At Brambleton, you’re welcome any time.

Posted October 7, 2021

It’s important to Brambleton to make sure people can feel at home here, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, which is a good thing considering we have residents ranging from newborns to retirees. Even in the beginning, part of the vision for this community was to make it possible for people to always be comfortable living here, to be able to truly put down roots. Now, as Brambleton celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, more and more individuals get to claim their status as lifelong Brambletonians. One such individual is Alyssa Chadha.

Although she wasn’t born into a Brambleton home, her family was one of the first to put down roots here when she was a little girl. In 2003, her parents bought a home with Centex, and she was able to watch its construction until their move in the following year. From there, she went to four Brambleton schools, and was even part of the first graduating class of Rock Ridge High School.

Her life growing up in Brambleton was full of many exciting activities in and around the community. From the annual Step Sisters Run to the Red, White, and Bram festivals to Thursday night concerts, there was always something to do, and to top it off, the Chadha family has watched Brambleton’s fireworks from their deck for 15 years. Much of this is thanks to her father, Taj, who would not only take his family to classic Brambleton events like the Farmer’s Market on weekends, but use each Friday to look up family-friendly activities for them to go to in both Brambleton and nearby DC.

Even though Alyssa is out of the house and her brothers, Aidan and Dillon, are older as well, she still loves spending time in the house where she grew up. Her favorite spaces are the family room, which is used for movie night with both family and friends, and the basement, which her parents turned into a gym and game room for ping pong. When she wants to meet up with loved ones, her favorite spots are Peet’s Coffee (which she has been patronizing since it was Caribou Coffee) or Blue Ridge Grill for fuller meals.

Alyssa is even having her baby shower planned here by not only her mother, Carrie, but their family friend Liz Levy, whose husband Steve works at the CommonHealth Chiropractic in the Town Center. It is obvious that she still holds great love for Brambleton, which she touts for its excellent HOA and marketing community events as well as the kindness of neighbors who take the time to look out for one another.

While Alyssa is no longer a Brambleton resident herself, she still has deep ties to the community; not only does she have many amazing memories growing up here and immediate family still in Brambleton, but she now works in our marketing and administrative offices. Brambleton is so proud to have been a part of Alyssa’s journey to adulthood, and it is even more exciting to see her choose to spend her time here as an adult. She is certainly welcome any time!