When choosing a new family home, one of the most important factors is often the kind of life your new setting can provide for your children as they age. The Harris family knew this when they decided to move to Loudoun County for Chuck Sr.’s job, and their choice of Brambleton for their new home has turned out to be excellent for their family as a whole. The opportunities in and around the community have helped the Harris family foster both passions and relationships that have been long-lasting and full of joy. Their son, Chuck Jr., is even playing basketball for Butler University as a result of his playing basketball in Loudoun County growing up, but that is not all the family has as a result of their time in Brambleton.


The Harris family originally moved from Louisiana in 2011 into a Miller and Smith home. They continue to live there 10 years later and still love the way the community feels uniquely urban and suburban. The home has several features that make it work for every member of the family, from the loft area that was perfect when the kids were growing up to the family room that continues to be the center of the home, allowing everyone to spend time together even if someone is cooking in the kitchen. As four busy individuals, time together is always special.


Their home has kept up with the Harris’ changing needs over the years, as have Brambleton and the community at large. For instance, Euvetta like so many is now working from home full time, but has touted the excellent broadband for its ability to keep her moving at the pace to which she is accustomed. This is thanks to Brambleton’s long standing partnership with Verizon FiOS, which is included in the monthly community association dues. Another great perk the Harris family loves? The walking trails throughout Brambleton’s community. With over 18 miles of a paved trail system, well-designed play and exercise areas blend natural hardscapes and landscapes to serve the leisure and recreational needs of residents and the Harris’ are happy to take part.


The easy navigation of Brambleton also lets the Harris family spend plenty of time in the Town Center. While Euvetta and Chuck Sr. prefer the library, or people-watching by the fountain on a warm day, kids Chuck Jr. and Nina like to spend that time socializing with their friends. Whether they want to grab a bite to eat, do their easy errands or just walk around and have a chat, the Town Center provides them a safe and inviting location in which to do it. Early on, Chuck Jr. made friends through the local Leesburg Basketball Club, leading to even more fun in the area. Eventually, that enthusiasm and dedication for the game paid off with opportunities at Butler, all thanks to the space and time afforded him by his family and surrounding community.


Chuck Jr.’s success doesn’t mean the family has plans to move to Indianapolis any time soon though. With everything they have around them, why would they? Inside their home and out, the Harris’ have a life full of connection, excitement and amenities that help them do what makes them happiest, plus Nina is more than happy at her current school. However, if you happen to see a Butler basketball game on, be sure to look out for number three, Harris.

As the warmth and beauty of summer take full effect, many are heading outside to soak up some rays and enjoy time with their loved ones, especially since so many events were delayed or canceled in the summer of 2020. Graduations, weddings and retirement parties feel that much more special now that we can truly celebrate them together, but oftentimes when we consider party planning, our minds head straight back inside. Enter Picnic and Pearls, the brainchild of Brambletonian, Shalini Navale, and her business partner, Shub Sawhney.


Shalini and her family have been living in Brambleton since 2016; it was their first choice neighborhood after she and her husband found out they were pregnant with their first child. The couple had been living in Rwanda and working in the public health field but wanted to raise their children closer to family and in a good school district, making Brambleton an easy choice. Shalini and her husband chose a Miller and Smith home that wowed them from the moment they walked in. With the luscious green space behind the home, the family room, with its floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto that space, is the family’s favorite room in the whole house.

When venturing into the greater community, the family can’t get enough of all of Brambleton’s amenities. The library is a top destination for both of their kids, three and five, in the Town Center, but their favorite activities involve being in nature. Shalini mentioned, “The beautifully landscaped and strategically developed community is such a delight to enjoy whether it’s on a walk with the family or simply driving around.”


While the kids have a soft spot for Brambleton’s 18 miles of trails, when Shalini gets some time to herself, she loves the special outdoor offerings of Brambleton like the Farmer’s Market, Brewfest and food truck rallies.


Her business, Picnic and Pearls, revolves around the outdoors as well.


Picnic and Pearls is a Brambleton-based, women-run luxury boutique picnic event planning business. They have partnered up with other local businesses to bring you beautifully curated picnics for any kind of event. The picnics are customized to their clients needs. They have several themes and enhancements to choose from to make sure your picnic experience is unforgettable!


Shalini and her partner Shub offer options to truly tailor their events to their clients’ desires and locations, be it at a client’s home or a partnering business like one of the many wineries in the area (Loudoun County is DC’s Wine Country after all). After a highly successful Mother’s Day and fully-booked June, their business is taking off in a big way.


Shalini truly embodies the community-focused spirit that is at the heart of Brambleton’s mission – to see Brambletonians that contribute to their surroundings and are able to relax in them as well, especially with their family and friends as she does. Her enthusiasm and commitment to others is evident in every part of her life, making her just as warm as the perfect summer’s day. If you’re interested in an event with Picnic and Pearls, reach out to them via Facebook or Instagram @picnicandpearls or visit their website, www.picnicandpearls.com for a fantastic event right in your own backyard.

kids-at-summer-concert Luckily, the Brambleton Town Center is ready as always to meet any and all needs of both residents and visitors alike. From old faithfuls to new or improved options, there are tons of opportunities for everyone to have the summer of a lifetime.


Food is always an important item to tick off the list, and the Town Center is ready to accommodate every appetite. Favorites like AhSo, Blue Ridge Grill and Nick’s Taverna all have outdoor seating for those who wish to take advantage of higher temperatures to enjoy dining alfresco. Don’t worry if it’s a bit too hot though, Sweet Frog’s Frozen Yogurt and Cold Stone Creamery are ready and waiting to help you cool off with a sweet treat after your meal. Want to make room for the whole crew to hang out after a game or a long day at camp? Scotto’s has you covered with a wide array of options, from salad to pizza, to entertain anybody’s tastes.

Need a break while on the go? Peet’s Coffee is happy to serve customers with its drive thru, whether you need something hot to relax or iced to refresh. If the car is thirsty for some gas too, then it might be time to stop by the newest gas station, conveniently located near the Town Center on Soave Drive – the Filling Co! Opened in late May, the Filling Co. can feed not only the car, but the whole family with its menu of hand-crafted drinks, snacks and entrees. Summer favorites include any one of the eight smoothies on selection, burgers, hot dogs, or a combo from their value menu. If you need to get a goodie everybody will love at the cookout, try an edible arrangement! With so many assortments available, it will be easy to find the perfect combination to help party-goers cool off in the heat of the grills.

It’s not all about food though. If you want to keep it casual, nothing really beats bringing your favorite furry friend to the Town Center for some people (and dog) watching. Good Dog Rocky, a staple for pets, is offering sweet treats to all the fur babies that come in, and most tenants in the Town Center have water bowls outside as well to make sure everyone stays properly hydrated. From there, you can wander on any of the surrounding walking trails with your pup to a park, or just park yourselves nearby to catch some rays and enjoy your day with your pet.


Hoping to avoid the summer temps altogether? Brambleton is proud to announce that Regal Fox Cinemas in the Town Center is back and better than ever, having used its 2020 closure to make fantastic renovations, including just about every inch of the theater and its amenities. Ticketing itself has moved primarily online, although there are also self-serve kiosks in the lobby which replaced the need for the traditional box office. The individual theaters now have more luxurious seats which recline either in part or in full among other changes. A new 4DX theater has been added as well to enhance the viewing of major blockbusters by adding elements such as wind and fog to create an immersive experience. In terms of snacks, there are now bars for Lavazza coffee, B-fresh smoothies and cocktails to take with you to your show. Talk about options to beat the heat!


One final resident favorite are the Neighborhood Pop-Up Events. These casual gatherings of families and neighbors in a relaxed, stress-free setting are an opportunity to enjoy time outdoors while watching a movie or listening to live music. Stay tuned to the Friday Flash and BCA Facebook page for all Neighborhood Pop-Up Event announcements.


With all this and more in the Town Center, this summer will surely be one to remember. We look forward to seeing you around!

There is new life abounding in the nature of our parks and 18 miles of trails, both flora and fauna. Beauty surrounds Brambleton and life has started its new cycle, bringing with it many exciting new changes. While it is always beautiful to experience nature in action, there can be times when we have a harder time coexisting with it (anyone allergic to pollen?).


One such situation occurred earlier this spring when a swarm of bees left their hive to make a new one…right along one of our much adored trails. Despite the fact that this situation could seem very stressful initially, our residents were able to keep a cool head, and one of our own stepped up to safely relocate the bee colony to his very own apiary about a mile from Brambleton. This was realtor Tim Groszkowski.

Tim and his family, including wife Jessie, kids Julia and Owen, and their two dogs Lulu and Charlie Brown, have called Brambleton home since 2008. The family are all major advocates for life in Brambleton as they are so thrilled with what they have found here. As Tim works in real estate himself, when he and Jessie were house hunting they knew exactly what they needed.


The family loves spending time both inside and outside their home, which features a beautiful kitchen that everyone enjoys spending time in together and FiOS that keeps them entertained and up to date on goings-on. When they venture into the Town Center, the Groszkowskis prefer food spots as well, with their favorites being Blue Ridge Grill, Nick’s and Cold Stone. When they decided to move to Brambleton, it was features like these that drew them in, as well as outdoor amenities such as the pools and walking trails.


Tim is an advocate for the well-being of our planet, especially bees, and even earned a degree in Sustainability and Energy Resource Studies from George Mason University on top of a beekeeping-specific course a few years ago to help him learn and cultivate his own apiary. This made him the man to go to when his neighbors were experiencing trouble with having new neighbors of their own – an entire colony of bees making their home in the basement. Tim immediately put on his protective gear and set out to mediate the situation between homeowners and unexpected tenants.


He was able to successfully rehome not only his neighbor’s bee colony, but one that was headed to a new home and had stopped to rest on a branch by one of Brambleton’s trails. While Tim is allergic to bees, he is well-versed in how to deal with them in a way that is safe for everyone involved so he doesn’t worry. He even provided some tips for those who may see another colony on their journey.

“The goal is always the same – to get the bees in the new hive as quickly as possible with the least disruption. Remember, if you see a swarm don’t panic.  The bees do not want to attack or hurt you. Do not disturb them and contact someone like me with the knowledge and skills to handle the situation.”


It is safe to say that Brambletonians everywhere are thankful for neighbors like Tim who know what to do in these situations. Two things that the community is often noted for are its beautiful settings and the kind people who truly care about one another, and Tim’s care for his neighbors both large and small is a fantastic example of how to minimize any potential conflicts between the two. Rehoming seems to truly be his specialty, so if you want to work with Tim as a homebuyer or seller, head over to darngoodhomes.com and see how he can fill your needs.

As the weather continues to warm and more people turn their attention to the outdoors, many wish to make the most of their own spaces. Whether their vision includes a pool, a fully functioning outdoor kitchen or just some landscaping, finding the right person for the job can be tough. Enter Wine Patio Landscape Design. Serving NoVa since 2013 and helmed now by Brambletonian Katie Campbell, Wine Patio Landscape Design is focused on making the outdoors just as inviting as indoors.

Her passion for pleasing clients is enhanced by her enthusiasm for Brambleton and all that it has given her and her family. She currently lives in a home overlooking one of Brambleton’s many beautiful ponds (and with a fantastic outdoor terrace) with her fiance, their son, their Au Pair and Lokie, a Boxer/Shepherd mix. They love spending time on the walking paths and trails as well as in Brambleton’s parks. When they decide to venture into the Town Center, Nick’s Taverna, AhSo and My Thai Place are their go-to’s, although the family can also be seen spending time with their neighbors at a driveway get together.

“Our neighbors have become more than just neighbors; they are close friends. We help each other out and keep an eye out for each other’s kids when they are out playing. It takes a village and we are super happy to be part of the Brambleton village!”

These relationships are also strengthened through Wine Patio Landscape Design, as Katie makes sure to get everything right for her fellow Brambletonians. Katie loves that the Brambleton community has so many wonderful people and considers it a perk of her job that many of her Brambleton clients become friends. Every job she works on, she makes a point to create a space that not just the client can be proud of, but the entire community.

Katie also feels a personal sense of pride when she sees landscapes she has worked on being used to their fullest in the Brambleton community. She works hard to design a plan that not only fits the client’s vision but their budget as well. Having her clients (and friends) live nearby with work she created further commits her to her business’ high standards for all.

“At Wine Patio Landscape Design, you will receive a white glove experience. Whether it is a patio and a few shrubs or an elaborate outdoor kitchen area around a sparkling pool, we bring your design ideas to life. Starting with a tailored design plan based on your budget, wants and needs, flawless implementation, and through the continued upkeep of your investment!”

From personal life to professional, Katie is incredible at making everyone in her life feel included. With an openness to befriend anyone she comes across, it is easy to see why she chose a profession that allows her to meet so many people and why she is so beloved among her clients. Katie even mentioned that she is excited to meet even more of her neighbors through her business. So when you are ready for your next outdoor transformation and want to make sure it is done right, check out https://www.winepatiodesign.com/.


**Last updated December 15, 2021**
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
23634 Strickland Dr, Suite #100 | 703-327-2120

Join our crew! We’re looking for fun, energetic crew members to help us spread the sunshine! Apply here.

AhSo Restaurant
22855 Brambleton Plaza, #108 | 703-327-6600

Interested in becoming part of the team? Email jason@ahsoresto.com or fill out the form here. The following positions are available:

AhSo Cellars
22855 Brambleton Plaza, #105 | 703-327-6600

  • Team Leader: 3+ years working with wine preferred, retail management experience preferred
  • Sales Associate: retail experience preferred, wine knowledge preferred, full/part time available
  • Best Brains
    22895 Brambleton Plaza, #104 | 571-386-0000
    Bloo Dental
    22855 Brambleton Plaza, #208 | 703-327-5533
    Blue Ridge Grill
    22865 Brambleton Plaza | 703-327-1047
    Broadlands Family Practice, an Inova Partner
    22895 Brambleton Plaza, #200 | 703-722-2312
    California Tortilla
    42385 Ryan Road, #100 | 703-542-8822

    If you are energetic and self-motivated, come join our team. As a growing company, we offer tremendous opportunities for the right person: Competitive Salaries, Free Meals, Fun and friendly environment, Flexible Schedules & Career Advancement.

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time / Apply in person

    Costa Dentistry
    42395 Ryan Road, #104 | 703-542-7000

    Costa Dentistry is currently hiring for two full-time positions for Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist.

    Dental Hygienist: $43-55 per hour. $2,000 start incentive.
    Position Requires:

    Fairfax Pediatric Associates
    22850 Brambleton Plaza, #300 | 703-391-0900

    Fairfax Pediatric Associates is a busy/ friendly and dynamic pediatric practice with offices in Brambleton, Centreville and Fairfax. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefit package. Come join our team! Please email resumes to tcirillo@fairfaxpeds.com.

    Filling Co Gas & Grub + Shell Gas Station
    42315 Soave Drive
    Go Bananas
    42395 Ryan Road, #122 | 703-327-1900

    Seeking a Sales Associate and Senior Sales Associate with flexible availability during weekdays as well as some evening and weekend availability. The Sales & Senior Sales Associates will be responsible for helping customers, receiving inventory, keeping stock organized, helping to visually merchandise the store, and other duties that might not be listed here. A friendly, approachable personality is a must! If you have previous excellent customer service skills and an eye for detail, apply now!

    These positions can be part-time (<30hr) or full-time (30hr). Ideally, we’re looking for someone who can work during the day for at least 2-3 weekdays, and the possibility of a shift over the weekends: morning or afternoon/evening. However, if your availability isn’t exactly this but something close, we’d still love to hear from you.

    My Thai Place
    42385 Ryan Road, #104 | 703-327-5900
    Nick’s Taverna
    42395 Ryan Road, #130 | 703-327-7844

    Nick’s Taverna is located in the state-of-the-art Brambleton Town Center, a trendsetting community with easy access to nearby towns and ample parking. For over 13 years, we’ve been using traditional family recipes to satisfy our guests’ palates and exceed their expectations. We strive to build connections with our guests and create memorable experiences for them. Our staff is considered family and our guests are no different.

    If you are high-spirited, eager to learn and known as reliable, then we want you! We love to promote from within, while training for advanced opportunities! Apply online.

    Here’s what we’re looking for:

    Northern Virginia Orthodontics (NVO)
    22855 Brambleton Plaza, #200 | 703-327-1718
    Onelife Fitness
    42365 Soave Drive | 703-774-9500
    Regal Fox Cinemas
    22875 Brambleton Plaza, #100 | 703-957-1027
    Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill
    42395 Ryan Road, #128 | 703-957-4994
    The UPS Store
    42395 Ryan Road, #112 | 703-957-4545

    Join The UPS Store team as we conquer the customer service world! We’re a team of hard-working, fun loving professionals who get the job done right. We spend our days making customers happy and we’ve got the skills, tools, and attitude to make that happen!

    The Center Associate is responsible to deliver world-class customer service to all retail customers. He/She receives and processes packages for courier shipment, operates copiers, fax machines, binding equipment, laminating machines, and point-of-sale devices. The Associate expertly advises our valued customers by providing accurate information on our array of products, services, and best-value options. The Associate exhibits confidence by knowing best practices as related to the industry. The following is a representative list of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position:

    The ideal Center Associate candidate will have retail sales experience, have strong computer and internet skills, able to lift 40 pounds, a friendly and genuinely helpful demeanor, a professional appearance, and will be a fast learner who makes an effort to learn all aspects of the business in the shortest possible time.

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

    Pay: $11 – $15 per hour

    When the husband and wife dermatologist/plastic surgeon team of Drs. Irfan and Noreen Galaria decided to expand their practice with a second location beyond their existing Chantilly office, they knew exactly where they wanted it to be. Galaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology’s second facility had to be in Brambleton Town Center.

    “We are no strangers to Brambleton Town Center. We started working here 10 years ago,” explains Dr. Galaria, “We began by sharing space with Broadlands Family Practice and eventually grew to require our own space within the Town Center. We have seen this area grow over a decade and have taken care of singles who are now married and have families of their own. We have seen elementary school kids go to college, and see extended families and entire neighborhoods through word of mouth referrals,” she says. 

    The Galarias feel their practice is unique because it offers so many services together. “No matter which specialty is best for a patient’s condition, they can be reassured they will get the best of both,” says Dr. Noreen, a board-certified dermatologist.

    A high percentage of Dr. Irfan Galaria’s plastic surgery work is in post-cancer breast reconstruction, and the practice recently hired a breast cancer treatment surgeon, Dr. John Williams, who is also the Chair of the President’s Cancer Panel. The Galarias found that women appreciate having all breast cancer specializations in one practice – from help treating the disease to reconstructive cosmetic surgery after the fact.

    In addition to their thriving medical practice, Dr. Noreen Galaria is also the founder of Glow Vitamins. Her products, focused on hair, skin and nail health, as well as defense against sun-related aging and pre-cancerous conditions, are the result of more than 10 years of research on nutraceuticals. Inner Glow’s product ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world but made in the USA in FDA registered facilities with non-GMO ingredients. Every ingredient in these supplements is research-backed and scientifically proven to work.

    Dr. Noreen is also keen to give back to the community by helping women entrepreneurs like herself. “When I started this line, I realized how hard it is to start your own business, and so last month I gave 100% of my profits to help women in need start their own businesses,” Noreen says with an understated pride. “I will continue to give between 10-20% every month.”

    Galaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology’s new Brambleton Town Center office has just recently opened, and offers state of the art equipment including one of the first Thulium lasers in the area. Between Brambleton and their original location in Chantilly, the practice is well-positioned – geographically and professionally – to serve the plastic surgery, breast cancer surgery and dermatological needs of patients across Northern Virginia. To learn more, visit GalariaMD.com.

    There are people who know why they love where they live, and there are people who know how to help others find a place where they’ll love living. Kelly Ettrich is both! As a Brambleton resident since 2014, she loves the recreational amenities, natural spaces, Town Center and friendly vibe. As a real estate professional, she also loves telling clients about the community’s great lifestyle.  

    Kelly has actually owned two homes in Brambleton – first a townhome by Miller & Smith when she moved here when newly-single, and just this year in a single-family home by Gulick with her new husband and their combined families.

    “Collectively, we have seven children,” Kelly says. “Although five of them are in college or the working world, we wanted a home where all of us could fit around the dining room table and where everyone could comfortably hang out. We definitely found the perfect home!”

    Kelly and her husband Mark most enjoy being within walking distance of the Town Center, especially for date nights at AhSo, where her son Clay works. Brambleton’s parks, trails, green spaces, holiday events and outdoor concerts are family favorites. In fact, all members of the family make the most of the Brambleton life – cat Coco, who has earned his reputation as the entire neighborhood’s “mascot” with his naps on front steps along the street (pet him a few times and he’s your instant buddy). There’s also Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Savannah, who has become a bit of a local fixture with her enthusiastic visits to the Farmer’s Market with Kelly and Mark.

    “As a real estate agent, I often get the opportunity to share why Brambleton is such a fantastic place to live. I explain that it is a beautifully manicured community where a lot of thought has gone into the placement of various home types, roads, shops, parks, community amenities and more to create the best living experience possible,” Kelly says. “A few years ago, I started a video series on Facebook that focuses on Why I Love Living in Loudoun County, and at least half of my material comes from Brambleton!” she adds.

    You can’t get a much more heartfelt endorsement of a hometown than from someone like Kelly who not only lives here, but passionately encourages other people to choose it as their home, too. But don’t just take Kelly’s word for it. Ask Savannah the Spaniel if you see her at the Farmer’s Market, or Coco the cat when he wakes up from a sunny nap on a Brambleton front step…this is a community where the whole family is quite content!

    No grass grows under the Santiago family. They’re always on the go. That’s why David, his wife Ashley and their two daughters chose Brambleton – twice. The Santiagos first bought a home here in 2014, and more recently they moved to a new city-styled townhome, by Knutson Homes, in Brambleton Town Center.

    Santiago Family brambleton residents

    “Brambleton is a truly wonderful place to raise a family,” says David.  “It has parks, biking trails, ponds, pools, tennis courts, volley ball courts, basketball courts, and family-fun activities all year, like camping in Legacy Park and summer concerts. But our new favorite activity is going to the Brambleton Library,” David adds, “because they always have fun activities planned for the kiddos!”

    The great outdoors comes right into the Santiago home, with plenty of windows and its rooftop deck. It’s fun for the whole family to look out from their roof onto the Town Center and Legacy Park, and they have some of the best seats – right at home – for the summer concert series.

    Brambleton summer concert

    If you think it’s all play and no work for the Santiagos, that’s not the case. Mom and Dad both have busy careers, and their two girls are in constant motion between school, afternoon activities, time with friends and community involvement. It’s a whirlwind of activity, with this high-energy family at its vortex. When they do find time to relax after getting out and doing so much, the Santiagos simply go out to the great restaurants and shops in Brambleton Town Center, all just a stroll from home.

    Speaking of “getting out there,” dad David and the Santiagos’ 10-year-old daughter “got out there” as entrepreneurs recently. Inspired by the great games at Brambleton’s Go Bananas toy store, they decided that it would be fun to create a board game.  After hiring an illustrator, building several different board game prototypes, and doing a lot of playtesting, the board game was launched on Kickstarter. It’s available now at https://www.locomotiongames.com/ and their Kickstarter page can be found here: http://kck.st/37O2OYX

    JuJo Board game designed by Brambleton Residents

    As spring warms up, we encourage all Brambleton residents, their families and friends to “get out there!” and enjoy Brambleton’s trail system. For those who don’t live here yet, we encourage you to “get in here!” and see what life in Brambleton is really all about.

    It seems we can find a reason to celebrate anything these days. Did you know there’s a Clean Off Your Desk Day? How fitting that it comes early in the year (January 13th) as so many of us resolve to get organized. Then be sure to mark your calendars for Chocolate Cake Day, Make a Friend Day, Have Fun at Work Day, even Talk Like Yoda Day as the list of silly holidays continues throughout the year!

    But the loveliest of all holidays continues to be Valentine’s Day on February 14th. No longer reserved for starry-eyed lovers, the new trend is to celebrate cherished relationships with family, friends, and even our pets! Find countless ways to show your love with these Valentine’s specials around the Brambleton Town Center. And best of all, you’ll have plenty of time to #TreatYourLove, as many of these sweet deals last all month long!


    Valentine's Day Promotions at Brambleton Town Center #TreatYourLove

    February Events

    Super Bowl Wine Dinner, February 2, 6-9 PM; AhSo Restaurant; reservations required

    Principles of Strength Training; February 5, 7 PM; Brambleton Library Meeting Room A

    Valentine Mailbox Contest, enter through February 7

    Kids’ Valentine Craft Party, February 8, 10 AM – 12 PM; Go Bananas Toy Store

    Valentine's Pop Up Market 2019

    Valentine’s Pop-Up Market, February 9, 10 AM – 1 PM; Welcome Center

    Valentine’s Flowers & Chocolates Donations for the Residents of LAWS, through February 9; donate by clicking on “Tickets” on this Eventbrite page

    NVO Foundation + Inova Hospital Blood Drive, February 29, 9 AM – 1 PM; Brambleton Plaza

    FOBL Book Sale

    FOBL Used Book Sale, February 29 & March 1, Brambleton Library Meeting Room A

    Valentine’s Deals Around the Town Center

    AhSo Restaurant: Enjoy a 5-course menu with optional wine pairings on Feb 14 & 15. Reservations recommended, $95/pp. This same menu will also be available Feb 13 & 16 along with their a-la-carte menu. 703-327-6600.

    Bella Ballerina Dance Studio Brambleton Town Center

    Bella Ballerina: Receive 20% off spring classes and a free tutu* when you sign up before February 5th. *Limited supply of tutus, see details.*

    Costa Dentistry: Fall in love with a brighter smile: All new patients can enjoy $250.00 off in-office teeth whitening throughout the month of February. Call for an appointment, (703) 542-7000.

    Eclips Salon Hair Products on sale in February

    Eclips Salon & Day Spa:  Buy More Save More in February! 10% off 1 product purchase, 15% off 2 products, 20% off 3 products, and 25% off 4 or more products purchased. Receive a free gift with the purchase of any $100+ gift card. Offer valid Feb 1-29. 703-327-9408.

    Edible Arrangements: Receive 20% off your order during February EXCEPT on 2/13 & 2/14, minimum purchase of $29.99. 703-327-3636.

    Go Bananas:  Enter the Valentine Mailbox Contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Go Bananas. Favorite photo wins, voting ends Feb 7. Bring your little ones out on Saturday, February 8th from 10 AM to 12 PM for a Valentine’s Craft Party with Sunny Day Family at Go Bananas Toy Store. 703-327-1900.

    Insight Eye Optique:  50% off sunglasses through February 15th. 703-962-1010.

    Onelife Fitness:  Celebrate Healthy Heart month with a free one-week trial membership and one hour personal training session, plus access to our online nutrition and meal planning for tips that are easy to fit into your lifestyle. Email Terrie Lambert (General Manager) at tlambert@onelifefitness.com to schedule your visit and set up the trial and session. Must activate by February 23rd. 703-774-9500.

    Nick's Taverna Ashburn, Virginia Mediterranean Restaurant Brambleton Town Center

    Nick’s Taverna: Featuring a special Valentine’s menu in addition to regular menu, plus a live jazz band will be performing during dinner on Feb 14th. 703-327-7844.

    Northern Virginia Orthodontics:  Visit NVO for a complimentary consultation and receive $600 off PLUS a $100 Kendra Scott gift card when you start full treatment the same day as your consultation. Call 703-574-2174 or visit nvorthodontics.com and mention “KENDRA SCOTT” to reserve your savings. Exclusions apply, call for details. Expires 2/29/20.

    Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill:  Choose either 2 pastas and an appetizer or 2 pastas paired with 2 glasses of wine for 20% off total check. Valid only February 14-16. 703-957-4994.

    SweetFrog: 1 dozen chocolate covered strawberries for $6.99 (normally $13.99); offer valid February 12-16. 703-327-3088.

    CVS In Brambleton Corner Plaza

    CVS NOW OPEN – Did you know that the new Brambleton CVS location is now open in Brambleton Corner Plaza at the intersection of Northstar Boulevard and Shreveport Drive? Stop by to grab all the Valentine’s Day goodies your sweethearts desire! This location also offers a drive-thru pharmacy for your convenience.