Food for the Soul – Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill in Brambleton Serves Up Community Spirit

Posted June 18, 2020
Scotto's Rigatoni Grill's Italian food

Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill here in Brambleton has a company motto – “The real taste of Italy…closer to home!” During the COVID-19 lockdown, this eatery has proven that home is where the heart is. And who doesn’t like Italian food, right? Store Manager Krissy Coffey is proud of what Scotto’s has done for Brambleton and the surrounding area, especially for first responders and medical personnel whose professional and personal lives are stretched thinner than handmade pizza dough.

Scotto's employees delivering food to front line workers

“The first week [in Brambleton] was full of so many unknowns. I am in a lot of local groups on Facebook and I just kept reading posts on how people felt and what they wanted. They wanted to help front line workers but didn’t know how to go about it. They wanted family meals that were easily accessible and safe for them to get. From there I knew what we had to do.  We have always given back to the community as much as possible so we decided to bring in the community to help provide meals for the local front line heroes,” Krissy explained.

Scotto's employees delivering food to front line workers

Scotto’s started spreading the word about how they wanted to help local first responders, medical professionals – and ordinary families, too, who are dealing with our shared “new normal.” Through their own generosity and contributions from hundreds of local citizens, Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill provides free meals to front line hospital staff, firefighters, paramedics, and police stations in Brambleton and the surrounding area.

Scotto's employees delivering food to front line workers

“When donations for the front line workers started coming in we originally were going to stay small,” Krissy said. “I had already spoken to someone at Stone Springs Hospital and we started sending them meals three times a week – every shift they have about 75 workers. After the first couple weeks when word really spread, we added Ashburn Healthplex, Dulles South Loudoun Sheriff’s Office and Brambleton Fire Station. People started reaching out from other hospitals and we were able to provide four departments at Reston Hospital with meals, and we also went to Inova Loudoun and Leesburg Hospitals.”

scotto's take and bake pizza kits

In addition to this noble effort, Scotto’s has expanded options for regular customers during the COVID shutdown. Curbside service, contactless delivery to front doors and backyard pools, and the addition of take-and-bake pizza kits that help families fully share dinner time have all been success stories of their own.

Scotto's Rigatoni Grill employees

“We are always here for whatever needs our customers have,” Krissy said, beaming with pride. “Whether it’s a sandwich on the go, or a quick delivery to Legacy Park where they are having a picnic, we are here. This pandemic has shown us again why we love our community so much!”

It seems that folks in Brambleton and other local communities agree. On the Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill menu, they call their signature sandwiches subs. We call the people who make them heroes.

Subs at Scotto's Rigatoni Grill