Brambleton Town Center Welcomes Pet Store Good Dog Rocky

Posted July 16, 2019

Good Dog Rocky Biscuit & Waffles

What a weekend! Always something to do in our ever-thriving community and this past Saturday we co-hosted the “official” Grand Opening of our newest tenant, Good Dog Rocky. Check out more photos from the event here.

Good Dog Rocky came to Brambleton Town Center with an ultimate pet mission – to provide a healthier lifestyle for our pets. Their goal is to provide pet owners with natural, nutritious, and organic pet food choices. As a community, we are huge believers in shopping local and feel confident the pet parents’ experience at this new shop will be far superior to anything online. They offer grooming and bathing services, including a self-wash option, and their hand-selected, premium pet foods and treats. Biscuit and Waffles Corgis in Brambleton Town Center

The weather turned out great and the event had a steady flow of familiar two-legged and four-legged Brambleton friends. Raffles for a bike, superior pet name brand items and food + gift baskets chockfull of dog & cat fun! Our pups got to cool off in kiddie tubs and water stations, and thanks to Boss Dog, the doggies had ice cream too! Brambleton dogs in town center

Meet two locals, fan-favorites of their awesome Brambleton neighborhood and Good Dog Rocky: Biscuit (7) and Waffles (5). Both LOVE heading to the Town Center and love it when Cindy, Good Dog Rocky’s owner, has treats on hand. From tug-o-war, to car rides, snuggles and kisses, it’s often you’ll see these celeb Corgis along the community trails, or sitting at the feet of their parents while they enjoy Happy Hour at Blue Ridge Grill. They’re travelers too! From California to NYC, Philly, Vegas, and most recently, a trip to Canada!Biscuit and Waffles Corgis

Why did Biscuit & Waffles’ folks choose Brambleton as their community of choice? From their Van Metre home to “the best landscapers and HOA ever,” they’re quick to be found at the annual Two By Four Race, Doggie Swim Day, Weekly Farmer’s Market and ALL of the Food Truck Festivals!Corgi in Brambleton Town Center

A bit more about Cindy and her new pet shop. Rocky was her dog who passed away from Prostate Cancer three years ago. In his honor, she named this amazing business after his namesake. “After my Rocky passed, I began to focus on pet nutrition and how natural food plays a vital role in our pets’ overall health. That is why we are here to serve the community and provide the best pet food and service possible.”Good Dog Rocky Pet Store