Brambleton Town Center – A Healthy, Beautiful Address for Any Professional Office

Posted December 17, 2020

When the husband and wife dermatologist/plastic surgeon team of Drs. Irfan and Noreen Galaria decided to expand their practice with a second location beyond their existing Chantilly office, they knew exactly where they wanted it to be. Galaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology’s second facility had to be in Brambleton Town Center.

“We are no strangers to Brambleton Town Center. We started working here 10 years ago,” explains Dr. Galaria, “We began by sharing space with Broadlands Family Practice and eventually grew to require our own space within the Town Center. We have seen this area grow over a decade and have taken care of singles who are now married and have families of their own. We have seen elementary school kids go to college, and see extended families and entire neighborhoods through word of mouth referrals,” she says. 

The Galarias feel their practice is unique because it offers so many services together. “No matter which specialty is best for a patient’s condition, they can be reassured they will get the best of both,” says Dr. Noreen, a board-certified dermatologist.

A high percentage of Dr. Irfan Galaria’s plastic surgery work is in post-cancer breast reconstruction, and the practice recently hired a breast cancer treatment surgeon, Dr. John Williams, who is also the Chair of the President’s Cancer Panel. The Galarias found that women appreciate having all breast cancer specializations in one practice – from help treating the disease to reconstructive cosmetic surgery after the fact.

In addition to their thriving medical practice, Dr. Noreen Galaria is also the founder of Glow Vitamins. Her products, focused on hair, skin and nail health, as well as defense against sun-related aging and pre-cancerous conditions, are the result of more than 10 years of research on nutraceuticals. Inner Glow’s product ingredients are carefully sourced from around the world but made in the USA in FDA registered facilities with non-GMO ingredients. Every ingredient in these supplements is research-backed and scientifically proven to work.

Dr. Noreen is also keen to give back to the community by helping women entrepreneurs like herself. “When I started this line, I realized how hard it is to start your own business, and so last month I gave 100% of my profits to help women in need start their own businesses,” Noreen says with an understated pride. “I will continue to give between 10-20% every month.”

Galaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology’s new Brambleton Town Center office has just recently opened, and offers state of the art equipment including one of the first Thulium lasers in the area. Between Brambleton and their original location in Chantilly, the practice is well-positioned – geographically and professionally – to serve the plastic surgery, breast cancer surgery and dermatological needs of patients across Northern Virginia. To learn more, visit