Music is an essential part of life for most people. While we don’t physically need it the way we need air, water or food, music can become a part of us and nourish us in a similar way. It gives us space to access our feelings and share them with others, colors our lives and brings emotion to the more mundane parts of our lives. Andy Nguyen, owner of Brambleton Town Center’s A&A Music, understands this more than most, and is thrilled to have been sharing his love of music with the Brambleton community for 15 years.

A&A Music Carnegie Hall

Andy began his relationship with music early during his childhood in Vietnam, learning to play piano at 6 years old and going to conservatory to study it at only 9. Andy carried his love into higher education, majoring in piano performance and music composition before graduating with distinction from George Mason University. He has also studied at several other prestigious universities and has arranged for performances on multiple continents, but his true love is teaching others, which he has been doing since his initial move to Loudoun County in 1994. “This is not a job to me. This is fun! Everyone should pick up an instrument in their lives and just try! Not the right instrument? Try again!”

A&A Music

This attitude is especially helpful with younger students. From 7-year-old drummers to 5-year-old pianists, Andy and his team at A&A get excited to meet each student wherever they may be in their musical journey and work with them to achieve their goals – and they always impress. “All of my students are so well spoken, with great educations by way of Loudoun County, and it shows.” From beginners to advanced performers, there is someone on staff to help with any instrument a person could want to play at whatever level, and they love the support of the Brambleton Town Center’s management who are always excited about what their tenants are up to. An extra bonus? A&A’s location is close by to Andy’s favorite restaurant, AhSo!

A&A Music in BTC

Students themselves love the options available at A&A – group sessions, one on one time, and more. There are even multiple summer camps for those students who want to take their skills to the next level. Instructors also make a point to prioritize conversations about music history and composition so students can have access to every aspect of music and how it has evolved over time. This holistic approach makes it easier for everyone to excel in their instrument, no matter their goal or age. A&A is even getting some retirees interested in picking music up again now that they have more time; in Andy’s shop, 75 is just as good an age as 5 to start playing.

A&A Music recital

After years of creating a new “normal”, Andy is excited to be incorporating some past traditions as the store moves forward. 2022 marks the return of not only A&A’s summer camps, but holiday performances as well! To learn more about music lessons for yourself or a loved one, stop by the store at 22895 Brambleton Plaza #107 Monday – Thursday from 11am -7:30pm, Friday 11am-7:00pm, Saturday 10 am-5:00pm and Sunday Noon-5:00pm. Or visit them online at 

Voted best music store by Ashburn Magazine in both 2020 and 2022, Andy and his team look forward to helping you and your loved ones grow your love of music!

One of our favorite things about the Brambleton community is the opportunity to watch families blossom as part of it. Seeing children grow up here, families moving in as they get ready to welcome new life, and generations living together as part of the beautiful tapestry that makes up this landscape is what Brambleton is all about. There could not be a better example of this than the Pistolesis, who moved here in 2004 and have been thriving as a family since. Parents Alison and Vince decided to make the leap from Alexandria to Ashburn because they wanted to plant roots for their family, and now that they have two teenagers and two pets, their choice 18 years ago still feels like the perfect fit.

Pistolesi family

Since Alison had spent nearly a decade in the construction supply industry, she was confident that she and Vince would be able to find not just a beautiful home but a quality one, and she could not have been more right. After they toured several planned communities that were starting in the area, they came upon a Brambleton in its infancy and instantly something felt different, like it was the right fit for them. They both fell in love with the Christopher Companies Kensington model floor plan and were told to move fast if they wanted to be a part of it all. That night at dinner, Alison and Vince decided to take the plunge, and the pair moved into their new build soon after. This ended up being perfect timing, as twins Sofia and Sydni were born just two years later.

Pistolesi sisters

Their home now gets to host not just the family (including dog Enzo and cat Dino), but Brambleton friends that have become like family. With Alison’s job (CMO of Mosaic Home Interiors) exposing her to so many new ideas, they’ve made several updates to customize their living space, including a full kitchen remodel, multiple bathroom renovations, a basement with a wine cellar and poker room, an office renovation and most recently, an outdoor space with a built-in fire pit, patio and pizza oven for warm weather gatherings. “We absolutely love it,” said Alison. “We get so much enjoyment from our home and love having spaces to entertain in.”

Pistolesis kitchen
Pistolesi wine cellar
Pistolesi family study
Pistolesi family outdoor grill

The Pistolesis’ excitement for their Brambleton home reaches far outside their four walls too. The family loves to take walks on all of the trails that run throughout Brambleton, and they reminisce about summer days when the girls were little every time those trails lead them by the pool and what fun they’ve had. Vince, an account manager for Mondelez, is lovingly known to friends and neighbors as “Uncle Cookie.” He keeps their garage stashed with Oreos and Chips Ahoy, and loves sharing with local food pantries or just a hungry neighborhood pal. Sofia and Syndi have loved growing up here, and now Sofia is on the soccer team at Independence High and Sydni plays flute in the marching band there. The Town Center is full of beloved hangouts, from AhSo, which has hosted so many of their celebrations, to the new favorite Himalayan Wild Yak, Scotto’s for when pizza night at home doesn’t quite go as planned, and so much more. All of this allows them to connect further with their incredible neighbors.

“We moved out to LoCo from Alexandria literally not knowing anyone in Loudoun County. Years later, our Brambleton neighbors have been here for us through life, death, sickness and health.

Our Brambleton neighbors have watched our kids during snow days, taken care of our pets when we’re out of town, and always been there for us and we love doing the same for them…we have no desire to move, our house is perfect for us! Even though some of our friends have moved over the years, the new neighbors that moved in are always fabulous!”

Pistolesi family game room

When the Pistolesis moved to Brambleton nearly 20 years ago, they threw themselves into creating a life here. Now, every part of their lives is full of the magic you just can’t get anywhere else. Both in their home and beyond it, the entire Pistolesi family has woven itself seamlessly into the Brambleton tapestry, making it all the more beautiful for their contribution.

Spring truly has sprung here at Brambleton. The weather is warming up, folks are out and about, and the Brambleton Community Association is gearing up to host one of its biggest get togethers in two years – the 2022 Bram BrewFest! A past favorite of the community, BrewFest 2022 is sure to be a hit! With food, music, and of course delicious drafts at every turn, this year’s BrewFest on May 21st will certainly put a spring in your step.

Brambleton is always eager to provide residents with experiences you can’t find anywhere else and bringing back BrewFest is a real treat. From 2015 to 2019, BrewFest meant a day of fun and quality time for this community, making its return even more thrilling. This year 17 breweries are already signed up to participate in this amazing event and more are on the way. Local favorites, such as event presenter Lost Rhino Brewing Company, are delighted to be returning to Brambleton and spending time with our wonderful residents. Breweries include:

  1. Lost Rhino Brewing Company
  2. Barking Rose
  3. Bear Chase
  4. Brothers Craft Brewing
  5. Du Claw Brewing Company   
  6. Dynasty Brewing Company
  7. Honor Brewing Company
  8. House 6 Brewing Company
  9. Lost Barrel Brewing
  10. One Family Brewing
  11. Old 690 Brewing Company
  12. Old Ox Brewery
  13. Ornery Beer Co.
  14. Pale Fire Brewing Company
  15. Parkway Brewing Co.
  16. The Craft of Brewing
  17. Tucked Away Brewing

Whether you’re a beginner with beer or an ale aficionado, BrewFest is designed to be a good time. Each BrewFest ticket includes admission, a souvenir glass and tastings from all the breweries. While you may worry about the time to visit all (or even some) of the vendors, the event will be from 1-6pm, giving you plenty of time to pace yourself. BrewFest also has a prime location for Brambleton residents, as it will be taking over the Town Center for the afternoon. 

Not much of a beer fan? Don’t worry. BrewFest is sure to be fun even for those who prefer to abstain, with root beer included in the designated-driver ticket entry. And for those who prefer wine, AhSo Cellars will be onsite with wine tastings. Food vendors will abound with mouthwatering treats, and two incredible bands will keep things lively. Trinidad and Tabago Steel Band and Strykers Posse will keep festival goers moving and grooving all afternoon. Add in the wonderful company of fellow Brambleton residents, and BrewFest is the perfect spring afternoon.

Events like BrewFest are just one of the many reasons residents love Brambleton. We pride ourselves on being not just a master-planned community of homes, but a community of people who enjoy spending time with one another. Residents come together from every corner of the community to join in and have fun, spreading joy that is just so Brambleton. 

The 6th Bram BrewFest will be held on Saturday, May 21st, from 1 to 6 PM in the Brambleton Town Center. Early bird tickets are available through 5 PM on April 1st. Click here to purchase your tickets.

As the summer quickly approaches, many are looking for exciting activities to keep the kiddos engaged through their break. Luckily, the merchants of the Brambleton Town Center are just as ready for summer as everyone else, and many have put together camps that will thrill any child – and their parents!

Check out some of the amazing camp programs and sign up before it’s too late!

Weekly Dance Camps at Bella Ballerina

Bella Ballerina offers camps with themes for every performer. From puppies to mermaids and everything in between, the week’s theme is the basis of each camp, which includes activities to truly immerse your child in the theme (think playing with live puppies and meeting princesses in person). Crafts, storytime, music, games and more give your child the chance to immerse themselves in what they are learning and have a blast doing it. Each camp also wraps up with an end-of-week performance for the family to come and enjoy so you can see just what your little one has been working on.

Weekly Tae Known Do Camps with Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts

For kids who want an adventurous summer, look no further than camp at Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts. Offering 11 weeks of camps with themes ranging from the senses to robots to origami and more, your child is sure to learn about themselves and the world at these camps. Each week offers field trips to locations like Harper’s Ferry, Adventure Park USA and the Catoctin Zoo to create an immersive experience for the learners. There are also games, arts and crafts, daily study time and of course tae kwon do to make for a well-rounded week. With an emphasis on respect, courtesy, teamwork and cooperation, these camps effortlessly combine excitement and learning for all.

Music Camps with A&A Music

Hoping to encourage a love of music in your child? A&A Music is the spot for you. These classes meet your musician where they are to challenge them and support both their skill and passion. It doesn’t matter if your child wants to learn piano, voice, guitar or a little bit of everything, there is a program that can match their needs and help them grow as a musician. With both theory and practice included in lessons, your child can learn not just how to play music, but how to read it and the reasoning behind the notation. Whether your musician is a beginner or has been playing for a while, A&A offers a personalized approach to make everyone happy.

Keep Your Kids’ Minds Sharp With Best Brains’ Summer Programs

Studies show children who aren’t involved in some type of supplemental education in the summer regress in their education. Arm your children against learning loss with some of the best teachers in the business! School may be out for the summer, but our state-certified teachers are still in our classrooms pushing your children to achieve their best potential. Best Brains provides a supportive, nurturing and safe environment for children, giving them the confidence they need to go after their dreams, ask questions and make their voices heard!

Camps for Every Interest through Brambleton

If you have a kiddo interested in drama, tech or sports, Brambleton has a camp for you. With several sessions available for multiple weeks this summer, Brambleton’s camps can most definitely get your child passionate about their next favorite thing. Each camp takes a lighthearted approach to the material as well, so your child may not even realize how much they’ve grown until the end of the session! Whether they’re Broadway-bound, hoping to perfect their serve, or curious about robotics, the passionate instructors can surely get your child interested and involved in these activity-focused camps.

Each of these camps promotes a community atmosphere that encompasses the four C’s: compassion, contribution, commitment and character. These camps – even if they only take place for a few days – teach in a fun and experiential way. The casual but structured setting also encourages outcomes that create personal competency and respect for the self and others. Not to mention, these camps allow children to connect not only with their usual friend group, but those they may not get a chance to learn and play with in the classroom, fostering friendships through similar interests. Sign up now to give your child the experience of a lifetime – these camps will book fast!

If you had asked Ethan Del Hierro what he wanted to do ten years ago, owning a barbershop would likely not have been on his list. Since getting his first job in high school, Ethan learned that following schedules that were designed for him by others was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so in college he turned his pursuits to the soccer field, but when the world changed in 2020 “my views shifted this way.”

Ethan Del Hierro family

Ethan has said often that his support system of family and friends has helped him the most in his professional journey. He credits his family with encouraging his drive and supporting his dream to become an entrepreneur. Ethan also says his friends helped him reach his potential and showed him what he could achieve as a barber. As a seven-year Brambleton resident and graduate of Rock Ridge High School, he’s had quite some time to build up this community, people that he can always trust, well mostly always.

Ethan Del Hierro

“I have a funny story about one of my first clients and also a close friend. This was in high school when I had limited barber skills. After cutting my friend’s hair he asked if he could try and cut mine. He had a very general understanding of cutting hair, so I decided, why not? That was not the best decision. He tried his best, but I didn’t want to go to school the next day because of my haircut. He still comes to me for his haircuts today and hasn’t received one from anyone else”

That testimonial alone proves that Ethan has put in the hours to be where he is now – an owner of the Grooming Store’s Ashburn location. He was sold the location by the mentor of his apprenticeship, Kevin Morris, who saw that Ethan was ready to take on a shop. “I believe he could see my passion and determination to be successful in the barber industry,” said Ethan, “which led him to sell me the Ashburn shop and continue to represent and grow the business.” The gratitude Ethan has for his mentor is palpable, and it’s clear that Kevin taught him far more about barbershops than just how to cut hair. 

The Grooming Store

Outside his business, Ethan loves his life in Brambleton where he lives by Briar Woods and the Town Center. The Filling Co. is a go-to for him because of the impressive convenience the gas station offers, but if he’s going to be in the Town Center for a meal, it’s going to be dinner. Ethan mentioned that he loves the Chicken Panag Curry at My Thai Place, and we don’t blame him. The good news is his business plans seem like they’ll keep him around and cutting hair for quite a while. “I want to make my shop the ‘one-stop shop,’ for all men’s grooming needs. Eventually, I would like to open more shops, but I have to make The Grooming Store the place to be here in Ashburn.” It is so incredible to see such passionate entrepreneurship from someone so young. It’s safe to say all of Brambleton is excited to be a part of Ethan’s journey and looks forward to cheering him on as he continues to achieve amazing things in and around the community.

Calling all foodies!

Did you know that one of the hottest restaurants in the DC area is in the Brambleton Town Center? You read that right. Brambleton’s new Himalayan Wild Yak was just given the number 2 spot on Eater’s list of “The 18 Hottest New Restaurants Around D.C.,” January 2022, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been interested in this amazing new restaurant, stick around, because we’ve got the inside scoop on what everyone’s been yakking about.

First, some background on yak. Many people think of bison or buffalo when someone mentions yak, but at the end of the day it’s just an extra-large and hairy cousin of American cows. Native to the Himalayan region of Asia, these animals have been a source of food for those in Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and beyond for thousands of years. The Himalayan Wild Yak website provides a lot of background on the yak and how it came to the U.S.

Usually, yak prefers higher elevation and colder climates. However, yak can grow anywhere in the world, so Canada started bringing yak from Tibet and Nepal and then moved to the United States, especially Colorado, Utah, Alaska. Now, they have yak in Pennsylvania and Virginia as well.

This addition of yak farming in North America is just one reason it has been growing in popularity here. Yak meat is richer in Omega-3 than salmon and is much lower in cholesterol than other options, making it not only trendy, but incredibly healthy.

yak stew

Himalayan Wild Yak’s menu proves its hero ingredient is much more than a beloved bovine, showcasing it in just about every imaginable way. Whether you want to try your yak grilled, marinated or in a stew, there is a method for every preference. The Himalayan Wild Yak team even offers yak fried rice and whipped yak butter to go with their traditional tea, giving customers a seemingly endless array of options to try, although other proteins are available as well.

himalayan wild yak team

With this impressive menu, it only makes sense that the team behind it would be even more so. Partners Keshar Jarga and Tuk Gurung have over two decades combined experience in hospitality and the culinary world, from cruise ships to luxury hotels to Michelin star restaurants. A dream project, Keshar and Tuk founded Himalayan Wild Yak as a way to take traditional Nepalese cuisine and elevate it to a whole new level while featuring one of the most important elements of both the diet and culture – yak.

Whether you live in the area or are a foodie on the move, Himalayan Wild Yak is the perfect addition to your list. There will surely be something on the menu to please the palate of anyone, from those who are new to the meat to folks who already love it. While you’re in the Brambleton Town Center, check out everything this amazing community has to offer and see if you have a taste for it, too!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone’s to-do list is growing as they try to organize a special day for their sweethearts. Between picking the perfect gift, deciding on dinner reservations versus ordering in and making sure your valentine can relax and enjoy themselves, there is no shortage of planning. While we can’t personally make everyone’s ideas come to life, we’re happy to help you figure out where to get your gifts and food, and luckily our favorite spots are easy to find – the small businesses nearby in the Brambleton Town Center!

The business owners are part of our community and as such know exactly what will make the holidays special, even when we feel like we don’t. From restaurants to quick to-do’s, specialty businesses and everything in between, Loudoun County is full to the brim with amazing businesses and business owners who are committed to serving their community in every way.

Food seems like a given on the biggest date night of the year, whether you’re eating in your home or dining out. Brambleton Town Center restaurants offer every sort of cuisine to make sure you get it right on your special night. The NOW OPEN Himalayan Wild Yak, fan favorite AhSo, consistently delicious Blue Ridge Grill, friendly & inviting My Thai Place, the “it” scene Nick’s Taverna, made-to-order Asian Spice Café, and always yummy Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill — all open and ready for whatever your plans may be, whether you’re having a quiet dinner for two, a night out with your gal pals or family dinner at home with your little valentines.

If you’d rather get a coffee with your love (or hot cocoa with the kiddos), Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee both have delicious and festive treats to warm you up on a cold February day. Hoping to end your day with sweets for your sweet? Head over to SweetFrog or Cold Stone Creamery for frozen yogurt and ice cream, or get anything you like covered in chocolate by Edible Arrangements for that special someone!

Peet's coffee cups valentines themed

You can also pick up the classic favorites – chocolate, flowers and a card – from Harris Teeter or the new CVS, making it easier than ever to create a special day for your favorite person. And swing into Go Bananas for something fun and playful for your little cupids. If you want to add a little something extra for a sweetheart whose hands need some love, get a gift card from LEVO Nails & Spa so they can pamper themselves the way they deserve. Want to do something special for a pet this year? Good Dog Rocky has you covered with lots of treats and toys of all kinds for your furry valentine. No matter what you may need, the Brambleton Town Center has you covered.

If you are still figuring out the best way to treat your valentine or valentines this year, consider supporting local businesses. The care they put into their experience is unmatched, and they truly take the time to understand their customers. Whether you’re looking for something special for just one person or want to make the whole gang feel special, there is sure to be a local business with just the right stuff.

The holidays are here! You know what that means. Gathering with loved ones near and far, eating delicious food and hoping that we all made it on the Nice List. This is also the best time of year to look back on what has happened and reflect on our hopes going forward. We could not be more thrilled about the amazing residents of our community and the way everyone has come together and continued to support each other as times continue to change. We’re excited to share that we had some special holiday visitors recently too.

It seems that Santa has been especially interested in Brambletonians this year as well. Kris Kringle and two of his best elves have been spotted in the Town Center soaking in the sites and having a jolly old time. Apparently they’re making sure they have their route planned perfectly to make all of our residents merry and bright this holiday season. One of our team members was lucky enough to catch what this Christmas trio is up to, and boy have they been enjoying themselves. It seems that Santa really has been watching us all, because he brought his helpers to some of the very best spots in the Brambleton Town Center to show them around.

While they were in town, Santa and his helpers visited Scotto’s for a pizza party and SweetFrog for a delicious dessert, but it looks like Santa snuck away for an eggnog substitute at AhSo too. Who could blame him, it’s a busy season! Afterward, the trio stopped by Go Bananas and Good Dog Rocky to make sure their inventory is up to date with all the latest for kiddos and furry friends alike. They also spent some time working on their music at A&A, where Santa and the elves jammed out to some of their greatest hits! The elves also took a chance to perfect their moves at Bella Ballerina to make sure they can dance with the Sugar Plum fairies after Santa heads out for deliveries. To wind down, our elves decided to catch up on their reading at the Library and then meet up with Santa again at the Regal Fox 4DX & IMAX for a Christmas movie! Did you see them around town?

Who knows, maybe he and Mrs. Claus are hoping to get a new home in Birchwood for the off season. Whatever the case for the Kringles, holiday joy and laughter is what we at Brambleton hope to spread year round, and we are so lucky that our incredible residents make it easier than remembering to put out milk and cookies. Whether you have been a member of our family since we first broke ground or you purchased a home here for the first time in 2021, we send you all the warmest wishes for the new year and thank you for choosing to be a part of the Brambleton family.

Happy Holidays!!

With the holidays just around the corner, more family time is in the works! Brambleton schools will be closed from December 20th through January 2nd for the end of year holidays. College kids will be back on break too, making this the perfect opportunity to get quality time with everyone around, especially after last year kept so many apart. Luckily, there is an excellent option right in Brambleton’s Town Center – catch a movie at the newly reopened Regal Fox 4DX & IMAX!

Regal Holiday Promo

Limited Time Holiday Promotions

Take advantage of Regal’s new LOWER ticket prices, along with these limited time holiday promos:

Enjoy a Newly Renovated Regal Fox 4DX & IMAX

Brambleton’s favorite movie theater reopened officially at the end of September with several major upgrades from displays to food and more. Richard Grover, VP of Communications at Regal, commented on the reopening and what it means for the future of movies, noting that the theater is full of all the latest gear to make your movie-going experience as enjoyable as possible. “This theatre represents the future of moviegoing with top-of-the-line technology and amenities,” said Grover. “There’s no doubt moviegoers will consider Regal Fox is the best place to watch a movie!”

All of these new amenities mean there won’t be a bad seat in the house when your family goes to the theater, especially in the new 4DX theater which enhances movies with special effects like wind, fog and lights or the more advanced version of IMAX, IMAX with Laser, which uses laser projection and precision sound to immerse you in the movie while you watch. Whether you’re gearing up for comedy, action, drama or even a musical, there will be a beautiful option for viewing right in the heart of Brambleton’s Town Center.

Additional food and drink offerings like the expanded concession, Lavazza coffee, B-fresh smoothie shop, full service bar and more also give patrons the choice to dine onsite during the film, as well as before or after at any one of Brambleton Town Center’s amazing eateries. Movie popcorn remains a standby of course, but now you can enjoy a meal or cocktail during the movie to add one more layer of yum to your cinematic experience. Whether you want to try mozzarella sticks, an Angus cheeseburger or a delicious and healthy smoothie, the options certainly feel endless.

Regal Concessions 2021

With all of these enhancements, getting your family together for a movie will be easier than ever this holiday season. No matter the genre, matinee or prime time, the whole gang is sure to enjoy themselves at Regal Fox 4DX & IMAX. This year’s blockbusters include West Side Story, Home Sweet Home Alone and Eternals, so there’s something for everyone. Grab your popcorn, find your seats, and enjoy the show(s)!

It’s important to Brambleton to make sure people can feel at home here, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, which is a good thing considering we have residents ranging from newborns to retirees. Even in the beginning, part of the vision for this community was to make it possible for people to always be comfortable living here, to be able to truly put down roots. Now, as Brambleton celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, more and more individuals get to claim their status as lifelong Brambletonians. One such individual is Alyssa Chadha.

Although she wasn’t born into a Brambleton home, her family was one of the first to put down roots here when she was a little girl. In 2003, her parents bought a home with Centex, and she was able to watch its construction until their move in the following year. From there, she went to four Brambleton schools, and was even part of the first graduating class of Rock Ridge High School.

Her life growing up in Brambleton was full of many exciting activities in and around the community. From the annual Step Sisters Run to the Red, White, and Bram festivals to Thursday night concerts, there was always something to do, and to top it off, the Chadha family has watched Brambleton’s fireworks from their deck for 15 years. Much of this is thanks to her father, Taj, who would not only take his family to classic Brambleton events like the Farmer’s Market on weekends, but use each Friday to look up family-friendly activities for them to go to in both Brambleton and nearby DC.

Even though Alyssa is out of the house and her brothers, Aidan and Dillon, are older as well, she still loves spending time in the house where she grew up. Her favorite spaces are the family room, which is used for movie night with both family and friends, and the basement, which her parents turned into a gym and game room for ping pong. When she wants to meet up with loved ones, her favorite spots are Peet’s Coffee (which she has been patronizing since it was Caribou Coffee) or Blue Ridge Grill for fuller meals.

Alyssa is even having her baby shower planned here by not only her mother, Carrie, but their family friend Liz Levy, whose husband Steve works at the CommonHealth Chiropractic in the Town Center. It is obvious that she still holds great love for Brambleton, which she touts for its excellent HOA and marketing community events as well as the kindness of neighbors who take the time to look out for one another.

While Alyssa is no longer a Brambleton resident herself, she still has deep ties to the community; not only does she have many amazing memories growing up here and immediate family still in Brambleton, but she now works in our marketing and administrative offices. Brambleton is so proud to have been a part of Alyssa’s journey to adulthood, and it is even more exciting to see her choose to spend her time here as an adult. She is certainly welcome any time!