Eclips Salon: Turning a Small Business Into a Big Family!

Posted May 12, 2020
Eclips Salon Porch photos

This post has been written & submitted by Eclips Salon owner, Stephanie Dillenseger.

After closing the salon in late March we all found ourselves at home and apart. We decided it would be fun to visit each team member and capture a photo to document this time. We didn’t think too much about it at first. But once we started, we actually thought maybe traveling all around trying to catch everyone was going to be more than we bargained for.

Eclips Porch Photos family

Well, we were wrong! It was much more than we could ever have imagined. We enjoyed each visit so much and felt so grateful for our Eclips Salon tribe. We got to meet and reconnect with so many kind and amazing families. We met pets, both new and old, cats and dogs and one looking for a new puppy to add to the family.

We were able to see and catch up with each other (from a distance, of course). We found out how each family was spending their time and who with. We drove around visiting new neighborhoods and so many new places we had not seen before. We loved getting to see everyone’s homes, some brand new, some in the mountains, some in the city, some newly purchased. Some were tackling home improvement projects. We met one family in a local park near their home. We saw matching family outfits and even a dog trying to eat a mouse!

Eclips Porch Photo Birthday boy

There was definitely one common theme, EVERYONE missed their Eclips family so much. We knew we were all family prior to all of this but we now know how much we truly are FAMILY. We need each other in so many ways. Even though we are not at work right now, we still support each other at all times. Eclips is our home away from home and we will all be together again soon. We can not wait!

Eclips Porch Photos mom with kid

Until then here is a link to a gallery of all the photos taken. We made it to 45 out of 51 homes. A few were unavailable to have their photos taken. In the end it was such an amazing way to spend some of the time waiting to get back together as a team:)

Also to all of our amazing guests……..thank you for all of your support! We miss you and can not wait to see you again!

Eclips Porch Photo during pandemic