Brambleton Town Center Spotlight: Go Bananas Toy Store

Posted March 12, 2019

Go Bananas! Go ahead! Explode with enthusiasm. Its original definition still remains true when you walk through the doors of this local toy store in the Brambleton Town Center. For parents and adults buying gifts for the energetic kids in their lives, the experience will evoke nostalgic memories of childhood. Going online to grab a toy was not even a thought, and the moment you walk into Go Bananas you’re reminded of what fun it can be to touch, feel, see, listen to and experience the same wonderment the recipient of your gift will have when they unwrap their special something.

Go Bananas Toy Store Brambleton Town Center Something special about this very popular toy store go-to is that the products are hand picked by the “Top Bananas,” who are veterans in the toy industry. The store is stocked with not only classic toys, but also the newest and coolest toys available.

On top of that, by shopping local you embrace another reason that makes Brambleton so unique: the owners and managers know so many of you and you know them. Did you know that studies show that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of chains? Nothing rings more true for Go Bananas. Always quick to commit to local school fundraisers, they work with Legacy and Madison’s Trust Elementary Schools regularly and are always happy to discuss opportunities to support Loudoun County schools for all ages.

Taking it full circle, the owners’ enthusiastic ways have created relationships with families and children from a young age, who in turn walk through the doors of Go Bananas when looking for a part time job. Students at Briar Woods High School, for example, make up a majority of their employees on afternoons and weekends. In return, Brambleton residents continue to see familiar faces time and time again when shopping at this fun go-to!

Shopping in Brambleton Town Center - Go Bananas Toys

We are thankful to have interesting and unique retail experiences at Brambleton. We know it attracts new neighbors, visitors and guests. This benefits everyone! Go Bananas is an award-winning family-owned, independent specialty toys, books and gift shop for children and has received many accolades and recognition. We’re proud to be their home base.

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