Discover Brambleton With Our New Augmented Reality App!

Posted October 29, 2019

Last week, our friend Alicia Tenise visited Brambleton and tried out our brand new Discover Brambleton app. It was such a pleasure to work with Alicia and we enjoyed showing her around Brambleton. The app developer, Alosant, also stopped by to explain a little more about the idea behind the app and the plans to expand it in the future.

Take a look below at the blog Alicia wrote about her experience here in Loudoun County and then download the app and explore Brambleton for yourself!

Brambleton VA


Blog post by Alicia Tenise | Originally posted 10.28.19

Back in the summer, Tom and I packed up all of our belongings and moved to the ‘burbs. I always envisioned myself as a city girl, but as time went on, moving further outside of the city seemed more and more appealing. Having a small yard and not overpaying for a 700 sq ft apartment? Being able to design a space that fits your needs? Sold!

Are you thinking about moving on and upwards as well? Today, I’m partnering with the folks over at Brambleton in Loudoun County, VA, and sharing a few reasons why this tech-savvy suburb of D.C. would be the perfect fit! 


One thing that sets Brambleton apart from any other neighborhood in the area? The acclaimed Discover Brambleton app.

If you’re a prospective homeowner, the app creates a unique, forward-thinking experience. Instead of touring the neighborhoods with maps, the app has an Augmented Reality experience where you can navigate the neighborhood’s amenities and attractions right from your phone. It’s interactive and a fantastic way to get an insider’s perspective of the area!

Along with the Augmented Reality tour, you can access any model home hours right from your fingertips (which was super helpful for us!) You can also pull up directions right from your phone to any housing development or neighborhood amenity with the app.

Some of the future plans for the app? They’re adding a “Memories” feature where users can pin their own images and videos to a location within the Augmented Reality section of the app so other guests can see their experiences tagged to a location when viewing the AR.

They’re also adding more options for builders: they will soon have the ability to add additional information about their model homes for prospects to explore – this includes showing images of options for finishes (cabinets, flooring, layouts, etc.) as well as the ability to leave a video message to prospects tagged to a specific room within a model home and to show quick delivery home lots within a neighborhood. Once these features are added, they’ll be added to the Augmented Reality section of the app!


I get it: moving farther away from the city can be intimidating, especially with the traffic in the area!

Once the Silver Line is completed in 2020, the Brambleton community will be metro accessible — how amazing is that? The closest metro stop to Brambleton will be the planned Ashburn station. Even though it’s easy to hop on the Dulles Greenway to get around, sometimes it is nice to get around without a car!

Another thing I love about this community? It is only a few miles away from the Dulles International Airport. If you’re a frequent flyer like myself, you’ll love the proximity! Plus, you’re only minutes away from the best shopping at Tysons, some of Loudoun County’s most acclaimed breweries, and incredible dining in Ashburn.

Brambleton Town Center
Brambleton Mural

One of the main reasons why I was very reluctant to the ‘burbs was the walkability factor. Back when I was living in Arlington, I could walk to all of my favorite shops/restaurants/nightlife. I still had a car to use for work, but I rarely ever used my car during the weekends!

One of my favorite parts about Brambleton? You’ve got parks, shopping, and dining, and they’re all within walking distance. Brambleton Town Center is home to a gym, movie theater, a day spa, several restaurants, and more, and it is steps away from the newer townhomes available for purchase. Plus, the community regularly puts on events as well, so you don’t even need to leave your neighborhood for world-class entertainment!


Once you’ve downloaded the Discover Brambleton app, make sure to browse some of the model homes that they have available. You won’t be disappointed!

I was shocked at how modern and luxurious the townhomes were. They’re ideal for anyone who wants the extra space for entertaining or for those folks who want to build their dream homes!


Thank you to Brambleton for partnering with me for today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.