Everything you need to get the kids (and yourself) ready for a new school year is all right here!

Posted August 13, 2019

So, now that the summer is winding down and the new school year is just over the horizon, it’s time to get the kids – and yourself – ready for back to school time. You’ve probably already taken advantage of back to school sales, but what about other logistics beyond new backpacks and blue jeans? Here are a few pointers for our Brambleton families and friends! 

Students at Brambleton Middle School

Shots. No, Mom and Dad, not that kind…though you may reconsider after having to persuade a fearful child into a visit to the pediatrician. Did you know that we have many medical and dental offices here in Brambleton at the town center? Everything in one place to help make back to school tasks just that much easier. You’re in good hands with Broadlands Medical Practice and Fairfax Pediatrics (now scheduling Saturday check ups!), InSight Eye Optique or Bloo Dental, Costa and Little Smiles. Plus Northern Virginia Orthodontics (they serve Starbucks! Win!).

Put bedtime to rest now. Summertime means relaxed sleep schedules, but that certainly won’t work when the school bus is honking outside at 7:30 every morning. Start the adjustment back to a school year sleep schedule now. Put your children to bed 10 minutes earlier each night for a couple of weeks before school starts — that way the switch from 9:30 to 8:00pm won’t be such a shock – and neither will 6:30am on Day One.

New Homes for Sale Loudoun Kids Bedroom

Volunteer your time or expertise. In Brambleton, residents have the opportunity to send their children to some of the top ranked schools in the nation. Not only is the school itself important in your child’s education but dozens of research studies have shown that children whose parents are involved in their school do better academically and socially. Teachers appreciate parents who volunteer to come into the classroom or who are willing to raise funds for needed supplies or to advocate on their behalf. Below we’ve listed the schools that currently serve the Brambleton community.

Day Care/Pre School: Chesterbrook Academy & Winwood Children’s Center
Elementary School: Creighton’s Corner, Legacy, Madison’s Trust, Moorefield Station
Middle School: Brambleton and Stone Hill
High School: Academies of Loudoun, Briar Woods, Rock Ridge and Independence

Scope out after-school activities, whether school-sponsored or otherwise. Here in Brambleton, your choices include programs at Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts, Bella Ballerina Dance Studio, Onelife Fitness and our spectacular new Loudoun County Public Library – all a safe walking distance to home in time for dinner. Plus the many after school options that the schools listed provide!

Loudoun County Public Library in Brambleton Town Center

Here’s a back to school checklist that may help get the whole household ready for the first class bell:

Hang a family calendar and color-code everyone’s activities and chores.

Book babysitters now for your school’s parents’ nights and other dates when they’ll be in-demand. If you have kids who are now old enough to babysit for their siblings or other kids, enroll them in a CPR and safety class (and attend it yourself…a refresher course is always a good idea). 

Create a family station in your beautiful Brambleton home where everyone can find what they need on the way out the door. Dedicate a corner of the mudroom or laundry room, or clear off a section of kitchen counter space just for this purpose. 

Set up a homework station. A kitchen island or dining table is a good spot, so everyone can interact while homework is being done and dinner is being prepared in your thoughtfully designed Brambleton home.

Toll Brothers Brambleton Office

Plan some weekend family activities. Keep the energy going year-round! Click here for Brambleton fall events

Most of all, embrace the new school year for all of its fun, fulfillment and possibilities. Fall is upon us and it’s time for new successes and traditions!