Oh what fun! Clark, Ellen, Audrey and Rusty Griswold cannot hold a CANDLE to Todd, Allison, Maddy and Lexi Jurkowski. Step aside, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and get ready for the brilliant story of The Jurkowskis’ Brambleton Christmas Extravaganza. Because you can probably see this enthusiastic, fun-loving family’s holiday lights display from the International Space Station. Talk about an annual feel good to-do. You’ve got to see these lights! Trust us.

The Jurkowski family moved to Brambleton in 2008, and then moved up to their current home here in 2011. They live directly across from Acorn Park, and at this time of the year, you can’t miss their house.

The entire family is all about cozy, shared, festive times…movie nights at home, card games and board games, days spent at home for work and school throughout the past year that they truly enjoy, and silly home decorating ideas that someone will offer up at the breakfast table, and everyone looks at each other and says, “Sure, why not?” If you’re a fellow Brambletonian who knows the Jurkowskis, you know that this is one fun family.

That fun is brightly apparent every year during the winter holidays, and 2020 has not cast its gloom over their house by any means. Their home is an energetic-illuminated beacon of fun and joy that everyone can take comfort in.

Their family fun facts go beyond lighting a path into the New Year:


“We really live in and love our family room!  At any given time one of us will grab a blanket and settle on the couch to watch Netflix – sometimes even turning down the lights for “movie theater mode.”  Popcorn required.  Even before COVID, and more so now, we watch movies together or sit around the table and play board games or card games.  Who doesn’t like a hotly contested game of Trouble?  How about Uno Attack, Five Crowns, or Pay Me?  We have mastered them all over quarantine…any challengers out there?”


“2020 has been a crazy year!  We are lucky to have great neighbors; the lockdown has definitely seen a few socially distant happy hours, front yard get-togethers, and even a few virtual happy hours!  We did the standard COVID things like baking and taking (many) walks, including the Bram walking trail Easter egg hunt, but the girls also found their creative side.  They must have painted or did art daily for the first three months!  Our oldest created and hosted a family “Quarantine Olympics.”  It goes without saying that she was less than thrilled when her little sister took home all the gold!” 


“We moved to Brambleton in 2008, and into our current home in 2011.  Our home search centered around proximity to the town center and being able to walk there! Cindy at Good Dog Rocky is amazing; our dog Lucky is always happy to see her! Us too.”

To help you spot all holiday light displays in the community, The Brambleton Community Association has put together this handy map. The Jurkowski’s festive home is the first address listed on the map and their lights will be turned on through New Years Day!

The community is “lucky” to have you. Happy Holidays from everyone at Brambleton!

When Sara Burke, her husband Eli and their first child moved to Brambleton in 2003, they knew they’d hit the jackpot – and that was back when Brambleton was really a fledgling new community (even though by that time, it had starting winning national awards for design and planning). The setting, the already-established amenities, the insightful community plan, as well as the clear commitment of the developers and builders convinced, the Burkes that they’d made the right choice. They felt certain that they had plenty of great things to look forward to, and in all these years since, they haven’t been disappointed.

Brambleton Main Entrance Water Feature

“When we were expecting our first child, we realized we would outgrow our starter home, so we started to look at the communities in Loudoun County,” Sara recalls. “As young technology workers, Brambleton’s embrace of FiOS high-speed Internet was very appealing, and its proximity to the Dulles Toll Road would make commuting easy. A friend and early resident of Brambleton invited us to visit and check out the model homes. We knew instantly that Brambleton would be perfect.”

The rest is an ongoing Burke family history.

Brambleton Residents The Burke Family

Fast-forward to today, and the Burkes still couldn’t be happier with the choice they made those years ago. Their family is now five-strong, with Mom and Dad and sons Avery, Zachary and daughter Leah. Well, make that eight-strong, including cats Daphne and Casper, and dog Pixel. In addition to the growth of their own family, they’ve been first-hand witnesses and participants in the growth of Brambleton, from the opening of Legacy Elementary, Brambleton Middle and Independence High schools, to the debut of Brambleton Town Center, the fantastic recreation amenities, parks and trail network. Then, of course, there are the annual events that are family favorites.

The Burkes love Red, White & Bram and the Comedy Nights. Eli’s particular favorites also include the Brew Fest and the annual Neighborhood Campout. Everyone enjoys dining, shopping and movies at Brambleton Town Center, not to mention the peace of mind that Sara and Eli take from knowing that their kids can have fun with their friends right in the community, walking or biking distance from home. Their house is even a great viewing spot for the Summer Concerts. Sara and Eli know they struck gold with Brambleton, and that feeling grows every year.

Brambleton summer concert

Days and evenings are filled with Brambleton-centric activities, especially for Sara, a busy stay-at-home mother. Spin classes, yoga and Zumba at least four days a week at Onelife Fitness complement hours of running and walking on Brambleton’s trail network, along with being an active parent in Girl Scouts, supporting the Independence High marching band (Zach plays trumpet) and the Young Mens Service League.

“I could spend most of my time enjoying what Brambleton has to offer without leaving,” Sara says with undeniable enthusiasm. “Everyone I meet is friendly and I’ve been fortunate to form a number of lasting friendships here. As it grows with new neighborhoods, schools and amenities, Brambleton gets better every year.”

Well said, Mrs. Burke. Well said. Every passing year will surely bring even more fulfillment for you and your family as Brambleton continues to flourish.

Ask any Brambleton homeowner what they like about their community, and you’ll get an enthusiastic response, but probably none will be quite as enthusiastic as Stephanie Lee. She and her husband and children purchased a Miller & Smith single family home here several years ago, and it was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. Stephanie doesn’t just consider herself a “Brambleton Ambassador,” she really is one, having worked for the community’s development team for 17 years. Today, she’s in sales and marketing in Brambleton’s 55+ Birchwood neighborhood, and while she loves her job, what she enjoys most is personal time in Brambleton with her husband, children, grandchild and a special gang of friends who call themselves the Fab 4.

friends in brambleton

“We first fell in love with Brambleton in 2002 when I joined the development team,” Stephanie says, “and it just keeps getting better! Brambleton has the all-inclusive lifestyle we were looking for with great schools, open spaces, trail network, community events, the movie theatre (we LOVE the movies), several pools, great healthcare services, supportive neighbors and so much more!” They bought their home here in 2006 when their two kids were still in high school, and now that she and her husband are empty-nesters, the fun just keeps coming.

residents at onelife fitness gym

“A typical weekday starts with a workout at OneLife Fitness, then off to work,” Stephanie says. “In the warmer months, we love to hit the trails on our bikes after work or cool off with a dip in the community pool.” But those are just the weekdays, and the Lees live a truly 24/7/365 life in Brambleton.

One of the family’s favorite community events is Red, White and BRAM, and they enjoy many other annual and special events throughout the year, all within walking distance from home. For special occasions, or just weeknight dinners or happy hours with friends, the Lees frequent AhSo and Nick’s Taverna in Brambleton Town Center.

As much fun as she has in Brambleton with her family, Stephanie always finds time to live it up in the community with her three best friends, Karen, Karla and Bernadette. They’ve met over the years within Brambleton and through area professional circles like the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce.

brambleton town center mural

Today, the Fab 4 are practically inseparable, and wherever there’s a good time to be had, you’ll find these ladies in the center of it. From tacos at AhSo and $5 movies at the Regal Fox Cinemas on Tuesday evenings after work, to afternoon teas in Loudoun County and DC, to Christmastime tours through the White House, the Fab 4 keep their social calendars full.

diners at ahso restaurant

As for work, Stephanie’s commute – if you want to call it that – couldn’t be easier. After all, who could complain about a two-minute trip to the office? Stephanie works at the Birchwood Clubhouse, practically around the corner from home. Her husband’s commute to the nearby Dulles Corridor is also a breeze. That makes it easy to have more time to enjoy life, and they plan to keep making the most of the Brambleton lifestyle in the coming years.

Birchwood at Brambleton Clubhouse

“In the future as we consider downsizing – possibly into the new 55+ Birchwood neighborhood or into Downtown Brambleton near the Town Center – perhaps we’ll be able to sell our home to our daughter and son-in-law who love it just as much as we do!” says Stephanie. 

loveworks on display by brambleton library

For Stephanie Lee, her family and friends, Brambleton is the only place to be, all day and every day. For all the great things she has to say about life here, Stephanie sums it up with one simple, heartfelt sentiment”  “I am very grateful to live, work and play in Brambleton!”

Dog at Brambleton Town Center

Caryn Pinto and her fiancé Mike Pizutto – and their shelter rescue dog, Zoey – understand the value of home. Just ask Zoey. In dog-speak, she’ll eagerly remind you that home is where your heart is, where your comfort zone is, and in the case of these relatively new Brambleton homeowners, it’s even where your business is.

About a year ago, Caryn and Mike purchased a Van Metre home in Brambleton. They love Brambleton’s seasonal events, recreation amenities and community spirit.

Brambleton residents Caryn and Mike

“During the week,” says Caryn, “Mike works for a company in Tysons, and Zoey and I spend the day running my online business. In the evenings, all three of us enjoy going for walks through Brambleton’s neighborhoods, and a few times a month we treat ourselves to something yummy from one of the restaurants in Brambleton Town Center or catch a movie at the Regal Fox movie theater.”

Caryn and Mike’s families and friends agree with their decision to make Brambleton their new address. When they welcomed visitors last summer from Florida, the trio received rave reviews on their choice.

Brambleton resident small business ZoZo's Paw

Caryn’s home-based business, ZoZo’s Paw, makes handmade leashes, bandanas, bow ties and collars for pets. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve to look their best every day? Because Zoey (ZoZo to friends and family, in case you were wondering) is a rescue dog, Caryn donates a portion of all profits to organizations that help rescue animals. Beneficiaries of ZoZo’s Paw donations include no-kill shelters and even K9s for Warriors, which matches rescue shelter dogs with veterans suffering from service-related injuries and post-traumatic stress. It’s a win-win from both a business and a humanitarian standpoint. And it’s right here in Brambleton.

ZoZo's Paw Brambleton Business

 Caryn sums up their love of where they live (and work) very succinctly:  “Brambleton sets itself apart from other communities,” she says. “It always places an emphasis on family, community, and connection.”

And how they have connected! Caryn’s business is flourishing, Mike’s commutes to Tysons are simple, and they soon plan to add a new rescue dog member to their happy Brambleton family. All in all, their story represents what Brambleton has offered for buyers since the moment our community welcomed residents home:  Life. Work. Balance.

To learn more about Caryn’s business, and to make your pup the hottest dog in town, visit zozospaw.com.

Resident's dog in Brambleton

Sometimes, life takes you to a place where you didn’t expect to go, and it turns out to be an even better destination than you imagined. Just ask Wendy and John Mills. A few months ago, a new work opportunity for Wendy’s husband – and the chance to be a bit closer to family – had the Mills looking for a new home in the DC Metro area from their location in Rochester, NY.

Fox Cinemas and IMAX in Brambleton Town Center | Ashburn, Virginia

The Mills toured many communities in the DC suburbs. The neighborhoods they visited were nice enough, but none had that certain “something” that really felt like home. Then, fate stepped in. One evening after yet another home buying reconnaissance mission in the National Capital area, Wendy and John were driving to meet some family members for dinner at a popular Loudoun County restaurant. On the way, they happened upon Brambleton, and since they were a bit early and had some time before heading to the restaurant, they decided to take a drive through the community.

Goodbye, frustrating new home search. Hello, Brambleton!

“My husband and I noticed how different Brambleton is,” Wendy recounts. “It is cozy, yet spacious, and each area is well laid out. So we started researching various builders in the area. Fast forward to 11 months later, move-in date to our new Knutson Homes’ Fleetwood model has come to life, in an urban-inspired townhome!”

The Mills customized their new townhome to include four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths. What really clinched the decision for Wendy was the new townhome’s loft. She works from home, and the loft created an ideal office space. (The home’s open rooftop terrace, with its promise of quiet evenings or fun parties under the stars certainly didn’t hurt, either.)

 “I saw [the loft] and immediately told my husband, ‘Oh, this space…. is mine,’” Wendy said.  

Knutson Homes Town Center South Brambleton VA exterior

Their new home is their sanctuary in the energetic metro area they’ve chosen to call home. They liked Rochester, but they love the vibrancy, history – and lower annual snowfalls – of greater Washington, DC. And their new Brambleton address offers them the best of the best in their new town.

“If you are looking to live in a well-planned community, Brambleton is by far the best,” said Wendy. “The overall layout, and small yet important things like its partnership with Verizon FiOS, the 18 miles of trails and pathways…it all still takes my breath away each time I drive in.”

Brambleton’s open space and commitment to leaving natural areas undisturbed is a big hit with the third member of the Mills family, too, their Jack Russell Terrier mix, Fuji. At eight years old, Fuji is in the prime of his life, and Brambleton has become “home sweet home” to this outdoor-loving little character.

The Mills moved into their new Knutson townhome in December, and Fuji and his “parents” are looking forward to their new lives in what they see as the friendliest, best-designed and most spirited community they’ve ever found.

“Everything here is awesome,” Wendy says. “Like the Farmers’ Market…I totally look forward to walking over to it and bringing my dog with me,” she adds with a beaming smile. “Can’t wait to do that as part of my weekend routine.”

Eatloco Farmers market brambleton

So, welcome home to Wendy and John Mills and their happier-than-ever dog, Fuji. He’s sure to love that when Brambleton is blanketed with snow in the winter, it’s not nearly as deep as it was back in Rochester. Because now, he can still look out over the landscape and see everything that he and his humans love about their new hometown.

Walking trails in Winter Snow near Brambleton's Loudoun County homes for sale.

This past weekend Van Metre Homes celebrated the grand opening of their Parker II model in Downtown Brambleton with style! Celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn stopped by and cooked up some amazing plant-based food!

Additionally, local Blogger Amy Alleva of Blonde Charm was also there sharing some great ideas to have the best family-friendly New Year’s Eve party to ring in the new decade in just a few short weeks! Take a look below at Amy’s blog and get a head start on your own NYE party plans. Thanks for visiting Blonde Charm – glad you had fun at Van Metre’s party in Downtown Brambleton!

New Year's Eve

5 Fabulous Family Friendly Ideas For Your New Year’s Eve Party

Originally posted by Blonde Charm on 12/10/19

Love New Year’s Eve and want to include the kids too? No problem! You can celebrate with your family and your friend’s families all before the stroke of midnight!

New Year’s Eve is not just for grownups! There are so many fun ways to include the children, even if they do not stay awake till the stroke of midnight! Whether it is just with a few close friends or you are having every family in the neighborhood over; I have compiled a list of my favorite family friendly ideas for a New Year’s Eve party they will not soon forget. So get the sparkling cider and champs ready to ring in the new year with everyone!

New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags

Countdown bags are so much fun! They remind me of the best part of Christmas…stockings! All you need for these fun surprises are paper bags (yes your kids brown paper lunch bags will work), a clock with the hours of your party and surprises in each one! Hang them from the mantel, banister, a shelf or place them on a table! At the top of every hour the kids can enjoy a new surprise for the party. If you are wondering what to fill the bags with, do not worry here are some ideas: new music for karaoke, a fun game to play, a new movie, favorite snacks, a craft, noise makers, NYE hats, stationery to reflect on the past year and resolutions/wishes for the year ahead. Anything goes! Just have fun with it. This will be something the kids will look forward to each year.

Get the free clock printables from Real HouseMoms.

New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve Crafts & Games

I have compiled some easy crafts that do not require a lot of stuff to make and the best part, they are all glitter free! In other words, no glitter explosions to worry about while you are busy entertaining your friends.

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

Young and old love photo booths! Set one up in a space in your house where the kids can snap away as many poses as they want! You can use a blank wall, decorate with streamers or buy a festive backdrop. There are so many props you can use from ones specific for the New Year to crazy hats, wigs, sunglasses, necklaces, etc. Just have fun!

New Year’s Eve Countdown

If your crew is not going to make it to midnight to see the ball drop in Times Square it’s OK! There are alternatives now where you can play the countdown early. How awesome is that?! Everyone (maybe even you and your friends) will get a full night’s rest and start the New Year off refreshed! If you have Netflix they have an early countdown often available just after Christmas. YouTube has quite a few to choose from as well! What a great way to include the kids welcoming in the New Year! Make all the noise you can and hand out Hershey kisses for the kids…after-all kisses are so GROSS!

New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve Toast

A New Year’s Eve party would not be complete without a toast to the year ahead. When you are out shopping for your favorite champs be sure to get some bottles of sparkling cider so the kids can get in on the fun of toasting the New Year too! Another tip is to use plastic champagne flutes so you do not have to worry about anyone breaking anything – yes – anyone! Cheers to the New Year!

New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
Where to Host Your Next New Year’s Eve Party

Are you thinking about how amazing it would be to live in a community where your neighbors would be up for this kind of party? A neighborhood where your kid’s friends get together after school and on the weekends? There is an award winning community in Virginia that IS this family friendly! Van Metre open-plan townhomes are steps away from a state-of-the-art library, Brambleton’s other neighborhoods, parks, pools and highly-ranked Loudoun County schools.

Additionally, there are restaurants, retailers, a gym and regularly scheduled community events in Downtown Brambleton. In 2020 the silver line metro is on track to open in Loudoun County! The time is now to make your move to the suburbs. Do not worry, in Downtown Brambleton you will not give up that urban charm that you may be used to where you currently reside but you will gain more space and affordability!

Above all, these open-plan townhomes are built to entertain! Given the open floor plan you can hang in the gourmet kitchen/dining area with your friends and easily watch the kids as they craft and play in the great room! Maybe the older kids will find their way downstairs to the rec room for games and karoke! They can have their own stash of snacks and refreshments on the wet bar. Regardless of where everyone hangs out they will no doubt enjoy themselves in your beautiful new home.

New Year's Eve
Photo Courtesy of Van Metre Homes
New Year's Eve
Photo Courtesy of Van Metre Homes
New Year's Eve
Photo Courtesy of Van Metre Homes

Contact Van Metre homes today to schedule a tour of your new home!

I hope this New Year’s Eve your guests, young and old, have a wonderful time at your party no matter the time of day! Happy New Year!

For more information about this amazing community check out this post: A Visit to the Brambleton Marketplace

I am thrilled to partner with Brambleton. All opinions are my own.

Blonde Charm Blog

Our neighbor, Laura with Sunny Day Family scoped out all the hot new toys that, let’s be honest, are probably already on your kids’ Christmas lists this year. She worked with Loudoun’s ONLY toy store, Go Bananas, located right here in Brambleton Town Center to curate the top toys list.

Go Bananas is expecting a special visit from none other than Santa (and Mrs. Claus too!) on Sunday, December 8th at their store from 1-3pm. Bring a donation of canned food and you’ll be entered to win great prizes. 

Take a look below at Laura’s write up — she even put together a FREE Printable Holiday Toy Guide (available on Sunny Day Family’s blog) to make shopping that much easier this busy time of year. Thanks for visiting, Laura. We appreciate your support!

The Best Toys for Christmas This Year from the Experts | FREE Printable Holiday Toy Guide

Article originally posted by Sunny Day Family on 11/7/19

This post is sponsored by Go Bananas Toys. Visit them in Ashburn, VA or shop online for the best toys for Christmas.

Where do you go to find the best toys for Christmas? Whether you’re shopping for your own children, friends or family, you want to go to a toy expert. And since the North Pole is pretty busy this time of year, you need to go to the next best place: an independent toy store.

There are a lot of places where you can buy toys, both in stores and online. And they all have lists of the “hottest toys of the year” which you can usually find crammed between aisles of paper towels and dog food.

Yes, these superstores can be convenient.
But are they really the place to go to find the best toys for Christmas? 

When I’m choosing toys for my own kids, I want to know that I am finding things that will capture their attention, encourage open ended play, and last well into the New Year.

That’s why I am so excited to be partnering with Go Bananas Toys to get an expert opinion on the best toys for Christmas this year. Like our own personal elves, the folks at Go Bananas know toys. It’s all they do, and they are committed to only stocking high quality toys that kids and parents love. You can walk right in (or call) and speak to a toy expert, who will guide you to the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

They’ve let me in on their favorites for this holiday season, and I’m excited to share them with you. Ready to do some shopping? Let’s dig in to this year’s Holiday Toy Guide from the experts at Go Bananas.

How to Choose the Best Toys for Christmas 

When choosing toys, there are two main things you want to consider.

Every toy at Go Bananas fits this criteria, which is why they are an award- winning toy store.

With this toy list, you won’t have to worry about quality. You’ll just need to think about the ages and interests of the children on your gift-giving list and you know that you’ll find the perfect gift.

2019 Holiday Toy Guide

The following is just a selection of favorite toys from Go Bananas. Click here to see their entire 2019 Holiday Catalog.

  1. Klutz arts & crafts kits for all ages and interests. Try Candy Science for yummy STEM fun! 
  2. Ultimate Unicorn Baking Party and other kids cooking sets and play food.
  3. My Audio Pet: an adorable bluetooth speaker with big sound in a little package.
  4. Nee Doh Balls for a retro stocking stuffer.
  5. Board games! Classic and hand held games for all ages.
  6. LEGO sets for all levels and interests.
  7. The Dimpl and Spin Again – fun for toddlers!
  8. Crazy Aaron’s Ultimate Putty Challenge Game and assorted Thinking Putty varieties 
  9. Doink It Darts are fun for the whole family!
  10. Chip Away Diamond – will you find a real diamond inside?

Holiday Toy Shopping Made Simple

Go Bananas makes your holiday toy shopping easy, with a great selection of quality toys and expert advice. But that’s not all! They also offer fast shipping and free gift wrapping. And if you’re local, you can get easy next day order pickup from their Ashburn store.

Grab your wish list and head to Go Bananas on Sunday, December 8 from 1-3pm for a special visit with Santa & Mrs. Claus. Bring a donation of canned food and you’ll be entered to win great prizes too.

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Last week, our friend Alicia Tenise visited Brambleton and tried out our brand new Discover Brambleton app. It was such a pleasure to work with Alicia and we enjoyed showing her around Brambleton. The app developer, Alosant, also stopped by to explain a little more about the idea behind the app and the plans to expand it in the future.

Take a look below at the blog Alicia wrote about her experience here in Loudoun County and then download the app and explore Brambleton for yourself!

Brambleton VA


Blog post by Alicia Tenise | Originally posted 10.28.19

Back in the summer, Tom and I packed up all of our belongings and moved to the ‘burbs. I always envisioned myself as a city girl, but as time went on, moving further outside of the city seemed more and more appealing. Having a small yard and not overpaying for a 700 sq ft apartment? Being able to design a space that fits your needs? Sold!

Are you thinking about moving on and upwards as well? Today, I’m partnering with the folks over at Brambleton in Loudoun County, VA, and sharing a few reasons why this tech-savvy suburb of D.C. would be the perfect fit! 


One thing that sets Brambleton apart from any other neighborhood in the area? The acclaimed Discover Brambleton app.

If you’re a prospective homeowner, the app creates a unique, forward-thinking experience. Instead of touring the neighborhoods with maps, the app has an Augmented Reality experience where you can navigate the neighborhood’s amenities and attractions right from your phone. It’s interactive and a fantastic way to get an insider’s perspective of the area!

Along with the Augmented Reality tour, you can access any model home hours right from your fingertips (which was super helpful for us!) You can also pull up directions right from your phone to any housing development or neighborhood amenity with the app.

Some of the future plans for the app? They’re adding a “Memories” feature where users can pin their own images and videos to a location within the Augmented Reality section of the app so other guests can see their experiences tagged to a location when viewing the AR.

They’re also adding more options for builders: they will soon have the ability to add additional information about their model homes for prospects to explore – this includes showing images of options for finishes (cabinets, flooring, layouts, etc.) as well as the ability to leave a video message to prospects tagged to a specific room within a model home and to show quick delivery home lots within a neighborhood. Once these features are added, they’ll be added to the Augmented Reality section of the app!


I get it: moving farther away from the city can be intimidating, especially with the traffic in the area!

Once the Silver Line is completed in 2020, the Brambleton community will be metro accessible — how amazing is that? The closest metro stop to Brambleton will be the planned Ashburn station. Even though it’s easy to hop on the Dulles Greenway to get around, sometimes it is nice to get around without a car!

Another thing I love about this community? It is only a few miles away from the Dulles International Airport. If you’re a frequent flyer like myself, you’ll love the proximity! Plus, you’re only minutes away from the best shopping at Tysons, some of Loudoun County’s most acclaimed breweries, and incredible dining in Ashburn.

Brambleton Town Center
Brambleton Mural

One of the main reasons why I was very reluctant to the ‘burbs was the walkability factor. Back when I was living in Arlington, I could walk to all of my favorite shops/restaurants/nightlife. I still had a car to use for work, but I rarely ever used my car during the weekends!

One of my favorite parts about Brambleton? You’ve got parks, shopping, and dining, and they’re all within walking distance. Brambleton Town Center is home to a gym, movie theater, a day spa, several restaurants, and more, and it is steps away from the newer townhomes available for purchase. Plus, the community regularly puts on events as well, so you don’t even need to leave your neighborhood for world-class entertainment!


Once you’ve downloaded the Discover Brambleton app, make sure to browse some of the model homes that they have available. You won’t be disappointed!

I was shocked at how modern and luxurious the townhomes were. They’re ideal for anyone who wants the extra space for entertaining or for those folks who want to build their dream homes!


Thank you to Brambleton for partnering with me for today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Immersive Theatre Technology expanding U.S. reach to Northern Virginia

Regal announced today that the latest 4DX location in the U.S. is now available at Regal Fox in Brambleton, Virginia. This marks the first 4DX theatre in Northern Virginia and the 24th location in the U.S. This expansion is part of a larger deal with Cineworld Group, parent company of Regal, to bring the total number of 4DX U.S. locations in the coming years to 85, with over 500 locations worldwide already.

CJ 4DPLEX’s 4DX immersive theatre technology enhances the on-screen visuals of action-packed blockbusters, transcending the traditional cinema experience through special effects including motion-synchronized seats, wind, fog, rain, lightning, snow, bubble, vibration, and scents. The result is one of the most immersive cinema format in the industry, drawing fans into the action on the big screen.


“We are truly excited about our partnership with CJ 4DPLEX as we continue to bring leading premium cinema formats to our Regal locations. Bringing this experience to Regal Fox will be a great addition to the theatre and add to all the entertainment options at the Brambleton Town Center,” said Richard Grover, Vice President of Communications at Regal. “4DX has been a great addition to our theatres, and we are beyond thrilled to bring the innovative format to our audiences in Northern Virginia to experience the latest movies in the most exciting, immersive way.”

Since the launch of CJ 4DPLEX in 2009, the immersive theatre technology rapidly expanded around the globe averaging 100 screen openings a year at an average yearly growth rate of 70 per cent. To date, 4DX is installed in 565 auditoriums, reaching 59 countries.

Fox Cinemas and IMAX in Brambleton Town Center | Ashburn, Virginia

Additional Improvements

In addition to the new 4DX technology, the Brambleton Town Center Regal Fox Theatre location will also be upgrading a few other items. These renovations are ongoing and include the following enhancements:

Timing for completion of the lobby and seating improvements is TBD at this time. Please join us in congratulating Regal for making these sure-to-be-well-received enhancements for movie-goers! Call 703-957-1027 to reach Regal Fox Cinemas.

GALA 2018 Awards

Miller & Smith Brambleton's AnnTrisha Ramrattan Sales Winner
Miller & Smith Brambleton’s AnnTrisha Ramrattan

Don’t just take our word for it! Brambleton works with an exceptional team of home builders in the Northern Virginia area. If you are looking for a new home in Loudoun County, our modern, walkable and connected community in Ashburn is a must see for you and your family! Find your new home at Brambleton today.

Brambleton’s team of builders won big this week at the Annual Northern Virginia Building Industry Association’s Great American Living Awards (GALA) awards.  Homebuilders Van Metre, Miller & Smith and Knutson were all recognized for architectural and design awards for their Brambleton model homes and Miller & Smith and Van Metre’s Brambleton sales team individuals were also recognized for high achievement this year.

Please see a list the awards listed below in addition to a press release shared by Knutson Companies announcing their awards:

Sales Achievement Million Dollar Club:
– Miller and Smith Downtown Brambleton’s AnnTrisha Ramrattan
– Miller and Smith Birchwood at Brambleton’s Catherine Taylor
– Miller and Smith West Park at Brambleton’s Eric Hansen

Outstanding Sales Person:
– Multi-Priced/Multi-Product in 2+ Communities – Van Metre’s Grace Strother

Interior Merchandising, Attached Home, Including Townhouses, Two-over-Two’s, Back-to-Back Townhouses, Duplexes, Fee Simple and Condo-Ownership

$500,001 – $600,000 The Parker at Downtown Brambleton Van Metre Homes /P Four
$600,001 – $700,000 The Rockland at Brambleton Town Center South Model Home Interiors /Knutson Companies
$600,001 – $700,000 Brambleton Town Center South-Rockland Model Model Home Interiors


Design and Architecture, Detached Home (on lots under 7,000 s.f.)

Aria Model at Brambleton West Park by Miller & Smith

$700,001 – $850,000 The Aria at Brambleton West Park Miller and Smith /W.C. Ralston Architects


Design and Architecture, Attached Home, Including Townhouses, Two-over-Two’s, Back-to-Back Townhouses and Duplexes, Fee Simple and Condo-Ownership

$500,001 – $600,000

The Mayfair Brambleton Garden District

Miller and Smith /W.C. Ralston Architects

$600,001 – $700,000

The Rockland at Brambleton Town Center

Knutson Companies /Lessard Design

$700,001 – $850,000

The Belgrave at Brambleton Garden District

Miller and Smith /W.C. Ralston Architects

$700,001 – $850,000


Miller and Smith /W.C. Ralston Architects

Northern Virginia Homebuilder, Knutson Companies, Wins At The Annual 2018 Great American Living Awards

The annual Great American Living Awards ceremony honors only the best and the brightest in all areas of the Northern Virginia homebuilding industry, including development, architecture, sales, interior design and marketing. Once again this year, Knutson Companies took home three awards for their continued excellence in architecture, interior design and marketing.

Knutson companies accepting GALA 2018 AwardReceiving all three of the awards, luxury terrace townhome community, Brambleton Town Center was in the spotlight. The community’s Rockland model took home Best Design & Architecture and Best Interior Design and Merchandising for a home priced between $600,000 to $700,000. The community also received an Award of Merit for Best Community Brochure. The awards validate the company’s commitment to designing and building luxury homes in urban-style, walkable neighborhoods where homeowners can truly benefit from the difference.

“There is a company culture here that extends to every person we team with on our projects and I believe it is in that attention to detail, in everything we do, that allowed us to be honored,” says Don Knutson, President and Owner of Knutson Companies. “It shows in the breadth of the awards that we won, from the architecture to the interior design and marketing, and because of that I am so proud to be a part of this award-winning team.”

Knutson also is nearly sold out of Brambleton sister community, Downtown Brambleton, which offers luxury urban townhomes right down the street. This award-winning community also took home multiple design and architecture honors at last year’s GALA ceremony.

“It is incredibly humbling to be honored by our peers in the homebuilding industry who have such a deep knowledge, understanding and passion for what we do,” says Knutson. “Year-after-year, to receive these awards of excellence means not only are we being recognized for doing what we love, but it provides validation to our homeowners that they are receiving a top-quality home experience.”

The luxury terrace townhomes at Brambleton Town Center are now selling from $479,990 and the urban townhomes at Downtown Brambleton are priced from the upper $600s.

Founded in 2012, the Knutson Companies develop and build townhome, condominium and mixed-use communities within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and recreation. Everyone at the Knutson Companies is guided by being forthright with people, sharing in their excitement, and building each and every community like they were going to live there. Visit Knutson Companies at www.knutsoncos.com for updates on current and planned projects in and around the Washington, DC metro area.