A personal sense of pride makes Brambletonian Katie proud when she sees her company’s landscape work thriving in her community.

Posted June 7, 2021

As the weather continues to warm and more people turn their attention to the outdoors, many wish to make the most of their own spaces. Whether their vision includes a pool, a fully functioning outdoor kitchen or just some landscaping, finding the right person for the job can be tough. Enter Wine Patio Landscape Design. Serving NoVa since 2013 and helmed now by Brambletonian Katie Campbell, Wine Patio Landscape Design is focused on making the outdoors just as inviting as indoors.

Her passion for pleasing clients is enhanced by her enthusiasm for Brambleton and all that it has given her and her family. She currently lives in a home overlooking one of Brambleton’s many beautiful ponds (and with a fantastic outdoor terrace) with her fiance, their son, their Au Pair and Lokie, a Boxer/Shepherd mix. They love spending time on the walking paths and trails as well as in Brambleton’s parks. When they decide to venture into the Town Center, Nick’s Taverna, AhSo and My Thai Place are their go-to’s, although the family can also be seen spending time with their neighbors at a driveway get together.

“Our neighbors have become more than just neighbors; they are close friends. We help each other out and keep an eye out for each other’s kids when they are out playing. It takes a village and we are super happy to be part of the Brambleton village!”

These relationships are also strengthened through Wine Patio Landscape Design, as Katie makes sure to get everything right for her fellow Brambletonians. Katie loves that the Brambleton community has so many wonderful people and considers it a perk of her job that many of her Brambleton clients become friends. Every job she works on, she makes a point to create a space that not just the client can be proud of, but the entire community.

Katie also feels a personal sense of pride when she sees landscapes she has worked on being used to their fullest in the Brambleton community. She works hard to design a plan that not only fits the client’s vision but their budget as well. Having her clients (and friends) live nearby with work she created further commits her to her business’ high standards for all.

“At Wine Patio Landscape Design, you will receive a white glove experience. Whether it is a patio and a few shrubs or an elaborate outdoor kitchen area around a sparkling pool, we bring your design ideas to life. Starting with a tailored design plan based on your budget, wants and needs, flawless implementation, and through the continued upkeep of your investment!”

From personal life to professional, Katie is incredible at making everyone in her life feel included. With an openness to befriend anyone she comes across, it is easy to see why she chose a profession that allows her to meet so many people and why she is so beloved among her clients. Katie even mentioned that she is excited to meet even more of her neighbors through her business. So when you are ready for your next outdoor transformation and want to make sure it is done right, check out