Follow Brambleton resident and young Entrepreneur Ethan Del Hierro on his business journey as the owner of the Grooming Store’s Ashburn location

Posted March 4, 2022

If you had asked Ethan Del Hierro what he wanted to do ten years ago, owning a barbershop would likely not have been on his list. Since getting his first job in high school, Ethan learned that following schedules that were designed for him by others was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so in college he turned his pursuits to the soccer field, but when the world changed in 2020 “my views shifted this way.”

Ethan Del Hierro family

Ethan has said often that his support system of family and friends has helped him the most in his professional journey. He credits his family with encouraging his drive and supporting his dream to become an entrepreneur. Ethan also says his friends helped him reach his potential and showed him what he could achieve as a barber. As a seven-year Brambleton resident and graduate of Rock Ridge High School, he’s had quite some time to build up this community, people that he can always trust, well mostly always.

Ethan Del Hierro

“I have a funny story about one of my first clients and also a close friend. This was in high school when I had limited barber skills. After cutting my friend’s hair he asked if he could try and cut mine. He had a very general understanding of cutting hair, so I decided, why not? That was not the best decision. He tried his best, but I didn’t want to go to school the next day because of my haircut. He still comes to me for his haircuts today and hasn’t received one from anyone else”

That testimonial alone proves that Ethan has put in the hours to be where he is now – an owner of the Grooming Store’s Ashburn location. He was sold the location by the mentor of his apprenticeship, Kevin Morris, who saw that Ethan was ready to take on a shop. “I believe he could see my passion and determination to be successful in the barber industry,” said Ethan, “which led him to sell me the Ashburn shop and continue to represent and grow the business.” The gratitude Ethan has for his mentor is palpable, and it’s clear that Kevin taught him far more about barbershops than just how to cut hair. 

The Grooming Store

Outside his business, Ethan loves his life in Brambleton where he lives by Briar Woods and the Town Center. The Filling Co. is a go-to for him because of the impressive convenience the gas station offers, but if he’s going to be in the Town Center for a meal, it’s going to be dinner. Ethan mentioned that he loves the Chicken Panag Curry at My Thai Place, and we don’t blame him. The good news is his business plans seem like they’ll keep him around and cutting hair for quite a while. “I want to make my shop the ‘one-stop shop,’ for all men’s grooming needs. Eventually, I would like to open more shops, but I have to make The Grooming Store the place to be here in Ashburn.” It is so incredible to see such passionate entrepreneurship from someone so young. It’s safe to say all of Brambleton is excited to be a part of Ethan’s journey and looks forward to cheering him on as he continues to achieve amazing things in and around the community.