aged children, you’re probably wondering if you’re doing enough to keep your kids on track academically. While Loudoun County consistently receives high marks for its public schools, the challenges that teachers, students and parents have faced this year have been daunting – even for our elite education system – leaving many of us looking for as much added support for our children’s schooling as we can find. That’s why we’re over-the-moon happy to share that a brand new academic enrichment program is coming to Brambleton – may we be the first to extend a very warm welcome to Best Brains!

A National Academic Enrichment Program Putting Down Local Roots

Best Brains is a new enrichment program for students ages 3-14 designed to enhance your child’s overall academic development. The Brambleton Best Brains is owned by Loudoun County resident, Ravi Chandra Adusumilli, a software engineer whose two children attended Best Brains classes beginning in preschool and kindergarten (they are now in 1st and 5th grades).

“I saw growth in their academics after they started going to Best Brains,” Ravi says of his son and daughter. His children’s positive experience with the program, paired with his long-held desire to own a franchise, inspired him to open a Best Brains location right here in Brambleton. Ravi felt that the family-friendly atmosphere and rapid growth of the area would make a great fit for his Best Brains. “My kids go to Loudoun County Public Schools,” said Ravi. “This is one of the best suburbs that we’ve lived in. Energetic, friendly, a little away from the city yet everything is within close proximity.”

Lots to Gain, Almost Nothing to Lose

Taught by board-certified teachers, Best Brains offers several programs to help your child succeed. Qualified educators give your child one-on-one attention and instruction in a classroom setting with a guaranteed low student-to-teacher ratio. And there’s no risk to giving Best Brains a try as there are no binding contracts. In fact, Ravi welcomes families to come by the center so they can learn more about the program and he can answer any questions they may have in person. If you bring your child or children, he will administer a free diagnostic test that shows where in the Best Brains curriculum they place! Together, you can map out a learning plan that best fits your child.

Best Brains Curriculum

Taught by board-certified teachers providing students with individualized attention, Best Brains offers the following classes on a weekly basis:

Math:  For kids ages 3 to 14, the Math program is based on a non-repetitive approach aimed to teach students foundational math skills. Students focus on a computational and a non-computational subject each week to increase their understanding of not only equations but also geometry, probability, statistics and more!

English:  For kids ages 3 to 14, this comprehensive course covers all five areas of Language Arts. Each level has a focus, be it grammar, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, or writing. With this approach, a Best Brains English student is not only an articulate communicator, but also a savvy reader.

Abacus: This unique program, suitable for kids ages 7 and up, combines the left-brain skills of computation with the right-brain skills of visualization. Together, Abacus offers a full brain learning experience. Beyond increasing brain development and photographic memory, Abacus offers a fun and dynamic side to the Best Brains curriculum, as students go head-to-head in games designed to increase their speed and accuracy, boost confidence and recognize achievement.

General Knowledge (GK): This one-of-a-kind course, suitable for kids ages 7 and up, is an at-home research course. Designed to spark curiosity, each week students use the library and trusted interest sources to answer multiple choice questions. Bimonthly tests ensure retention of facts learned in GK, and weekly study groups offer a chance to share knowledge with peers.

How does it work?

Your child will receive a spot at the table in whichever classes you choose. Math and English are each half an hour of instruction per week and are taught together if a child is enrolled in both, meaning your child will be at the center for one hour, total.

Abacus is an hour-long program which can be taken the same day as Math/English, or a different day.

GK is a research-based program, therefore the work is done at home, and bimonthly tests are taken at the center.

Additionally, students have about 15 minutes of homework per day, per class.

Best Brains Now Enrolling Students

Best Brains Learning Center is now enrolling students in programs in Math, English, Abacus and General Knowledge for as little as $99/month. Located in the Brambleton Town Center at 22895 Brambleton Plaza, Suite P-104, Best Brains is an enrichment program designed to enhance your child’s overall academic development. Give them a call to learn more: 571-386-0000.